Rain and Cooler Weather In The Forecast!

Forecasting some rain in the area late tonight and into tomorrow morning.  Also, cooler temperatures (70s) for the next three days.  Then, looks like a bunch of 80s days for a while.

Generation continues to be off during the morning hours and on some time in the afternoon.  Lately it has been around 2:00 p.m.

Forgot a couple trips taken out over a week ago.  September 10, Dana had Christina and Grey out for the morning.  Not a lot of fish, a lot of fun on the rusty midge and the white mega worm.   Carolyn had Dean out for most of the day.  Had a pretty decent day on a gray scud and the cerise worm when the generators came on.

Keith – 9/14/21

Last Tuesday, Jim took Norm and Bill out for half a day.  Very slow day.  No best fly.  Carolyn had a couple new fly fishers, Clayton and his

Clayton – 9/14/21

brother Keith on the water.  They brought in some fish on the P&P midge.

Dale – 9/15/21

Dale and Tom spend last Wednesday on the water with Dana.  Nice fish on a ruby 2 or crackleback.

Dale didn’t get enough on Wednesday, so he came back and fish again with Dana on Friday.  Another quality fish day on the ruby 2 midge and crackleback.

Saturday, Dana took Al from Illinois out for half a day.  Really slow day.  B-bug managed to pull a fish out of the river.

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