Gina Leitle

Gina Leitle, aka "Trout Mum" lights up when you say fly fishing.   Gina got the bug after attending an outdoor skills program sponsored by the Missouri Conservation Department.  She said "my golf clubs started collecting dust".  She started taking guide trips with River Run, and it went downhill from there.  She brings her great enthusiasm and passion to our group.  She loves catching fish, but has just as much fun helping others land their first fish!  Gina does it all, she guides, works in the shop and helps with the fly fishing clinics.

Our question to each of our guides:  what do you enjoy the most about guiding?

Gina – "I like the folks I meet and their stories about their interest, travels, and fishing.  We start every trip together full of hope and happy to be fishing. I enjoy the challenge of fishing – picking flies and finding fish.  Also, it is very satisfying to take someone brand new to the sport and teach him or her to cast and then get to net their first fish on a fly rod.  It is a great way to share my love of flyfishing."