April 21st, 2016

Weather is great.  Temperatures in the 70s today and Friday.  80s and sunshine are forecast for the weekend!  Next week looks like 80s but chances for showers start sneaking in with better chances starting Wednesday into the following weekend.

Generation continues to be off during most of the day.  With rain in the forecast for next week, this might change.

Awesome!  Fishing with the generators off has just been awesome.  Stan out last Saturday with Matt and his son, Matt.  This was young Matt’s first with a fly rod and he had a great time and caught a good number of fish.  Word was he out fished his Dad.

Sunday, Jim took Paul and Ryan out for a half day instructional trip.  They caught fish on the JQ and tiger tail streamers.  Jim, from Illinois spent half a day on the water with Stan.  Started out good on catching, but at 10:00 a.m., they turned on a generator and the water really turned to dirt!  That along with the high winds, finished off the day.

Terry - 4/19/16

Terry – 4/19/16

Terry from Oklahoma decided he wanted to learn how to fly fish.  So, Tuesday, he spent the morning in the water with Carolyn.   We worked on the roll cast, basic cast and a little on shooting line  Terry’s efforts paid off as he started catching fish with his first cast.  Really good day for Terry  Ruby II, holographic green crackleback, and the tiger tail were his flies for the morning.  I think he’s “hooked”.  “Going home and practice!”




Darn Those Generators!

April 17th, 2016

Upper 70s and clouds moving in and out today.  Tomorrow it looks like a 70% chance for rain with temperatures in the lower 70s.  That trend seems to be running through Wednesday of next week.  By Thursday, the chances for showers drop dramatically (20%) with temperatures in the mid 70s.  Friday through the weekend are great!  Upper 70s Friday and mid 80s Saturday and Sunday.  Time to hit the water!

Not sure what to say about the generation.  Yesterday, and again today, they had no generation until 10:00 a.m. when they turned on one unit.  That is scheduled to remain on until 8:00 p.m.  However, yesterday they cut it way back around 4:00 p.m. then shut it off at 9:00 p.m.  Monday they are projecting two units on for three hours beginning at 7:00 a.m. then off until 6:00 p.m.

Jim - 4/14/16

Jim – 4/14/16

Stan again on the water with Jim and Marie on Thursday.  A little tougher on Thursday as the

Marie - 4/14/16

Marie – 4/14/16

water was going up and down, but they pulled off another very good day.

Both Friday and Saturday, Carolyn had JP and his father, George on the water for half a day.  Friday, one unit was running all day.  With the water being stable all day, it certainly fished well for us.  We floated the boat ramp bank several times with great results.  Several 16″ to 19″ healthy, fat rainbows.  Saturday, we got on the water before the generator started.  It was a hoot.  Since the water was off, we found a good looking spot and got out of the boat.  Good water for streamers,

JP- 4/15/16

JP- 4/15/16

so JP was stripping the tiger tail with a filoplume as a second fly.  At one time, he hooked up with a fish on both flies at one time!  George was just a little

George - 4/16/16

George – 4/16/16

below him stripping the holographic green crackleback and catching as many or more, but with only one fly, he never got a double!  Another fun day until the horn blew.  After that, it was over an hour before we finally picked up a few more fish.  Dana had Brent and his wife, Jackie on the water for what was to have been a full day.  This was their first time with a fly rod and Jackie caught her first brown and a nice 17 inch rainbow.  She is hooked!  Unfortunately, after the water came on and fishing turned south, Dana decided it best to have lunch and call it a day.  If they had not turned on the generator, it would have been an outstanding day!


April 15th, 2016


Gina on the Missouri - 4/8/16

Gina on the Missouri – 4/8/16

Yes, our trip to Montana was Great!  We had a great day on the Missouri River.  Lots of nice fish, great weather and lots of fun!

The Orvis Rendezvous was excellent.  Well attended and very good programs and speakers.

Carolyn on the Missouri - 4/8/16

Carolyn on the Missouri – 4/8/16


We certainly have been having some great weather here.  Today is a bit overcast, but temperatures will be in the low 70s.  Saturday and Sunday will see 70s and sun peeking out on Sunday.  Next week temperatures will remain in the 70s to 80s by mid week.  Chances of showers Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lower generation has been the rule for the past couple days.  Since Sunday, we have seen no or one unit for most of the day, especially after 10:00 a.m.  We are definitely at power pool on Table Rock.

Dana, Darrell and Stan took the Texas gang out the past Sunday.  Good day for all the guys.  Dana had Lou and Rich.  It was a shad pattern, white grub and white jig for them.  Darrell’s guys. Richard and Larry, mainly caught on a shad.  Stan had Dan and Tom.  This was Tom’s first experience in a drift boat and they had a pretty good flow going that day.

