Lots Of Fishing Going On!

June 18th, 2017

Rain the past two mornings, but it looks like this might be over for the next several days.  Kind of a pleasant change as the last week was a pretty warm week!.  Monday will be mid 80s and then we start to steam again with temperatures in the low 90s until the weekend.

No major change in generation.  Still running 24/7.  However, they have been running it a little lower (50 mwh) in the morning, then jumping up to 100 mwh around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m.  I am pretty sure we will continue to see some type of flow all day for several more days.

Andrew – 6/12/17

Lots of fishing last week.  Carolyn started out the week with Andrew from the St. Louis area.  Good day for him on the ruby 2 under the big ruby or stripping the holographic green crackleback.   Tom, from New Haven, spent half a day with Stan.  They did well on the big ruby with a lightning bug dropper.  He really enjoyed pulling the crackleback on the sinking leader.

Tuesday, Knox and Gabrielle, who were out with Carolyn, hit everything right.  Most fish Knox has caught so far on one outting during his fishing life.

Knox – 6/13/17

Lightning bug or ruby 2 dropper under the big ruby, and you guessed it…..stripping the holographic green crackleback.  This was Gabrielle’s best technique that day.

Wednesday Jim was on the water all day Wednesday with Gina.  A bit tougher that day.  Water was pretty dirty, and the fish were spotty.  But, they had a good day on the

Jim – 6/14/17

crackleback and lightning bug.  Carolyn had a couple new fly fishers on the water, Beth and Frank.  First hook set and I knew Frank was a bass fisher!  Fun day working with them and getting them into a few fish.  So, Frank caught his first fish on a fly rod.  We started with the big ruby and a lightning bug dropper.  As soon as we could find a good seam, we started stripping the crackleback.

Frank – 6/14/17

I loved Beth’s last statement before we started heading in for the day….”just one more cast!”

Beth – 6/14/17

Thursday, James and Stan had a group of geologist who were attending a function in the Branson area.  James had John and Rex and Stan had Jerry and Rich.  They were from all over, Kansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and I think the other one was from Missouri….maybe.  Anyway, they all had a fun morning catching on the big ruby, beadhead cerise San Juan worm, and lightning bug.

Rex – 6/15/17

Carolyn had a mother/son pair on the water.  Gina is just learning and her son, Jase, has done some fly fishing.  We had a fairly slow start to the morning, but did catch some on the normal big ruby with a dropper.  Finally decided

Gina – 6/15/17

we needed more action and the water was at a level where we could do some wading, so we hit some good water and started stripping the crackleback.  Finished up the day strong.  Lots of fun

Jase & Gina – 6/15/17

for both of them and Gina was throwing a pretty good line before we were done.

Beth’s (Wednesday trip) uncle, John and her brother Bruce fished with Carolyn on Friday.  Bruce has spent a lot of time fishing the streams in Colorado so he got to do a lot of dry fly fishing.  A little culture shock here fishing

Bruce – 6/16/17

with midges and pulling other critters.  Good day and he had fun with the streamer stripping after he got the hang of it.  John and Bruce did some major

Bruce, Carolyn & John – 6/16/17

damage on the fish that day.

Chances For Rain By Next Thursday

June 11th, 2017

It is feeling a whole lot like summer.  Temperatures have been in the mid to upper 80s the past several days and we see more of the same for next week with some 90s scattered in for good measure.  Best chance for rain shows up next Thursday into Friday.  Little ways off….we’ll see.

No change in generation.  Four units still 24/7.  We are still eight feet above normal power pool for this time of the year.  The tailwater level is +/- 708′.

Trips out last Wednesday.  Jim took a fairly new fly fisher from the Branson area out and gave him lots of good instruction.  They had a very good day stripping the tiger tail and nymphing the red midge and/or hot hare’s ear nymph.  James took Clint from Colorado out for half a day.  Clint fished a lot when he lived in Colorado but never as many as they caught Wednesday.  It was the big ruby with the lightning bug dropper for them.

