Ruby Midge


Hook: TMC 100, size 118-20 (or equivalent)

            Head: 2.0mm natural tungsten bead

            Thread: 14/0 Red

            Ribbing: Small red wire

            Body:  Red Holographic tinsel


Place bead on hook. Attach thread behind bead then attach wire.  Wrap backward toward bend over wire.  Just before bend, attach red holographic tinsel.  Wrap thread forward to behind bead.  Wrap tinsel forward to bead and secure with thread.  Spiral wrap red wire 5-6 wraps, forward to bead, secure and finish. 

This pattern has been a pretty consistent pattern since early last year.  In addition to the pattern below for the smaller, low water or dropper version of the Ruby, we are also tying a size 14 or size 12 on a scud hook with a larger (up to 1/8" tungsten bead) to use as the attractor pattern as well as helping to get this smaller midge down.