Several New Fly Fishers!

June 29th, 2016

Beautiful, sunny, and not too hot day today.  Slight chance of rain this afternoon.  Much better chances for rain tomorrow and Friday.  Slight chances for rain over the weekend with temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s.  Next week looks like a return of the upper 90s by mid week.  Ugh!

So far over the past weekend and this week, we have seen off generators in the a.m.. and then on as early as 1:00 or as late as 3:00 p.m.  But when they turn them on, it has been two units followed by two more within two hours.  Lots of water!

We had new fly fishers on the water each day last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  What fun!  Thursday, Carolyn took Jane out for the morning.  Her husband Vince came along to watch.  By the time we finished the morning, Jane was looking good and feeling much more

Jane - 6/23/16

Jane – 6/23/16

confident with casting and line work.  Plus, she caught some fish on the ruby 2 and the copper dun midges.  It was a beautiful day on the water.

Friday, Josh was celebrating one of his significant birthdays.  His present was a guide trip!  His wife, Amanda rode along and we all had an overcast, wet day on the water.  Fortunately, the fish don’t mind a little more water!  Josh is a new fly fisher and wanted to work on skills and expand his knowledge of various ways to rig up as well as other presentation methods.  After a little work on casting, we started out nymph-style fishing and caught several fish on the ruby 2.  We then moved on to stripping the tiger tail and hooked

Josh - 6/24/16

Josh – 6/24/16

some fish on this.  His best fish of the morning was a nice 17 inch rainbow.  He managed to finesse this fish in on 7X!  Stan had John and Garland from Oklahoma out in the rain, and they were catching on the white grub.

Stan took a couple more new fly fishers out on Saturday, Caleb and Sandy from California.  This always looked like

Sandy - 6/25/16

Sandy – 6/25/16

something they wanted to try and they did.  Fun day for them, mainly on the rusty midge.


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

June 21st, 2016

Listen to the weather on TV this a.m. and they are talking about how the how much we are behind in rainfall this year!  I’m not complaining….yet.  Looks like we are in the mid to upper 90s for the next ten days.  Some chances for rain scattered throughout that time period, but nothing very major.

Generators off for a while in the a.m. this past Friday and through the weekend.  Looks like our normal pattern so far this week.  One unit in the morning then two to three units running from early afternoon into early evening.  With the heat we are experiencing, I cannot image a change in this pattern unless it is to run more in the mornings than they currently are running.

Let’s get caught up.  Gina on the water last Tuesday and Wednesday  with Paula from here in Missouri.  They fished the black copperhead midge, ruby 2 and tiger tail.

Paula - 6/15/16

Paula – 6/15/16

They had a fun and good couple days on the water.  Caught several nice fish.   Mike and Mark from Texas spent Wednesday morning on the river with Stan.  Good day for these guys on the black copperhead midge and the white grub.  Bite was slow for the first hour on the water, but it finally took off and made their day.   so

Friday, Jim had Chris and Donna from Texas on the water half a day.  These new fly fishers had a good day on the copperhead black midge and a blood worm dropper.

Jim and Stan had a group on the water Saturday.  Pete and his friend Dan from Romania fished with Stan.  Jim had Mac and his son, J.P.   This was Dan’s first time with a fly rod, but he and Pete brought several fish to the boat on the P&P or black copperhead midges.  Jim was working with Mac’s son and Mac was catching on the P&P with the blood worm dropper.  Fun day for everyone.  Carolyn had a group

1st time with fly rod, 1st time holding fish!

1st time with fly rod, 1st time holding fish!

of students in the water Saturday.  Glad to say everyone caught more than one fish.  Nymph style fishing it was on the copper dun midge and streamer style fishing, it was on the holographic green crackleback using the 2.6 ips sinking leader.  Tough getting everyone to concentrate on knots and bugs back in the classroom that afternoon!

