Some Nice Days On The Water

Little rain came through yesterday, but today it is sunny and a tad on the nippy side.  However, after tomorrow, back into the 50s and 60s we are going.  Slight chances of rain over the weekend.  Next week looks warm and dry until we get near the weekend.  Then we are looking at rain chances for Friday.

Since that big rain we have a few weeks ago, it has been generation almost 24/7.  One to two units every day.  Probably not going to see much of a change in the near future.

Carolyn and Daren on the water last Saturday.  Darren had Jason and his friend Terry on the water for half a day.  They had a good day on a midge combo.  Think we had three generators going that day.  Tom from Kansas spend half a day fishing with Carolyn.  Good day for him on the cerise San Juan worm dropped from a Big Ruby.  Also caught a few on the ruby 2 and an orange egg pattern.

Sunday Darren took Natalie out for half a day.  Another good day on his midge combo rig.

Tuesday, Dana had John and Rod on the water.  Tougher day, but they did catch some on the red San Juan worm and a ruby 2 midge.


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