Friday, Stan was out with Jim, who is also a fairly new fly fisher.  He wanted to expand his knowledge of fly fishing and catch some fish!  Mission accomplished.  Jim had a good day on the big ruby with the lightning bug dropper, and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Had so much fun he is out again today.  Jim had his regular, regular, David out for half a day.  Very good day for them.  Nice 22″ brown stripping the tiger tail.  Also caught several fish on the ruby midge and the hot hare’s ear nymph.

No Rain In The Forecast!

June 7th, 2017

How about that!  No rain in the forecast for at least seven or eight days!  We won’t know how to act.  We do have some heat.  Looks like upper 80s to low 90s over the weekend.

No change in generation pattern.  9000-10000 cfs 24/7.  Table Rock is now down to 925.9′ so we have about nine feet before we are at summer power pool.

Hanna – 6/2/17

Stan on the water last Friday with Hanna and Brenden from Louisiana.  They learned a lot and caught fish on the big ruby with a lightning bug dropper.

Brenden – 6/2/17

Ted and his son, Chris, spent half a day with Jim Monday.  Good day for these guys  stripping the good old tiger tail.

Gary – 6/6/17

Yesterday, Gary from Texas, spent half a day with Stan.  He had a good day on the big ruby with the lightning bug dropper and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  He thought that was fun.

Gates Are Closed!

June 2nd, 2017

Another pretty day.  Mid 80s today and lots of sunshine.   Chances for afternoon showers tomorrow and better chance for rain on Sunday morning.  After that, it looks pretty clear for several days with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.

Flood gates are closed.  Running four generators in the 9000 cfs range.

Jim on the water yesterday with Ed and Lori.  This was Lori’s first time with a fly rod and she did well.  They had a great day catching fish on the Tiger Tail, the ruby midge and the hot hare’s ear.  Another beautiful, fun day!


Just Hard To Beat The Fishing Right Now!

June 1st, 2017

Nice, sunny, low 80s day today.  Very slight chances for a stray shower today and again tomorrow.  Expect mostly sunny day again tomorrow.  Our best chances for rain pop up again on Saturday with scattered morning thunderstorms, then cloudy during the afternoon.  Slight chances again Sunday morning.  Temperatures are ranging in the mid to upper 80s throughout this period.

I think I mentioned that they shut back five of the flood gates on Tuesday.  Right now, between the flood gates and the generators, we are seeing less than 9,000 cfs plus on water flow.  This is even less then they run with 4 generators going.  The tailwater level is just a little over 708 feet.  Rumor is that if we don’t get a lot of rain this weekend, they might cut back more or end spillway releases early next week.

Jim – 5/31/17

Gina out with Jim yesterday and they had a great day.  During the morning, they nymphed with the lightning bug under the big ruby.  After that, they finished up the day stripping the floozie or crackleback.  Bob, from Arizona spent all day on the water with Stan.  Great day for him too, with the lightning bug under the big ruby; then it was stripping the tiger tail or crackleback.  Another beautiful, fun day for everyone.

Great Days On The Water!

May 31st, 2017

Beautiful day today.  Should hit the low 80’s this afternoon.  More of the same for the next two days and then chances for rain shows up again on Saturday.  After that, it looks like dry weather for a few days.  Yeah!!

Table Rock is at 926.8′ as of this morning at 8:00 a.m.  They shut back five flood dates yesterday around noon.  Still lots of water, but a few thousand cfs less than we have had.

Fishing has been very good.  James had Chad on the water again last Thursday.  He had taken Chad and his father-in

Anna – 5/25/17

law out on Wednesday, so Thursday Chad’s wife Anna joined him on his second trip Thursday.  This was Anna’s first time fly fishing and she did great.  Anna definitely caught the largest fish but I think Chad caught the most.  In any event, a good time for them on a shad fly, beadhead cerise San Juan worm, Tiger Tail and holographic

John 5/25/17

green crackleback.   Stan took John from Oklahoma out for half a day.  John had a great time

on the lightning bug and stripping the holographic green crackleback which he really enjoyed doing.

