Hot Weather!

We have had three days of 90s!  Tomorrow should see the mid 80s and a chance of rain probably in the afternoon or evening into Saturday morning.  Then it looks like 80s through next week.

Still running four generators and eight spillways at a foot.  Probably continue this for several more days.   Table Rock is currently 10 feet above power pool.

Good news is that fishing is definitely picking up.  Jim on the water last Saturday with Howard from Texas.  Picked up fish on the JQ streamer, a ruby midge and a red San Juan worm.

Tuesday, Dana took Craig and Joe from Indiana out for the day.  They were catching on the cerise San Juan worm and the ruby 2 midge.

Jim out again Wednesday with Roger and Gail from Florida.  Really good day for them on the ruby and baby ruby midge.  Dana out for

Gary – 20-1/2″ Rainbow – 5/11/22

Gary and Barry’s first half day.  Really good day for them too on the ruby 2 midge under the big ruby.

Gary and Barry did it again Thursday and had an

Barry – 5/12/22

even better day.  Same bugs.

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