Ketchup Time Again!

Sorry for the ketchup report!  Had to go catch a few fish in Clark’s Fork River in Missoula.  Great trip!  Lots of fun and fish!  Now back to our local, great fishery!

Past two days have been beautiful!  Upper 70s, sunny….but lots of wind!  Unfortunately, looks like 100% chance of rain all day tomorrow with the possibility of some severe  to strong thunderstorms.  Rainfall might reach one inch.   Much less chance of rain Tuesday with temperatures in the low 60s.  Wednesday and Thursday chances for rain are 55-65% and temperatures in the low 70s.  Friday through Sunday the chances are very low and temperatures in the upper 60s to low 80s!

Still running generators 24/7.  However, they have shut back to three units.  Monday is projected to be two units most of the day but during the middle of the day we will see three and even four (for 2 hours), then back to two in the evening.  With the rain coming in tomorrow, I doubt that we will see anything different for the next few days.

Three Sundays ago, April 17, Dana on the river with Brian from Indiana.  Tough day, but they did catch a few on the mega worm and the black copperhead midge.  With four units going, they did the full run.

Tuesday, April 19, Darren had Brett  out for half

Richard – 4/19/22

a day.  Not a bad day on the mega worm or the P&P under the big Ruby.   Carolyn on the water that day with regulars, Howard and Richard.  Pretty good day for these guys too.  It was the red D-ribbed midge or the short mop fly under the big Ruby.  We had the equivalent of four generators going that day.

Friday, April 22, Darren had Alec and Jim on the river.

Jim – 4/22/22

Really good day for these guys on the mop fly,  big Ruby and black copper head midge.

Dan – 4/25/22

Alec – 4/22/22

Neal – 4/25/22

Dana on the water last Monday with Neal and Dan from Minnesota.  Pretty good day on the Ruby 2 midge.

Ansel and Denny fished with Carolyn last Tuesday.  Fun guys and fun day.  Catching on the ruby 2 midge and black copperhead midges under the big ruby.  A few on the cerise SJ worm.

Last Wednesday, Carolyn had a “girls day out” with friends Dana and Carol.

Dana – 4/27/22

Really good day for these brand new fly fishers on a red D-ribbed midge, cerise San Juan worm, black copperhead midge and stripping a JQ streamer with the holographic green crackleback.

Jim out Wednesday with one of his long-time regulars, Tom.  Been a while since Tom has fished and he moved and caught a good number of fish.  Needs to get back on the water!  It was a ruby with small ruby dropper day.  Dane had one of his regular, regulars, George on the water Wednesday all day and half a day on Thursday.  Very good day Wednesday on the Ruby 2 midge and JQ streamer with a holographic green crackleback trailer.  Thursday it was the black copperhead midge and Ruby 2 midge.  George had a great time!

Carolyn took

Dean – 4/30/22

Dean from Kansas out again.   Another great day for Dean.  Quality fish in the morning and then just catching in the afternoon.  Cerise San Juan worm, then the Mean Dean midge (Dean is tying flies now and we tried one of his) late in the morning into early afternoon.  Broke off a fish on the Mean Dean so we had to go to the Mean Dean 2.  Worked good, but changed to the Ruby 2 midge and finished up the day with good numbers.

Glad to say that catching is definitely improving from what it was 3-4 weeks ago.  Starting to fish like it should!






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