Friday, Carolyn took a couple of newly weds out for half a day.  They had just gotten married last Saturday and what a great way to get started….trying out lots of different things together.  Seth and Lindsey had a great start to

Seth – 5/26/17

fly fishing first with the white grub under the big ruby and finished up stripping the holographic green crackleback.

Lindsey – 5/26/17

They too enjoyed this method.  Congratulations Seth and Lindsey.  Hope you two fish together for many years!

Stan on the water again all day Monday with Grayson from Indiana.  Great day on the crackleback, Tiger Tail and lightning bug.

The Fish Don’t Mind The High Water!

May 25th, 2017

Beautiful, sunny, warm day today…probably low 80s.  Friday looks nice also with party cloudy and mid 80s.  Possibility of scattered showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Saturday is our best chance for showers and/or thunderstorms.  Some showers in the morning on Sunday, then cloudy most of the day.  By Monday, it looks like low 80s and clear.  Mid-week 50% chances of showers are currently showing up.

No change in the water.  Still have 10 flood gates and 3-4 generators almost 24 hours/day.  Water is clear.

Julie - 5/22/17

Julie – 5/22/17

Joe and his sister, Julie on the water Monday with Gina.  Good day for them on the holographic green crackleback (of course),

Joe – 5/22/17

the JQ and ruby 2 midge.  Joe is pretty new to fly fishing and did great in the extreme conditions of high water.

Tuesday, Mike from Iowa, spent half a day fishing with James.  Good day for Mike on the big ruby with a BH San Juan

Mike – 5/23/17

worm dropper, or stripping the tiger tail.  Stan had a couple of his regular, regulars, Gary and Bob out for their first half day.  They had caught (and missed) a lot of fish on the lightning bug and stripping the holographic green crackleback.

Gary and Bob did not get enough on Tuesday, so they went out again on Wednesday.  More of the same.  Another good day on the lightning bug and holographic green crackleback.  Carolyn took Bob and his friend Bob (two Bobs in one boat was confusing) out for half a day.  Tried to wear then out stripping the holographic green crackleback, tiger tail and finally a 56er on either a 3 ips or 5 ips sinking leader.  Caught a few drifting the cerise worm under the

Chad – 5/24/17

big ruby, but it was the stripping that really produced the most fish.  Fun day!  James had Chad and his father-in-law, Robert on the water

Robert – 5/24/17

all day.  They had a good day on the BH San Juan worm, a peach egg, and stripping the tiger tail.  Gina took Wednesday Jim to a lake in Arkansas where they had an great day catching good size blue gill, Redear, green sunfish and long ear or pumpkinseed.  They used lots of different size 10, 1/100th jigs in various bright colors.   They were ready for some nice, calm water  for a change.



Three Gates And Four Generators!

May 19th, 2017

More rain in the forecast for tonight.   Everyone just cross your fingers that it is not a lot of rain.  Chances of rain again tomorrow morning then scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Sunday and Monday look dry, but 50% chance of rain shows up again Tuesday.  A few dry days again, but rain showing up over the weekend.  As always, this will change

Still running 3 flood gates and they now have all four generators up and running.   Don’t expect to see much change unless we get a lot more rain.

Good news is that fishing has been good.  Jack had a good time last Saturday so he went out again with Dana on Tuesday.  He had a fun half-day trip catching on the ruby 2 or a size 16 lightning bug.  One of Stan’s regulars, Ken spent Tuesday on the water with him.  Good day on the holographic green crackleback and the lightning bug under the big ruby.

Jim – 5/17/17

Wednesday Jim spent the day fishing with Gina.  Good day for him on the crackleback or wooly bugger and the lightning bug.  The big negative that day was the WIND.  It was relentless.  They were blown off anchor several times and if that wasn’t the problem, they were blowing around in circles.

