All Four Generators and Two Gates Open

Beautiful day yesterday (you should have been here yesterday).  Sunny with temperatures were in the upper 70s.  Today, however we will hit the upper 40s with overcast skies.  Chances of showers later today, but increasing overnight and into tomorrow.  Friday looks like party sunny and low 50s.  Through the weekend it is mid to upper 40s and chances of rain.  Next week is sneaking backing into the 50s and rain moving out.

Three feet above power pool and slowing dropping.  With more rain coming in, it will climb back up a little.  Depends on how much rain we get.  Probably going to see four generators for a while.

Carolyn on the water Monday with Don and Steve from Illinois.  These guys have been fishing with us since 2010.  We hit the water

Steve – 3/7/223

and that was the day they added two flood gates to the water flow.  Needless to say, this help stir up lots of debris.  Tough day, but we did catch some fish on the cream colored mop fly under the big ruby midge.  Fun, and beautiful day with lots of sun shine and temperatures in the upper 70s.

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