Nice Weather Ahead

Looks like we are going to have some nice weather for a while.  Monday through Wednesday are sunny and temperatures in the mid 40s Monday and up to low 60s by Wednesday.  Unfortunately, Thursday shows rain but temperatures still in low 60s.  Friday through next Monday are upper 40s to low 50s.  No more rain chances until a week from Tuesday.

No change in generation.  Looks like all the lakes are now running some water.  We are still a couple feet above power pool for they continue to run 4 generators and 2 gates 24/7.

Dana and Darren on the water this past Friday.  Dana had one of his repeat customers, Brian from Minnesota, out for half a day.  They caught fish on the mop fly.  Darren’s couple, John and Patty from Oklahoma, also caught fish on the mop fly under the big ruby.  They too were out for half a day.

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