Sunday Stan took Jeff from Oklahoma out for the morning.  Fish kept running away from their flies so he went to 7X (ugh!)  Made a difference.  They started catching fish on the P&P.  Carolyn had Kathy and her grandson, Ryan on the water.  Slow bite so us and we finally changed to 7X.  Big difference, especially after we moved back to a spot where we earlier had seen fish, but no takes.  Lost two nice fish (thank you 7X) there and landed several others.  They actually had a double on the P&P.

Really tough day Monday for Jim and Stan.  Jim had Derek from Illinois out.  They caught a few fish, but really no good fly.  Stan took Dan from Mt. Vernon out for the morning.  Grumble, grumble….water up, then down, then up, then back down.  They caught a few fish on the P&P under the big ruby.  The fish do not like the water level extremes any more than we do.


Hot! Better Get Into The River!

June 14th, 2016

Let’s hope the water is off so we can get into the water and fish!  Looks like upper 90s the next three to four days.  Chances of showers Friday, but that’s it for a few days.

They had the water off today after 9:00 p.m.  Back on around 2:30.  Scheduled to be off again tomorrow.

Fishing has been good.  Stan was on the water yesterday with Bob from Washington state.  He has a very good day on the black

Gina - 6/13/16

Gina – 6/13/16

copperhead size 18 midge.  Nice 17-1/2″ rainbow.  Carolyn had Gina and Bob from Florida out for the morning.  Gina’s first fish was a nice 17″ plus male rainbow.  What a say to start out.  They had a good, fun day catching on the black copper head midge and then stripping the holographic green crackleback trailing behind the tiger tail.  Gina had not fished this way before and her first cast hooked up with a nice rainbow.  Unfortyunately, this was the only one she brought in this way.  Bob

Bill - 6/13/16

Bill – 6/13/16

was hooking and bringing in several, but it faded out after a little while, so we went back to the black copper head midge and everyone started catching again.

Today, Darrell took Terry from here in Missouri out for half a day.  Terry has fished with us since 2002.  He had a

Terry's fish - 6/14/16

Terry’s fish – 6/14/16

good day on the black size 18 copperhead midge.  Jim had Dan and his daughter, Adee out for half a day teaching them the art of fly fishing.  Adee is going to be a natural says Jim.  She is throwing a very nice line.  They caught several fish on various things, but no best fly today for them.


Water Off Saturday And Again On Sunday

June 12th, 2016

Hot!  That’s the word I would describe the weather yesterday and again today.  Looks like we might have a chance for showers sometime this afternoon.  Monday is also forecasting possibility of showers in the afternoon.  Tuesday, slight chance in early afternoon and more of the same for Wednesday.  Temperatures are forecast to be in the 90s all week!  Time to go stand in the water!

Generators were scheduled to be off yesterday morning.  However, they were on until 9:00 a.m. when they turned them off, and they remained off until the projected time of 1:00 p.m. when they turned on one and eventually had all four units going for a couple hours.  Back off by 9:00 p.m. and they are off this morning as projected.  Scheduled to run around 2:00 p.m. today.  Tomorrow they are to run a low one unit until noon and at 3:00 p.m. they will probably have four units going and plan to open the flood gates at that time for two hours.  The four units will remain on until 8:00 p.m. when they start shutting back to a low one.

Fun day on the water Wednesday and Thursday for Jim.  He had one of his customers, Jack his grandson, Zac, on the water.  Zac said he smoked his grandfather!  They were fishing the tiger tail, pink San Juan worm and the ruby midge.  Stan out on Thursday with Tony from Illinois.  All their fish were caught on the red San Juan worm.  Carolyn was working with a new lady who wants to learn.  Another woman fly fisher, Jody, will be walking the rivers now.  We went through as much “stuff” as we could cram into a half day trip, including stripping.  It was the holographic green crackleback on the sinking leader.  And, she is throwing a nice line.

