Weather In A Word…….HOT!

Yes, it finally quit raining and now we are having hot days!  Temperatures in the 90s for several days now and there is no relief in sight.

Generation has been non-stop.  They cranked up to four units a few days ago and we continue to see four units during the main part of each day.  We are still over power pool in Table Rock Lake, but power demands are probable a big factor with the four generators.

Alex – 6/11/22

Dana on the water last Saturday with Heath and her son, Alex.  Fun day for them on the ruby 2 and a peach egg pattern.

Sunday, Darren took one of his regulars, Chris, out for the day.  Very good day for them on the

Chris – 6/12/22

Sir Camelot midge, the black and copper midge with a midge dropper and a black wooly bugger.  Dana had Martin and Mickey, from Oklahoma on the water for half a day.  They did well on the ruby 2 midge and the mega worm.

Chase – 6/13/22

Monday, Chase and his friend, Taylor fished half a day with Dana.  Almost all of their fish

Taylor – 6/13/22

were on the ruby 2 midge.

Tuesday, Dana had Jim and his friend Carol out for half a day.  This was the second day of four units and the water was off colored and dirty.  Several missed fish, but nothing to the boat.

Thursday, Jim took Frank and Lisa out for half a day.  Pretty good day when you could locate the fish.  Ruby 2 under the big ruby and stripping the JQ streamer.

Dean – 6/17/22

Dean from Kansas spent another day on the water with Carolyn Friday.  Once the fog lifted, the fish decided to hit.  Until then, it was no hits and no fish.  Holographic green crackleback trailing the tiger tail on a 5 ips sinking leader was the first combo.  When they decided they had enough of that, it was great on a lightning bug dropped under the big ruby.  Hot day in more than one way!




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