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Lots Of Fishing Going On!…and Catching!

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

This great weather we have been having is going to come to an end, at least for a few days.  We have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect from 11:10 a.m. today through 7:00 p.m.  This is going to drop our temperatures into the mid 50s tomorrow.  Saturday will definitely be a jolt as the high might be upper 30s with rain and snow showers possible.  The good news is that Sunday will be in the low 50s with sunshine.  Monday through Wednesday look like 50s with various moisture possibilities.  But by Thursday, we’re back into the upper 60s going into the 70s Friday and through next weekend.

Generation continues to be a mystery.  I love a good mystery.  Although there has been a projection for water every day, from mid-day Friday until late Monday night, we had no generation.  Great weekend.  Tuesday they turned on a couple units for a little while in the morning, then off.  Late afternoon, they turned on a couple units again for a few hours, then off.  Yesterday we had three units going early and they dropped a little all morning but not enough to easily wade.  They finally turned it off at 1:00 p.m. and fired them back up at 4:00 p.m.  So far today, we seeing two units with a level of 705.0′ give or take a few inches either way.

Stan out last Friday with George from Wisconsin.  They had a good day on the black copperhead midge early, then the hot hare’s ear nymph, and finished up with the white grub worm.

David – 3/6/17

Monday, Jim took David and Scott out for half a day.  Good day for these guys on the ruby or P&P midges and the hot hare’s ear.  David caught a really pretty brown.  Carolyn had Jan and Dr. Mike…a vak pasas (this means “the blind guy” in Hungarian)  for half a day.  Really good day for them too on the black copperhead midge and stripping the filoplume or tiger tail.  As you can imagine, stripping is a much easier method for Dr. Mike as he is sight impaired and this way he can

Mike – 3/7/17

feel the take.  Jan started out midging, but we got her into stripping and she is going to master this method too.

Tuesday, Don and Steve from Illinois spent the day on the water with Stan.  Super good day for these guys on the black copperhead midge early then the P&P under the ruby 2.   Carolyn had Len and his friend Don, from the St. Louis area, out all day

Len – 3/8/17

Tuesday.  These guys had a great day stripping the filoplume early and when the fish shut down on this, we finished up the day with the Tiger Tail.

Wednesday Jim and Gina out all day.  Water generation funkie this day, but they had another great day on the Ruby 2, Tiger Tail and a peach egg pattern.  Beautiful day, especially in the a.m.  Started getting a little wind later in the day.  Carolyn had Len and Don on the water again.  This time it was just for half a day as they wanted to get back home before dark.

Another wonderful day!  Since water was running pretty good, most of our good stripping places were gone. So, Len and I worked on Don’s midging technique.

Don – 3/8/17

Mastered!  Well he is making great progress with this method.  Tried several patterns and the Ruby 2 was the fly of the day.  We did find a spot below Lookout Island where Len pulled in some fish on the Tiger Tail.  Needless to say, Len came back to the shop and purchased materials to make the filoplume and Tiger Tail!  Stan had one of his favorite ladies, George, on the river Wednesday the afternoon.  She had a wonderful time catching on the Ruby 2 midge.  She has a place at Bennett Springs but enjoys fishing Taney for a nice change.

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More Pretty Weather Coming!

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Looks like 60s and 70s throughout the next ten days or better.  Tomorrow is sunny and lower 70s.  Upper 60s over the weekend and low 70s for the early part of next week, then upper 60s.   Not seeing any winter weather anywhere in the forecast!!

Still the same generation pattern.  Either no generation all day, or a couple units on in the morning for a couple hours, then off until late afternoon when we might see one or two units come on again for a couple hours.

Jim – 3/1/17

Wednesday Jim had a fun and productive day on the filoplume early, the JQ later and then the red soft hackle late in the afternoon.  Lots of wind yesterday…..blew them off anchor several times and they were fishing in white caps on occasion.  The fish didn’t mind.

Good reports coming from fishers on the river.  Most everyone catching nice and several fish, and lots of different patterns seem to be working.  Better go fishing!!


Friday, February 24th, 2017

Wonderful weather, wonderful fishing…..what more could one ask for.  We had an unbelievable weather so far this month.  It looks like Spring here.  Flowers are blooming everywhere as well as the forsythia and several different trees!  Yesterday we hit the 80s.  I had the air conditioning on at the fly shop!  We are now in for a few days of more normal February weather.  High today will be in the upper 50s with the weekend into Monday in the low to upper 50s.  Still now bad.  Monday and Wednesday look like chances for rain with temperatures in the upper 50s.  After that, we go back into the 60s again.