Friday Stan took one of his regular, regulars, Ken out for half a day.  Took a little to find what they wanted, but they finally honed in on an orange egg pattern below the big ruby.  Generation was up then down Friday.  Made it a little tough!

Saturday, Stan had Brian out for the morning.  Water was supposed to have been off, but it was on….at least until 9:00 a.m. when they shut it down.  Jim had Brian’s son and future son-in-law, Nathan and Adam, out for the morning.  This was everyone’s first time fly fishing and I don’t think it will be their last.  Jim’s guys caught on the tiger tail, ruby or P&P midges, and a scud pattern.

Brian - 6/11/16

Brian – 6/11/16

Brian was catching on the copperhead black zebra midge.   Dana and Carolyn decided to seize the opportunity of fishing with the water off.  We jumped in the drift boat, rowed over across from the boat ramp, into the water and hooking up with fish on the copperhead black midge under the ruby 2 and Dana. and the holographic green crackleback trailing the tiger tail for Carolyn.  Wonderful three hours!

Gates Open Monday – 6/13/16

June 10th, 2016

Just for everyone’s information, they plan to open the gates for approximately two hours on Monday from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Total release (generation and spillway) could exceed 15,000 cfs depending on the power needs.  They need to do this to “Wash Out” the stilling basin to conduct an inspection of the stilling basin.

Great Weather and Free Fishing Weekend!

June 10th, 2016

Great weather we are having.  No rain.   Sunny skies and temperatures in the 80-90s.  Slight chance for isolated showers during the afternoon Sunday and very slight chances Monday morning.  Tuesday looks like the best chances for rain at this time.

Still running some level of water 24/7.  Yesterday it bounced around from 2400 cfs to as much as 3700 cfs then they cranked it up around noon to three units at more than 8000 cfs and levels in the 708 plus range.  Today is projected to be more of the same but the increase coming a little later in the day.  With this weekend being “free fishing” weekend, let’s hope they keep the level low or OFF!

Had several trips scheduled for this past Saturday.  With the pouring down rain we had Saturday morning, a couple of them scheduled to a

Rich - 6/5/16

Rich – 6/5/16

later date and a couple moved to Sunday.  Stan took Rich from Kansas out for the day.  Rich had blast.  He is a new fly fisher and fell in love.  Red worm under the big ruby were the patterns for him.  Carolyn had Brad and his father-in-law, Mick.  They also were from Kansas.  Good, fun day for these two guys.  Brad is fairly new with a couple years under his belt, and Mick grew up in Colorado fly fishing with his father out there.

Mick - 060516

Mick – 060516

However, he had not been fishing for some time and this was a great experience for him.  Their best patterns were the big ruby with a size 16 red d-ribbed midge dropper.  We also stripped the tiger tail and either the green holographic crackleback dropper or filoplume dropper.   We actually caught several browns that day.

Bill - 6/7/16

Bill – 6/7/16

Tuesday, Bill spent the morning on the river with Carolyn.  Good day for Bill on the big ruby with a red San Juan worm dropper and stripping the tiger tail with a filoplume trailer.

Gina had Wednesday Jim out on Wednesday.  Jim had a good day, but then Jim always has a good day when he is on the water, on the ruby 2 midge and stripping the holographic green crackleback and a shad trailer.  Fun day working the high bank.


Fun Days On The River!

June 3rd, 2016

Had some rain early this morning and they are forecasting chances for rain this evening.  Looks like we have chances again tomorrow (30-45%), but sunshine by Sunday.  Best part, the sunshine forecast is the projection for more of next week.

After Monday last week, we have had some level of generation every day.  Projection for today was a lot one unit until 1:00 and then the equivalent of three units for six hours; then down to a high one and back to the low one.  No clue what the weekend will bring.

