Tiger Tail

Tiger TailThis has been another great pattern developed by one of our local fly fishers, Mike Curry.  Like any other pattern, it doesn’t work all the time, but when we start seeing lots of damsel and dragon flies hovering around, it’s a good time to try stripping the Tiger Tail.  Generally, we fish it with a sinking leader or sink tip fly line; weight dependent on the amount of water they are flowing.



Hook:  TMC 5263 (or equivalent), sizes 10-12

Thread:  6/0 Red

Tail:   Dry fly hackle, olive grizzly

Body:  Peacock herl

Hackle:  Olive wooly bugger hackle

Lead wire appropriate for the hook size selected


Apply lead wire to hook.  Generally, we use 12-15 wraps of .015 on a size 12 hook.  Attach thread and secure lead in place.  Wrap thread back to area even with point of hook.  Attach tail.  Now attach hackle and then 3-4 strands of peacock herl.  Secure.  Lightly wrap herl around thread (to help make it stronger) and wrap forward forming body of fly.  Secure behind eye of hook.  Now spiral hackle forward.  Secure behind eye.  Now, go fish!