Lots of Rain – Lots of Water

Beautiful day today.  Expecting another one tomorrow with the highs in the 70s.  Tuesday, the forecast is for rain to move in again and stay with us at least through Thursday.  Temperatures will drop into the 40s and 50s.

With all the rain we had, four units are the rule right now.  Table Rock is 3-1/2 feet above power pool.  With four units running, it is looking like it might hold there and possibly start dropping.  However, we are expecting more rain Tuesday so it will come up some more.


Selina – 2/23/23

Darren on the water a week ago this past Friday with Selina and Marty from Iowa.  Good day for these two

Marty – 2/23/23

on the double rig midge, black copperhead midge and the white mop fly.

Last Sunday, Brad and Mason fished with Darren.  Very tough day, but they caught some fish on the black copperhead midge and the cerise San Juan Worm.

Another challenging day yesterday, but again, they caught fish.  It was the mop fly of the black zebra midge under the big ruby.

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