Dave and his friend Craig spent Thursday on the water with Carolyn.  Fun day for these two guys on the big ruby with the red tunghead midge dropper, or stripping an olive leech, holographic

Crappie – 5/18/17

green crackleback or the floozie.  Lots of nice fish but the one everyone was most impressed with was the nice crappie we hooked stripping the floozie. We were ready to catch supper.  Stan was out all day with Gary and Barry from north of here in Missouri.  They were catching on

Barry – 5/18/7

the lightning bug a stripping a holographic green crackleback.  They had another full day scheduled on Friday but Stan came off early as it was looking mighty dark in the sky.  Didn’t want to get caught on the water in a storm.  All the fish were catching are really nice and fat.

Gary – 5/19/17

Harry and Carl from Carthage spent the day on the water with James.  Good day for these guys too.  Their best patterns were the big ruby, a beadhead red San Juan worm and stripping the tiger tail.

Carl – 5/18/17

Harry – 5/18/17

Stuck Gates

May 16th, 2017

Weather looks great until we get closer to the weekend…..figures!  Rain chances start popping up Friday.  By Saturday, it’s up to 90% chances and a little less on Sunday, especially in the a.m.  Monday is back to sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70s.  This will be the trend for next week.

Right now we have three flood gates open at approximately 3900 cfs and the generators are running 6000 cfs +/-   Good drop from what we have been fishing.  We understand that one of the sections of head water gates on Powersite has been damaged by the flood.  It is stuck in the down position.  They may need for Bull Shoals to drop to a level where they can safely access the air lines under the dam to repair the problem.   In any event, we do expect to see water flow for awhile.

Stan and Jim on the last Thursday with a group of guys from Virginia and Oklahoma.  Fun day for these guys.  Jim had John and Kim.  They were bringing in fish on the tiger tail and the hot hare’s ear nymph.  Stan’s guys were catching on the lightning bug under the big ruby, or stripping the holographic green crackleback on a 7 ips sinking leader.  The 23,000 cfs flow didn’t slow down these fly fishers.

Saturday, Jack and Brian, from Connecticut, spent the day on the water with Stan.  They had just finished the 2-day Orvis school and both were ready to catch fish!  Mission accomplished.  Wonderful day for these guys on the lightning bug (so they worked on nymph style fishing) and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Still a lot of water moving, but no problem.  Dana had Jack out for half a day.  It was the lightning bug or steelhead orange egg for them.  Pam and Tiffany from Oklahoma spent half a day with James.  Despite a rough start, they finished up with a good day on a white jig, brown San Juan worm, and the little ruby midge.

Joni – 5/14/17

John and Joni from North Carolina spent the whole day on the water with Carolyn Sunday.  Joni started out on a roll.  After all, it was Mother’s Day.  John did catch up and we had an awesome day, especially

John – 5/14/17

stripping the holographic green crackleback.  I think they took some cracklebacks home with them to try in some of their fisheries.




Still Running Flood Gates

May 10th, 2017

Chances for some rain tomorrow morning and again on Friday morning.  Let’s hope it is not a gully washer.  Good news is that I have not heard it will be a gully washer, but could have some heavy hail in places.  After that, we’re in for sunny skies for a few days…..at least into next week.

Still have ten flood gates open a little and three generators for a total of about 23,600 cfs.  We are a little over one food below flood pool, but still over 13 feet above desired power pool for this time of year.  We’ll definitely see all the generators for a while.  Not certain when they will shut down the flood gates.

Boats on the water Monday and yesterday.  Monday, James took his parents, Albert and Dawn out for a test run.  Got a call from them mid-way through their trip and they were catching fish!  Nice, fat fish.  Fun day for them on the worm brown San Juan worm and the white grub.

Jim out with John from Florida yesterday.  Good day for them on the hot hare’s ear nymph and stripping a size 8 tiger tail.  They did experience from dirty water in places they wanted to fish, but once they found clean water, the catching was on.

If you can get on the river in a boat, you will probably catch some fish.  They are still there and definitely feeding!

I promised a fly tying schedule this past weekend.  Some other issues have popped up, but we still plan to hold a few fly tying clinics.  Right now we are trying to adjust to a schedule of fly fishing schools we will be having over the next few months.