Tuesday, Jim’s regulars, Marge and Price, spent the morning on the water with him.  Very good day for these two stripping the tiger tail.  I think this was one of our no generation days!  Stan had Marie and Jim, from Florida out for the day.  Really good day for them too on a green Copper John, shad, and ruby 2.

Jan - 4/13/16

Jan – 4/13/16

Mike and Jan, from Oklahoma, fished with Carolyn on Tuesday.  These two have fish with me for over 10 years now.  Both are very good fishers and just love to catch fish, so we did just that.  Right out of the chute Jane caught a nice on their first day.  More certainly were to follow.  Wednesday, we continued to catch nice fish and they doubled up at least twice.

Jan & Mike - 4/14/16

Jan & Mike – 4/14/16




Heading For Montana

April 6th, 2016

Looks like the weather will continue to be pretty nice.  Low 70s tomorrow with upper 60s Friday and Saturday.  No rain.  By Sunday and Monday we are looking at pretty good chances for rain and temperatures in the 70s.  After that, next week looks nice…upper 60s and sunshine.  Friday is sunny and mid 70s but rain is showing up again for the weekend.  Oh well…that’s a ways away.

We continue to see two to three units most every day for at least part of the day.  Today they ran two units all day and they are supposed to run three units for a while tomorrow morning then cut it back to one unit for several hours.

It’s been a busy guide week.  Stan on the water Monday with Marv & Rich.  Despite the 3 units and high wind, they managed to pull some fish on a big ruby or various shad patterns.

Jim 040516

Jim – 4/5/16

Yesterday we have four boats on the water.  Gina had her Wednesday Jim out on Tuesday?!  Think he decided the weather every Wednesday was always terrible so he’d try a different day.  They had a good day on the water despite the on with three units, drop to one unit, they back up to three again AND the wind!  They fished the mega worm, chartreuse egg, pink/cerise San Juan worm and a tan filoplume.   Stan took Larry, from Iowa, out for half a day.  Larry fished with Stan a couple years ago and was ready to try it again.  Good day for them on shad patterns.  Darrell had Kent and his friend John out in the wind.  They too had a good day; pretty much the same patterns, big ruby and shads.  What a day to try teach new fly fishers!  Carolyn had Brett and his son, Leighton, from Georga on the water.  They really wanted to learn as much as catch.  We worked on casting into the wind…..of course, roll casting,

Leighton - 4/5/16

Leighton – 4/5/16

and definitely hooked and played a few fish.  Both did very well despite the conditions.  I do think we have a couple new fly fishers in the works.  They just won’t know how to act on a calm day.  What a fun day!

Gina and I are heading for Missoula, Montana to attend the Orvis Guide Rendezvous.  We will be fishing one of the many river out there on Friday, and hopefully again on Sunday.  Time for us to let someone row us around in a drift boat!   Back to the real world Monday.




Spring Time In the Ozarks!

April 6th, 2016

Another beautiful, sunny day with temperatures in the upper 70s.  Best thing about today is that the wind is laying a little lower than it has been.  Looks like another nice day tomorrow, then chances of showers early Wednesday with mainly sunny skies later in the day and temperatures in the upper 60s.  Thursday, mostly sunny with wind….again!  Sun and 60s back on Friday through Saturday with rain sneaking in gain by Sunday.  Not a big chance right now, but it’s there.

Two units running the past two days with it off late at night and early in the morning.  I think they fired up the units this morning at 7:00 a.m.  It is off right now (a little before 2:00 p.m.) but the schedule shows turning two back on at 2:00.  Why bother?

Marvin from Indiana on the water with Darrell Thursday.  He caught a nice 17-1/2″ rainbow but they worked hard for fish.  The big ruby was their best pattern.  Stan had Terry from Oklahoma on the water again.  It was the big ruby for them too.

Friday, Jim took David out for half a day.  Pretty good day for then on the JQ streamer or a shad pattern.  Nothing big, but good numbers and a great day.

Sheryl & Matthew - 4/2/16

Sheryl & Matthew – 4/2/16

Sheryl and Matthew from the Kansas City area spent Saturday morning on the water with Carolyn.  We worked hard for fish, but caught several nice 17 inchers and 16-1/2 inches on the big ruby, cerise worm or shad pattern.  The “funnest” catch of the day was their double browns!  Of course, her’s was the larger of the two!  Good day with some nice fish.  Dana and Stan had Gordon and his son’s John and Gordon on the river.  Dana’s guys, John and Gordon were fishing a white grub or shad pattern.  Stan had Gordon senior and they were catching mainly on a shad pattern.  Another wonderful, windy day!!

What A Day!

