Hope Your New Year Is Off To A Great Start!

Just noticed that I failed to post this last month.  A little late!  Hope my New Year gets off to a better start!  LOL!

For the new year we have had a mix of weather.  Overall, it has been good.  A few wet, windy days, but several days in the 50s up to the low 70s.  January?  I’ll take it.  We have a few cooler days ahead.  Definitely in the 40s and might even see some upper 30s.

They continue to have the water off most of the day.  One unit on this morning for three hours then off until 5:00 p.m. when they will run 2-4 units over a 5 hour span.  Then, off again until early tomorrow morning.

Only one trip out so far this year.  Carolyn took Tim and Teresa from North Carolina out for half a day on one of our low 70s days.  Fun day!  Teresa had never thrown a fly rod and thought she wanted to learn.  Think she is now hooked!  We worked on roll cast and the pick up and lay down cast.  She’s looking good so she earned a fly.  First fish was on the ruby 2 midge!  Tim hooked his first fish stripping the tiger tail.  After Teresa had a few more hits we changed Tim out to the ruby 2 midge and he started keeping up with her.

With the low water, lots of folks are fishing.  We have been getting good reports on catching.  A few days mixed in where it not great, but over all, catching is very good.

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