The generation schedule……..  We talked to SWPA to try and find out what they are thinking with their 35 mwh generation schedule.  As I mentioned in jest a couple times in my earlier reports… 35 mwh must be SWPA’s norm for zero.  Well, this is somewhat true.  Not getting into too much detail, what they told us was that they are in a conservation mode right now as all the lakes are down.  Unfortunately for us, Table Rock Dam is the designated source if there is a power need somewhere in the states to which they provide power so they are showing the possibility of generation throughout the day so there are surprises.  What we are really experiencing here on Taneycomo is zero generation almost all day every day.  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, they fired up a couple units for just a couple hours.  If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll let you know what the actual trend has been.

Fishing has been wonderful too.  James on the water all day Tuesday with Paul from here in Missouri.  Paul racked up the fish on a gray scud, ruby 2 and black copperhead midges, and a red soft hackle.  This was Paul’s first time swinging soft hackles.  We think he liked it.

Yesterday, Barry and Norm from Kansas spent half a day wading the area with Gary.  Lots of action for these guys on red soft hackles and hot hare’s ear nymph.  Norm is pretty new, but he is definitely “hooked”.  Meanwhile, Stan was drifting “Doc” from Oklahoma up and down the river.  Good day for Doc on the ruby 2 early, then the hot hare’s ear.

Just a reminder.  We have a spey/switch rod casting clinic on March 25.  This is a neat way to get your line out there with minimal effort.  Give us a call if you’re interested in attending this clinic.



Getting Tired of Temperatures in the 70s LOL!!

Monday, February 20th, 2017

February and we are having days of temperatures in the 70s.  This weekend, it was in the upper 70s and we are expecting that again this coming week.  Wednesday and Thursday look like upper 70s.  Back to the 60s Friday, and probably upper 50s over the weekend, then back into the 60s next week.  What a February!

No generation since last Friday night.  Friday they actually ran less than 40 mwh early in the day, then shut down for a few hours and again less than 40 mwh at 4:00 p.m. which ran for a few hours.  Today, the projection was 35 mwh most of the day, and as we stated in a report last week, 35 mwh much be their new norm for “zero” actual generation as they are not running anything right now.

Jim and gorgeous bow – 2/15/17

Wednesday Jim hit the last cool day last week.  But, he had a very good day and caught some nice fish.  Jim and Gina spent the day on the was fishing the ruby 2, black copperhead midge and stripping tiger tail.  Several smaller fish, which we have seen a bunch of the last couple weeks, but a colorful 19″ male and fat, colorful 18″ female made up for the “dinks”.

Stan had John from Oklahoma on the water Friday afternoon.  Good day for John on the P&P and Ruby 2 midges.  John is pretty new to the sport and he wanted to hone his midge fishing techniques.  Fish were definitely taking midges Friday.

Lots of fishers on the water this weekend.  Weather was awesome and the fish were happy.  Lots of good reports on gray scuds, ruby 2 midges, tiger tail. and the P&P.  One guy came in and he had had a good day on the rusty midge.  Oh, and don’t forget the red soft hackle.



You Should Have Been Here Yesterday!!

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Great weather we are having.  Definitely cooler today than over the weekend, especially Saturday when it was in the 80s, but we are still having great weather for this time of the year.  Today, tomorrow and Wednesday will probably be the coolest days we have for over a week.  I see lots of 60s and even 70s in the forecast.

Although the generation projection published over the weekend called for low generation all day, both days, we had zero generation.  Today they projected generation all day with it ramping up this morning for a few hours then backing off to the equivalent of one for the balance of the day.  So far today, they are pretty much on target.

Yes, you should have been here over the weekend.  As I mentioned, the weather was great and  fishing was the same.  The pattern of the day or I should say days, was the Tiger Tail.  I know folks were catching on other patterns, but several fishers came in to tell me they had caught, in some cases, over 100 fish this weekend on the Tiger Tail.  I went out and fished for a couple hours and had an excellent time of solid catching on the Tiger Tail.  Walked off the river with a smile on my face.

Better Be Outside This Weekend!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

I heard on the weather channel this morning that we might break records this weekend with our high temperature which should be in the mid 70s!!!  Friday is no dog with temperatures!  Hard to believe this is February.  We will probably get hit with some cold weather pretty soon, but it better hurry up.  The next two weeks look great.  The only cool days in the two week forecast are today and tomorrow.  Otherwise, we’re looking at 50s & 60s with the closest chances for rain popping up week after next.

I think the new norm of zero generation is 35 mwh.  Every day for the past four or five days, we have seen 35 mwh at the minimum with higher numbers usually in the morning.  Every day, at some point during the day, they have turned the generators off so there has been no generation.  Only thing flowing is the in-house generator at 20 cfs.  Not complaining, but it would be nice to have a better clue at what they intend to do.

