A Few Good Days Mixed In With The Tough Ones!

Beautiful weather!  Clear skies and light winds.  Little cool in the morning (upper 40s), but it warms up to the mid 80s.  Looking at a couple days in the upper 80s, but then back into the mid to low 80s after Tuesday.  Also slight chance for rain showing up Wednesday.

No change in the generation pattern.  Off most of the day with a couple units coming for 2-3 hours on around 2:00 to 3:00 pm.  Monday is scheduled to come on at 1:00 and run for eight hours.

Tough day Monday for Dana.  He took Melaine and Dennis from Texas out for half a day.  Had a few on but nothing to the the boat.  Carolyn had a school on the water learning presentation.  Hooked and brought in a couple.

Tuesday wasn’t much better.  Bob from New Jersey fished with Dana.  Did get a few to the boat on a mega worm or the cerise San Juan.

Mary with 20″ rainbow – 9/22/21

Mary and Bob fished with Carolyn on Wednesday.  It was on of those good days!  Several nice fish in the 17 to 20 inch range to the boat.  Few on the P&P midge, but most of them were on the holographic green crackleback trailing a size 14 black wooly bugger.

Thursday was another day.  Mary and Bob fished with Carolyn again and it was tough.  Few fish to the boat on the P&P and black copperhead midges.  Dana had Jim from North Carolina on the water.  They too caught a few fish, mainly on the mega worm.

Eric – 9/24/21

Friday, Dana and Carolyn took out a family of four.  Dana had Kevin and Eric and Carolyn took Haley

Haley – 9/24/21

and Drew.  Fun day for everyone.  It was another one of those good

Kevin – 9/24/21

days.  This was Haley’s first fly fishing experience and she did well.  Mainly it was the black copperhead midge during the early morning, then the P&P later in the morning.

Drew – 9/24/21

Holographic green or pumpkin cracklebacks were the ticket if you wanted to strip.  (This is Drew’s favorite way to fish).

Saturday, Abby and Cooper fished with Carolyn.  Good day for them on the holographic green crackleback trailing a black wooly bugger.  Brian and Bryson fished with Dana.  They were catching on an orange egg pattern and the P&P midge.  Jim’s guys, Andy and John caught some fish on a small JQ streamer or a scud under a midge.

Coming off the water yesterday, saw several dead fish on the bottom.  Take that extra time to make certain your fish are healthy before releasing them.


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