March 31st, 2016

Lots of rain in the area over night.  Storms woke me up several times.  But, it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Temperatures in the low 70s, sunny and a light breeze.  Looks like nice days pretty much through the weekend into most of next week.  Slight chance for showers showing up next Saturday.  But, that’s more than a week away.  Temperatures are mid 60 up mid 70s.

Today’s generation actual was a surprise.  Guess it should not have been since we got lots of rain over night.  The schedule called for no generation until early this morning, then one unit for an hour, then three for an hour, back to one unit for three hours then off!  NOT!  Instead of turning it off, then kept it as three units all day.  5:00 p.m. and we still have three units going.  I know the projection for all day tomorrow is two units.  We are just a tad above power pool (915.18) so maybe they will get it back to power pool and shut it down for us again.

We actually had a few hours of wadeable water each day this week except today.  Stan and I had two couples we have fish before out Tuesday.  When we got on the water, they were doing their morning one,

Dawn - 3/29/16

Dawn – 3/29/16

two, then three units before shutting it down for the morning and part of the afternoon.  I hit one of my favorite high water spots with the big ruby and a shad pattern dropper and Dawn and Bill started catching fish.   We picked a couple nice fish right off, 17-18″.  After catching several fish in here I started noticing that we were hanging up on the bottom a little more.   Water was dropping out real fast.  Better get out of here.  Not soon enough as we actually had to drag the boat over a little hump to get back out onto the main part of the river.  Stan and his couple, Coop and Claire, were hugging the bank on the opposite site of the river.  We went over and joined them and managed to get a little drift downstream but the wind was blowing so hard upstream, you would row three feet and get blown back five feet!.  I actually had my anchor down several times and the wind just blew us upstream or to the opposite bank.

Finally made it down to the Lookout Island where we tried to hide from the wind and have lunch.  Big decision, go on down stream or go back to the put in upstream.  Good decision, go back upstream!  After fishing around Lookout Island for a little while, we picked up our anchors and blew upstream almost trolling our flies, AND, catching fish all the way back up!  Guess there is a first time for everything.  Other than the wind, it was a great day catching.  Lots of fish and definitely some nice fish mixed in with the “dinks”.



What Healthy fish!

March 28th, 2016

Winter wants to hang on.  We have a frost advisory for tonight into early tomorrow morning.  But, tomorrow looks like it will be a nice day.  Sunny with a high in the upper 60s.  Tuesday and Wednesday will see 70 degrees and a chance for showers Wednesday.  Back to sunny and mid 60s for Thursday and Friday.  Upper 60s to low 70s Saturday and Sunday with sun!

Two to three units all weekend, but the projection is for no units until 6:00 a.m. when one unit will come on.  Then two units for one hour; three units for three hours, down to two, then one and off by 1:00.  No units for three hours ……we will see.  However, Table Rock is currently at power pool.

We continue to see very nice, healthy 16-18 inch fish on all our trips.  They are just stuffed with food so they are round as butter balls!  They put up a nice fight too.  Darrell on the water Thursday with Damon from Lee’s Summit.  White mega worm and big ruby were his patterns.  Very good day for him and definitely includes at least one of those bigger guys.

Stan had Jerry from Kansas out on Friday.  They had a very good day mainly on an egg pattern.

Saturday afternoon, Carolyn took Larry and his son, Andrew out for half a day. Hot start with some nice fish, but it definitely slowed down later in the afternoon when they fired up a unit.  For a while early on though it was pretty steady with several doubles on.  We were testing a new shad pattern on Andrew and Larry was drifting an egg.  Stan had Stephan from Montana and his friend David out for the morning.  They had a good day mainly on the egg pattern.


WINDY ! ! !

March 25th, 2016

Three days of wind.  30-40 mph gusts, plus 15-20 mph steady winds most of the day.  Fortunately, other than yesterday, the days were fairly warm.  Yesterday it never got out of the 40sa so it was a pretty brisk day.  Today, sunshine and very little wind.  We should see temperatures in the mid 60s.  Tomorrow more sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s.  I am seeing a pretty good chance for rain on Easter Sunday with temperatures only in the mid 50s.  Monday and Tuesday shows more sunshine and Monday in the mid 60s with Tuesday in the low 70s.  Maybe our cold snap is over!?

Still running the equivalent of two units almost every day.  Today, however, we have three units running until noon.  At 1:00 p.m. it will drop to 75 mwh which is a little less than two full units.  Both Beaver and Table Rock are less than a half a foot from being at their power pool levels, but so far, no cigar.  Hopefully, we are getting close to a time when we will see less or no generation for a few hours here and there.

