Lightning Bug


            Hook: TMC 2457, size 16 (or equivalent) or sub C400BL Comp
                        hook with slotted tungsten bead
            Head: 2.3mm silver tungsten bead
            Thread: 8/0 or 14/0,  Black
            Tail: Pheasant tail fibers, natural
            Ribbing: Small red wire
            Abdomen: Flat silver tinsel or holographic silver tinsel, medium
            Thorax: Whitlock Red Squirrel Nymph Dubbing
Place bead on hook. Attach thread and wrap backward to just below bend of hook. Attach approximately 6 pheasant tail fibers to extend ¼” off back of hook. Attach red wire, then tinsel. Take thread forward to behind bead. Wrap tinsel forward completely covering hook, secure. Spiral wire forward over tinsel to head and secure. Make small dubbing ball behind bead. Whip finish completed fly.