Fishing has been very good to very bad, depending on where you are fishing.  Talked to several fishers who were out yesterday and they all had a great day……just a few said it was tough.  Fishing different areas.  If you’re not catching up in the hatchery area, move on downstream.

Everyone has been concerned and talking about how low Table Rock Lake is right now.  Just as a bit of trivia, the lowest Table Rock Lake has every been is 881.54′ on December 5, 1965.  Stan and I remembered another low, 893.55′ set March 26, 1981.  We thought that was low!  Fun site if you want to keep track of this kind of information click on:

A Few Warm Days Coming

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Looks like we have three great days starting with today.  Low 60s today, mid 60s tomorrow and mid 60s to low 70s? Tuesday.  Then a breath of winter for a couple days before we go back into the 60s.  Next weekend looks like low 60s to upper 50s.  I’ll take it.

Not sure why they even publish a water generation projection.  Projected a low one unit all weekend!  In reality, no generation….so far….this weekend.  Keeps us on our toes.  They have run the in-house units at 20 cfs all weekend.

Good day for Jim on the water for Jim Friday.  He had David from Oklahoma out for half a day.  Lots of fish in the 14-016 inch range on the ruby and the hot hare’s ear nymph.  They also pulled out a few on the Tiger Tail.

Hearing several folks having good luck on the hot hare’s ear lately.  Also hearing good reports overall on fishing.  A few folks having tough days, but the number of those with good days are outnumbering the ones with tough days.


Great Weather!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

60s to finish up January and upper 50s today to start February.  We’re going to pay for this some day down the road.  Looks like low to mid 40s into the weekend then back into the 50s maybe low 60s by Tuesday.  Monday has some chances for rain.  Out for the next two weeks does not look like February weather.

Generation schedule is still pretty much the same.  They projected generation over the weekend and they shut it down.  Who’s to know.  So far this week, we have had the normal three to four units in the morning for a few hours, then shutting it back to not quite a full one unit until late in the afternoon, then kick it back up for a few hours again.  We’ll just have to see what the rest of the week looks like.

Jim and Carolyn on the water Monday.  What a beautiful day!  Temperatures were in the 60s with a light breeze.  Monday had four units on in the morning, but it dropped off fast when they shut it back to the equivalent of one unit around 10:00.  Jim had Pat from Illinois out all day.  Pat last fished with Jim about ten years ago.  They had a fair day on the ruby, ruby 2 and stripping the tiger tail.  Mike, from Iowa, spent half a day on the river with Carolyn.  We had a good, fun day mainly on the ruby 2.  Several in the 15 inch range or better, plus like of little guys.  Hard not to have a good day when the weather was so great!.  Mike’s saying for the day was “what happens on Taneycomo….stays on Taneycomo”!


Beautiful Rainbow!

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Pretty nippy today with a high in the upper 30s.  Sun might come out today, but it better hurry.  Rest of the week looks like upper 40s, dry and sunny tomorrow with sunny to partly sunny into next week.  Staying dry until possibly next weekend when a 40% chance of rain shows up.  Temperatures are in the 40s to 50s most of this time.

Same pattern on generation pretty much.  Today, however, they say they will run more in the a.m. then keep a low flow all day.  They said that a couple days ago but actually shut it down in the middle of the day.  At any rate, it should be on in the a.m. and either off or low during most of the day, they back on around 5:00  That has been the pattern.

Jim – 1/25/17

Windy day yesterday, but it was Wednesday.  And, Jim and Gina were on the water for half a day.  A beautiful rainbow certainly made it worthwhile.   Plus, they caught several other fish on the Ruby 2.

How about the kipe jaw on this gorgeous bow?

It Was A Bluegill Day!

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Weather looks pretty darn good for the next seven to ten days.  Temperatures mostly in the 40s with a few 50s here and there.  No moisture!  Looks like we might start seeing the sun.

Running water all day today.  We will just have to see what the week brings.  Probably go back to routine we have been seeing…..two to three units in the morning, then off most of the day until they turn on a couple units in the late afternoon or early evening for a few hours.  Off most of this past weekend.

This Saturday’s fly tying session was spent on bluegill flies.  Lou “Let’s Go” Runnells and Gina “Trout Mum” Leitle led the session Saturday and everyone had a ball tying bluegill flies.  They were very busy as you can tell by the picture of all the flies they got tied.  What fun.

Lou, Gina, Sharon and I went fishing Saturday after the fly tying class.  It wasn’t fast and furious.  We caught a few on the ruby 2 midge, an egg pattern and the holographic green crackleback.  As it got later in the afternoon, the holographic green crackleback trailing a tiger tail took off.  Hooked and missed several fish in a short time on this rig right around 4:30.

Yesterday, Gary and his friend fished the rebar area for a while.  They did well on a wine colored San Juan worm.