Brenda - 6/1/16

Brenda – 6/1/16

Stan on the water Wednesday with Charlie and his wife, Brenda.  Good day for them on the red San Juan

Charlie - 6/1/16

Charlie – 6/1/16

worm under the big ruby midge.  Gina had Wednesday Jim for

Jim - 060116

Jim – 060116

the day.  They fished the chartreuse egg, black size 12 midge and stripped the tiger tail.   Darrell and Carolyn had a family from Texas on the water for half days on Wednesday and Thursday.  They all attended the Orvis school at Dogwood Canyon and wanted to hone their skills on the water.  Carolyn took

Jack - 6/2/16

Jack – 6/2/16

Chad and their son, Jack.  Darrell had Stacie and their daughter, Shelby.  Great family and lots of fun.  Jack was a catching machine stripping the holographic green crackleback behind a tiger tail the first day we were out.  Actually, everyone did well with this technique.  Good days for everyone and they each

Chad - 6/1/2016

Chad – 6/1/2016

caught some nice size fish.  Stan was on the water Thursday with Jeff and his wife, Hilary.  They had a good day on the red San Juan worm with a black copperhead midge dropper.

Stacie & Shelby - 6/2/16

Stacie & Shelby – 6/2/16


May 29th, 2016

Although rain was forecast for this weekend, we had very little rain.  There was a light show for a short time on Friday.  Chances for rain show up again next Tuesday and Wednesday, but if the forecast is as good as what we just had….or didn’t have…who knows!    Beautiful, sunny day today.

A couple of units ran all day Friday.  Saturday we saw no generation until 4:00 p.m. when they fired up one unit.  Once that was over, it was back to zero generating until today around noon.  They were not supposed to run anything today until 5:00 p.m.  Anyway, they only ran for 3-4 hours and it is now off again.  We should see no generation until late in the day tomorrow and again on Tuesday.  We will see…..

Stan on the water Friday with Rick from St. Louis and his six year old grandson, Olver.  This was Oliver’s first experience fly fishing.  Not a lot of fish, but grandpa and grandson had a fun time.

Chad & Aaron - 5/29/16

Chad & Aaron – 5/29/16

Saturday, Stan took Aaron and his friend Chad out for 1/2 a day.  This was Chad’s first time with a fly rod and Aaron had fished with us a year or so ago.   The bite was on pretty good early in the day, then died out.  They moved down river a little ways and it was back to catching.  Good day for the guys, especially on the copperhead black zebra with a ruby 2 dropper.   I also know that the tiger tail with the holographic green crackleback trailer using a 3 ips sinking leader was working very well.  Even caught fish on the big ugly dry.  Fish came up and nailed it!


Fishing Around The Rain!

May 27th, 2016

Rain has been in the forecast almost every day this past week.  So days it was early in the morning, but most of the time it has waiting until late in the day.  That is the cast today.  Light showers started around 1:00 p.m. but we are expecting some heaving stuff later today.  The weekend looks pretty good.  Slight chances (20%) for showers both Saturday and Sunday with 40% presently forecast for Monday.  More of the same Tuesday and Wednesday, then we back off a little for next weekend.

No change in the generation pattern.  Low one unit more of the day.  Every afternoon they bumped it up to a full two units or even three.  Today the projection was the equivalent of one all day and so far that is what they are doing.  It is actually scheduled to be off all day Saturday except the equivalent of one unit for one hour beginning at 4:00 p.m.  The same on Sunday beginning at 5:00 p.m. and Monday looks the same the equivalent of one unit for three hours starting at 2:00 p.m.  Wow!  Let’s hope this is the case.

David and Doug, from Kansas, were on the water all day Monday with Jim.  They caught fish on the tiger tail, a pink San Juan worm under the big ruby.  Darrell’s guy, Jim, also from Kansas, was fishing the red San Juan worm.  David, from Colorado, fished the morning with Stan.  Red San Juan worm and white grub were their patterns.

Natalie - 5/25/16

Natalie – 5/25/16

Wednesday, Gina and Natalie dodged the rain in the morning.  They went out at noon and got in a half day fishing.  Best patterns were the white grub and tiger tail.

