Lots of Water!

We continue to see rain and expect some more tomorrow afternoon.  Temperatures took a nose dive a couple days ago so we have been in the 60s for a few days.  Looks like it will warm up to the low 70s tomorrow and hit the low 80s by the weekend.  Plus, no rain over the weekend!

Even with the rain we have been seeing, so far Table Rock continues to slowly go down.  We are presently a little over three feet above power pool.  However, to accomplish this, they have been running all four generators and seven spillways open by a foot.  Lots of water!  Taneycomo is around 713′ elevation.  No wading going on!  Good news is that by 1:00 p.m. today all the spillways will be closed!  Yeah!

Dana on the water a week ago this past Saturday.   He had Travis and his son, Ben out for half a day.  Ben had just finished the River Run one-day fly fishing clinic the day before.  Good day for them on the Ruby two midge.

The following Sunday, Carolyn took Neil and his brother Todd out for half a day.  Really good day for them, but had to call it a short half day as an unexpected storm blew (literally) in with lots of lightening, thunder and wind!  It was a ruby 2 day all the way.

Vicki – 5/17/22

Last Tuesday, Dana and Carolyn took a group out.  Dana had Sam and John, and Carolyn took Vicki.  Good and fun day for everyone.  Of course, another ruby 2 day.

Wednesday, Jim out with one of his long-time fishers, Jim from Minnesota.  They had a good day on the red San Juan worm, and the ruby.

Dee – 5/18/22

Carolyn had some fairly new fishers on the water, Dee and Paula from Kansas.  They both had a fun and great day catching fish on the

Paula – 5/18/22

ruby 2 midge, a white stubby, and a red San Juan worm.  Mixed it up a little this day.

Thursday, Dana had one of his regular,

Jeff – 5/19/22

Rick – 5/19/22

regulars, Jeff and a friend Rick out for half a day.  Very good day for these guys on…..you guessed it, the ruby 2 midge.  Jim, and his son, Jim, fished all day with Carolyn.  Very good and fun day for these guys. Lots of nice fish.

Jim – 5/19/22

Jim on the water Friday with Scotty.  Good day for Scotty on the red San Juan and ruby midge.  Had to look for the fish, but when they found them, it fished solid.  Ted, from Texas, fish with Dana.  They caught several fish on the

Ted – 5/20/22

ruby 2 midge.  A little slower then it has been, but they still had a good day.


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