Much Needed Heat Relief!

It has been HOT!  Think I said that before.  Anyway, today we are in the upper 80s.  Forecast was for lower 90s so this is even better.  Looks like a couple more cooler days (low 90s) then mid to upper 90s into the weekend.  Don’t see 100s until late next weekend.

No change in generation schedule.  Low one generator during the morning hours, then up to two or three by noon or 1:00 p.m.

Vinney – 7/8/22

Lots of fun days on the water.  Last Friday. Carolyn took Beebe and his grandson, Vinney out for 1/2 a day.  Fun day on the ruby 2 (of course) and the black copperhead midges and a cerise San Juan worm.  Dana was on the water with Claus from Texas.  They had a good day on the cerise San Juan worm.  Darren had started

Chris w/fish & friend Scott – 7/8/22

out early as we had a full day with Chris and his friend Scott.  Great day for these two guys on the Sir Camelot and rusty midges, and scuds all under the big ruby.  As a matter of fact, they went out again on Sunday and did it again!

Saturday was a really fun day.  Grandfather John, his daughter, Darcey, two grandsons, Graham and Porter, and their fathers, Chris and Porter. spent the morning with Dana, Darren and Carolyn.

Jon – 7/9/22

What a hoot when one of the grandsons would hook up!  Carolyn had Jon and Darcey fishing the lightning bug or black copperhead midges under the big ruby.  Darcey lost a 20+ incher right at the net.  Water was running and she had to play it quite a

Graham – 7/9/22

while…..just long enough.  Dana had Chris and Graham on the ruby 2 and cerise San Juan worm.  Porter and Tyler were fishing the lightning bug, a scud and a rusty midge with Darren.  Porter brought the first fish to the net and there was lots of hooting and hollering going on.

Dana had Billy from Illinois on the water

Billy – 7/11/22

for a half day Sunday.  Slow this day but they caught some on the lightning bug and black copperhead midge.  Monday was a whole nother story.  Very good day on the lightning bug and stripping the JQ streamer.  Ryan and Brandon from Iowa spend half a day on the water with Darren Monday.  They both had a very good day on the lightning bug, rusty midge and scuds.



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