Steve - 3/23/16

Steve – 3/23/16

Great day and a half on the river for Steve and Dick from Oklahoma this past Tuesday and Wednesday.  They were out with Gina and

she kept them busy catching fish.  their first day was an afternoon trip and the white grub and mega worm were working.  They started catching on these the second morning, but when fishing turn a little south later in the day, Gina switched them to stripping the JQ or Tiger Tail or drifting the egg pattern.

Dick - 3/23/16

Dick – 3/23/16

As you can see, nice, quality fish.  If there was anything not perfect about this day, it would have to have been the wind and lots of it!

Stan took Bill from Pennsylvania out yesterday.  Not only did they have WIND, it was also a very brisk day.  Temperatures hovered somewhere in the 40s.  No luck on white yesterday either.  Probably the best pattern was an egg pattern.  Bill had a very good day also.  Ready to come back again next year or sooner if he can figure out a way.

Think White

March 21st, 2016

Pretty nice day today with temperatures in the low 60s and sunny skies.  Looks like mid 70s tomorrow, but high winds are in the forecast.  Wednesday there is a 50% chance of rain, and again, high winds.  Winds are carrying through to Thursday when the temperatures will only be in the low 50s.  By Friday, however, looks like sunshine again and mid 60s.  Sunday upper 50s with chances for rain again.  Back into the mid to upper 60s for the first part of next week through Wednesday.

Since the spillway gates shut down last Friday night, we have pretty much see the equivalent of two generators running every day, all day.  A few little blips here and there but that is the general flow.  Less than a foot away from normal power pool, but that fluctuates based on how much they release from Beaver.  All I can say is that we are getting close to a point where we could see no or low generation for wade fishing.

In the meantime, we have been on the water almost every day.  During the spillway gates being open and continuing since they shut them down, anything white has been the ticket.  With all the shad that came through the gates, the fish are stuffed with shad.

Dana was on the water Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Bob from Louisiana.  Bob’s wife joined him on the last day.  First day was a little tough, but it certainly got better on

Bob - 3/18/16

Bob – 3/18/16

Friday.  Saturday, Bob and his wife both had a good day and Bob caught another brown.  Since Dana was out all day Saturday, I’m sure he was grunching even more than Stan about the wind.  Saturday was windy and Byron, from Nebraska, spent half a day on the water with Stan.  Good day for Byron on the white worm.  Good quality (fat with shad) fish.

Lynnette - 3/20/16

Lynette – 3/20/16

Orin 032016

Orin – 3/20/16

Sunday, Stan and Carolyn spent the day on the water with a family and their future daughter-in-law.  Stan took Dennis and Naomi, and Carolyn had son, Orin and his girl friend Lynnette.  Great day for everyone!  This was a late birthday celebration for Orin and I think and hope he’ll remember it.  Everyone boated nice fish and lots of fish.  This was Lynnette’s first time with a fly rod and she did very well.  We think they all probably slept well Sunday night.  Yes, everything was caught on white.  White jigs, worms or wooly buggers.


A Whole Lotta Fishing Goin On!

March 19th, 2016

Not too bad of day today.  The sun it out and it is in the low 50s.  We can handle that.  Tomorrow looks like another today and Sunday and Monday look even nicer.  Mid 60s Sunday and mid 70s Monday through Wednesday.  Right now, Wednesday looks like a windy one with winds 20-30 mph.  Then, a cooler Thursday with chances of rain.

The flood gates, aka spillway gates, were closed yesterday around 4:00 p.m.  We are now experiencing two generators which is the projection through Monday.

Jim - 3/16/16

Jim – 3/16/16

Wednesday Jim on the water with Gina.  They were doing best, due to the heavy shad population in the water from the spillway gates, on anything white.  With five gates open plus the generators, it was a little tough fishing.

Thursday, Darrell and Carolyn took Jon and his son Scott, and his son, Andrew out for half a day.  This was Andrew’s first outing with a fly rod and he did well.

Andrew - 3/17/16

Andrew – 3/17/16

It was another anything white day for this group.  Friday Stan and Gina took them out again and things got even better.  Andrew was hot from the gate, and caught more and bigger fish than his first day.  I think he has this fly fishing figured out.  Gina had Scott and Andrew stripping the silver bullet, which they really liked.

Andrew - 3/18/16

Andrew – 3/18/16

Scott 031816

Scott – 3/18/16

Last, but certainly not least, Carolyn took Megan and her mother Susan out for half a day on Friday.  This was Megan’s second time with a fly rod and Susan’s first.  Good, fun day for the ladies.  Megan could do no wrong.  All her fish were nice.  Once we got Susan up to speed with a hook set, she brought in a few fish.  They even shared the spotlight with a double during the trip.

Megan - 3/18/16

Megan – 3/18/16

Susan - 3/18/16

Susan – 3/18/16