Great Weather!

February and we have had a couple days in the 60s.  Yesterday was beautiful and today should be a repeat.  After that, looks like some rain moving in, but temperatures will be pretty good for this time of the year  40-50s.  Friday is the coldest day over the next ten days.  High will be upper 30s and chances for some moisture.  After that, back into the 40s and 50s gain.

Generators off most of the weekend.  They turned them on for three hours yesterday morning, but they were off for the best part of the day.  Today we are seeing generation this morning, but it will be off for the afternoon.   That’s the warmest part of the day!

No trips on the water lately, but lots of fishers getting to get out and wade thanks to the mostly off generation schedule.  And, the best news is that they are catching fish and some nice rainbows!  Of course it’s scuds and the ruby 2 midge or pulling black or olive wooly buggers and the JQ streamer depending on where you are fishing.  Better get out there while you can!


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