The Perfect Morning!

Drove to work this morning and the sun was shining brightly over a clear blue sky with no wind.  Temperature was around 64 degrees!  What a difference from waking up to lots of thunder and lightning which we have had the past four mornings!  Unfortunately, looks like the warm weather is moving back in.  Low 80s tomorrow, low 90s Thursday and Friday, but back into the mid to upper 90s from there.  And, it will be dry well into next week.

Generation pattern has not changed much.  No generation during the morning hours.  Around Noon or as late as 2:00 p.m.  one or two units come on then three.  Stay on for 5-6 hours then off for the night and into the next day.

Gary on a wade trip last Thursday with Billy from Indiana.  Wonderful day.  Billy was catching on the cream mop fly and a ruby 2.

Friday was back to normal.  Fishing, or catching was tough.  Carolyn had Diane and Randy out this day.  Diane is brand new to fly fishing, so we worked a little on the roll cast, regular cast and other techniques.  Best pattern was a P&P midge.  When the water came on, it was a cerise San Juan worm.

Randy – 8/11/23

Saturday, Carolyn took Randy and Andrew out for half a day.  Little better day, and mainly on the mop fly and Cerise San Juan worm.  Darren had Bill on a wade trip and they worked hard, got drenched and caught on the scud/sowbug combo and soft hackle.



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