Awesome Weekend!

Couple of beautiful days yesterday and today.  Cool down tomorrow, especially toward the afternoon.  Then we will see upper 40s and low 50s for Thursday and Friday, and mid to upper 50s through the weekend.

One to two units running for 2-3 hours over the weekend.  Today they have not run anything.  Not projected to but that certainly can change.  One of the days over the weekend they did not project anything in the morning but they did run a couple units for a couple hours.

Trace with 22″ rainbow – 11/10/21

Last Wednesday, Ansel and Trace spent most

Ansel & Trace – 11/10/21

of the day on the water with Darren.  It was one of those run water in the morning days and the dissolved oxygen was great.  This resulted in great fishing

for them.  Catching on tiny scuds and midges.  Trace had his best day with a nice 22 inch rainbow.

The awesome weekend was the long awaited

Bobbie – 11/13/21

gathering of the River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing Club.   In the past, we annually gather to fish Taneycomo some time during the month of November.

Tabby – 11/14/21

Thank you COVID, this gathering missed two years.  But, this was the year!  Wonderful to see faces you had not seen for a long time and even more wonderful was the time we all spent on the water.  A

Susan – 11/14/21

great time was had by all and almost everyone caught some fish.  Again, thanks to a little generation during the morning hours each day, we have some oxygen in the water for the fish and

Carolyn – 11/14/21

they were happy to make use happy by hitting our flies.  These are just a few of the nice fish we caught over the two-day event.   Lots of 20 inch plus fish!!  But even more, lots of fun seeing old fly fishing friends again!

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