More Rain!

Pretty good downpour this morning.  Think it might be over for a while but they are forecasting some more for this afternoon.  Dry for a couple days, and after that, it looks like slight possibilities of rain 30% every day for the next five days.   Temperatures in the 80s.

Starting to see a change in generation pattern.  Actually have had the water off late at night or early in the morning, then one unit on for a few hours, then up to two units for most of the day.  Not certain if we will see a change in that pattern after the rain we had this morning… be continued

Jim on the water Saturday and Sunday with a couple of his regular, regulars Mac a Bob.  They had a couple of great days catching on a ruby midge or stripping the JQ streamer.  Both are good fly fishers and it was an “old friends getting together day”!

Monday, Darren took Dean and Wendy from Oregon out for half a day.  They found some fish on the ruby 2 under the big ruby and the white mop fly.

Delaney – 5/31/22

Dana had Todd and his daughter, Delaney on the water Tuesday.  Caught fish on gray and tan scuds.  Highlight of the day, Dana turned both of them into strippers.  They were

Todd – 5/31/22

pulling the holographic green crackleback.  Meanwhile, Darren had Scottie catching on size 18 and 22 scuds and a zebra midge.  Fished best on the flat upstream before the water came up.

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