Great End To 2022 and Great Start To 2023!

Got through that cold spell and have been having some wonderful weather.  Days in the 50s and 60s…think s couple sneaked into the low 70s.  Lots of sunshine.  Got a good drenching yesterday and last night, but forecasts look clear for the coming week and into the weekend.  Slight chances 20% showing up here and there, but they usually fade.  Right now it is 60 degrees outside with lots of sunshine and NO wind!

Seeing lots of no generation time.  Over the New Year, I think we had no generation Saturday and Sunday.  There was no generation yesterday and that is the projection again for today.  Lots of wading time!!

Carolyn on the water last Tuesday with Sara and Joe.  Fun and good day fishing the black copperhead and ruby 2 midges.  Joe’s first cast caught him a nice 19 inch rainbow.

Joe – 12/27/22

After that, it was nothing.  Sara was in front catching all the fish on exactly the same flies that Joe was fishing.    Joe was not even getting much in the way of hits.  So I changed him to the white mega worm and he finally started catching some fish.

Charles and Tom fished with Dana Wednesday.  With no generation, they fished mainly from the root wad down to the boat ramp.  Had a good day fishing the ruby 2 midge.

Parker – 12/29/22

Brian – 12/29/22

Thursday, Brian and his son, Parker with with Dana.  They mainly fished the Rockin’ Chair and boat ramp areas with the ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.

Rhonda – 12/30/22

Rhonda and Stewart fished with Carolyn Friday.  This was Rhonda’s first time with a fly rod so we did a little basic practicing before going after fish.  Fun day!  Always good to see a new fly fisher on the water.  Had them drifting the ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.  Rhonda hooked into the biggest fish of the day, amongst several others, and did a great job of playing the fish and getting it to the net!

Both Thursday and Saturday, Dean from Kansas fished with Carolyn.  This is his second New Year’s eve day fly fishing with us.  Two fun and catching days.  Both days, we found the fish to be spotty.

Dean – 12/31/22

Drift and catch several fish in an area, then nothing so you moved until you found another pod.  Just kept doing this and finished up with a couple of pretty good days!  Several nice fish but nothing over 20 inches.  Maybe next New Year’s eve.

That was the end of 2022.  Now for a great start to 2023!  A tradition of the River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing group has been to start the New Year standing in the water.  This tradition continues and about 10 ladies were standing in the water this year having a great time.  Everyone brought at least one fish to the net.  Weather was wonderful and it was a very good fishing/catching day.  Most of the fish were caught on either a Tiger Tail or the JQ streamer using an intermediate sinking leader.

RRWFF – 1/1/2023

A couple of the gals are pretty new to fly fishing and had never pulled streamers before so this was certainly a great learning process for them.




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