Lots of Rain The Past Couple Days!

We have been getting some much needed rain yesterday and again today.   Might get some more later today and into tomorrow.  The weekend looks dry with temperatures in the mid 60s to low 70s.  That trend seems to be what we will see through next week.

No change in generation pattern.  We have picked up over an inch of rain, but right now, Table Rock Lake is below power pool and will probably continue to be below power pool.

Fishing is still up and down.  Last Thursday, Jim took one of his regulars, Jim, out for half a day.  Jim has fished with Jim for over 10 years and this was their first no fish to the boat day.  Had a few on but not to the boat.  Dana was out with another couple regulars, Gary and Barry.  They did get several to the boat on a copper Dun midge, the mega worm and one on a black hopper.

Friday was another story for Gary and Barry.  They spent another half day on the water with Dana and it was tough going.  Got a couple on a mega worm and the red San Juan worm.  Jim and Darren had a group out and they did not fair much better.

Jim had a new fly fisher on the water Saturday.  Larry from Illinois managed to get one nice seventeen incher in.

Sunday, Dana took a group of three guys on a wade trip.  Dean, Michael and Clayton.  Got some fish in on the grey scud, mega worm and an orange egg.  Also had a lot of misses, plus a lot of fun.  Darren was out with Ed and Tammy.  They too had several missed fish, but also brought some in on a zebra midge, thread midge and scuds.

Mark – 22″ rainbow – 10/12/21

Mark and Charlie fished with Carolyn on Tuesday.  They had a good day stripping the holographic green crackleback behind the black wooly bugger.  Picked fish all day on this combo.

Charlie – 10/12/21

Did catch a few on the cerise San Juan worm when the water first came on, but after a short period of time, the water cleared up and it was back to the crackleback.








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