Check The DO Before You Go!

Other than the chances for rain every day, the weather is great!  At least compared to the hot days we have been having.  Highs this week will be low 90s.  Tomorrow will be the best chance for rain at 70%.  After that, 20-30% chance each day through the weekend and into next week.  But, a continuation of the low 90s for temperatures!

No change in generation.  Starting up around noon or later.

Wondering why the fishing patterns have been the way they have for the past several weeks, we finally took a look at the DO (dissolved oxygen) patterns.  We have noticed that early morning fishing has been slow and then started picking up around 10:00-10:30 a.m..  Unfortunately, 10:30 only gave us a couple hours before they fired up the generators and chased us off the river.  Looking at the DO numbers, the oxygen was low (below 4.0 ppm) early.  Around 10:00 a.m. or a little later it was going up.  Trout prefer 4.0 ppm and better.

Dana, Gary and Carolyn on the water last Wednesday with another group.  Steve, Sara and Tim were mainly with Dana.  Sarah and Theo with Carolyn and Gary had Bill and Chad.  Tough morning but everyone caught at least one fish.  Several were new to fly fishing.

Thursday, Darren took Louis from Arkansas out for half a day.  Midge emerger and the ruby 2 were his patterns.  Dana had Josh, Cam and Carter on a wade trip.  Red San Juan worm was their pattern.  Jim had Gavin and Kristy out on an instructional trip.  They had some strikes and break offs, but nothing to the boat.

Kylie – 8/4/23

Kylie and her father, Terry, fished with Carolyn Friday.  This was Kylie’s first for trout on a fly rod.  We worked hard and she landed a couple fish on a ruby 2 and red San Juan worm.  Had several hits but missed them as she was having fun watching all the fish around her feet!  Dana, Jim and Darren were on the water with another group.

Jackson – 8/4/23

Dana had Brayden and Jackson and they were catching on the red San Juan worm and orange egg pattern.  Jim had Doc and Ashley fishing a micro San Juan worm and a root beer midge.  Darren’s guys, Grayson and Alex,  fished a soft hackle, scud and ruby 2 midge.



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