Gary and his son, Darren, and grandson, Colby spent Thursday morning on the water with Stan and Carolyn.  This was

Colby - 5/26/16

Colby – 5/26/16

Colby’s first time with a fly rod.  Darrell had another new fly fisher on the water, Garin, from Oklahoma.  They had a good day on the red San Juan worm.

Garin - 5/26/16

Garin – 5/26/16

Gary and Barry from the Kansas City area were fishing all day with Jim.  Tiger tail, white grub and pink

Jim - 5/26/16

Jim – 5/26/16

San Juan worm were their patterns.   Gina had her Wednesday Jim out for most of the day.  Best pattern was the tiger tail and they also caught some on a chartreuse egg with a black midge dropper.  Thursday was a busy day!


Lots of Fly Fishing Going On!

May 23rd, 2016

Unfortunately, there are chances of rain almost every dy this week.  Sunny this morning, but chances of scattered showers this afternoon and into tonight.  Tomorrow looks like more of the same.  Wednesday has a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms in the morning.  Thursday the best chances are later in the day.  Right now, Friday has the best chance for rain.  We will see what happens.  As you know, our weather forecast are maybe 50% right and 50% wrong!

No chance in the generation pattern.  30 mwh, which comes out to 2400- 3700 cubic feet per second as they never stay right with the 30.  It fluctuated up and down, so we get less and more during the day.  This keeps the tail water level somewhere in the 704 to maybe low 705 range.

Travous - 5/19/16

Travous – 5/19/16

Fairly new fly fishers on the water Thursday.  Travous and his wife, Karen took a one day fly fishing class.  We started with the normal classroom coverage of line, leaders, other equipment, bugs, etc.  After lunch it was to the water for the roll cast and regular cast.  Did let them fish for a short time so we could go through nymph and streamer work.  Fun day and they are well on their way to enjoying this great sport.

Saturday, Darrell had Bryan from Alabama on the water in the morning.  Bryan caught fish on the red San Juan worm and a small ruby midge.  Carolyn had a greatLea 052116 lady, Lea, out for the morning.  What a fun time.  This 88 year old lady could cast rings around many casters and what a delight to take fishing.  She caught fish on the chartreuse egg and the white grub.  Dale spent the day on the water with Jim.   This was his birthday gift from his wife, Cheryl.  Good birthday fishing day for Dale catching on the tiger tail, peach egg and the ruby midge.  Dale and Jim always have a fun day on the water.  Last, but not least, Stan took Vince from Arkansas out for the morning.  Caught several fish, but really did not hone on “the” fly.  Stan said it was a fish per fly day.  Good news, no wind and temperatures in the upper 70s.

Sunday was another busy day for trips.  Jim out with Paul and Jeff from Kansas.  This was Jeff’s first time,

Nick 5/22/16

Nick 5/22/16

so there was a bit of training going on.  They caught fish on the tiger tail, ruby midge and peach or yellow egg patterns.  Gina has out a couple young men from Kansas, Jordan and Nick.  Jordan took our fly fishing school in 2013

Jordan - 5/22/16

Jordan – 5/22/16

and they both fished with Gina in 2014.  Back for more.  They caught fish on the tiger tail, white grub and pink worm.   Darrell and Carolyn had a father and his three, grown sons on the water for the morning.  This was part of Dad’s retirement celebration.  Darrell had John and Andrew.  They were catching on the red San Juan worm.  Carolyn took Aaron and Adam.  Our best pattern most of the morning was the red San Juan worm under the big ruby.

Adam - 5/22/16

Adam – 5/22/16

Later, we started stripping the tiger tail with another streamer trailer.  For a while it was the tiger tail.  As the day got brighter, we tied on the holographic green crackleback as

Aaron - 5/22/16

Aaron – 5/22/16

the trailer, and they started hitting that.  Again, last but not least, Stan on the water with Rodney from Kansas.  They had a good day on the white grub, and things were back to normal….it was windy!