Two Days Of Awesome…Then Ugh!

February 8th, 2018

Today and tomorrow are going to be great!  Lots of sunshine and upper 50s today and more sun tomorrow with lower 60s.  February?!?  However, back to reality Saturday and Sunday when the temperatures will be in the 30s and chances (60% right now) of rain showers in the morning Saturday then a mix of rain and freezing rain.   We pretty much had this forecast Tuesday and I’m glad to say, it fizzled out.  The good news is that once we get through the weekend, it’s back to sunshine and temperatures in the upper 40s, and low 50s.

Generation has been all over the place this past week.  Monday, it was off for about four hours in the afternoon, came on low, then back off until early Tuesday.  Basically ran all day Tuesday.  Small window of no generation Wednesday afternoon.  Today they were projecting a flow of 35 mwh at 10:00 a.m. and as of right now – 10?45 a.m. it is 0 generation.  They are running 20 cfs probably from the in-house generators, and it a normal no generation flow.

Fishing continues to be good on almost everything.  Better get out there on one of these nice days and go fishing!

Just wanted to remind folks we have fly tying clinics in progress.  They have all been well attended and a lot of fun.  This weekend, egg patterns and flashback scuds are on the schedule.  Next Saturday, one of our newer, younger, guides will take everyone through some advanced techniques on tying those big streamers.  Give us a call if you are interested in attending one of these.


It Was A Tiger Tail Day!

February 1st, 2018

You should have been here yesterday!  Beautiful weather, sunny, AND the water was off most of the day.  Today is not going to be bad….temperatures in the mid 40s and partly sunny.  Friday is a normal February, 40s day and sunny.  By Saturday, we might see some moisture in the afternoon and temperatures again in the 40s.  Temperatures to hover somewhere in the 40s and even some low 50s next week and into the weekend.  Highest probability of moistures looks like next Tuesday.  We’ll see…

Generators were off both yesterday and the day before by at least 10:00 a.m.  Today, the projection is 55 mwh this morning and dropping to 35 around 11:00 for six hours.  55 is a bit much to wade since is puts out over 4000 cfs which raises the level 3-3-1/2 feet.  If they drop back to 35, that only raises it 1-1/2′ and around 2500 cfs.  This can be waded in some areas.  Remains to be seen.

Jim – 1/31/18

Gina out with Wednesday Jim yesterday.  Really good day for them.  While the water was running in the morning (2 units on low), they were catching mainly on the big ruby.  After the water was turned off and dropped out, it was a Tiger Tail day.

Several fishers came in yesterday looking for Tiger Tails and/or reporting that was the hot pattern for them.  For you tyers, recipe is on our website.

Cabin Fever? Gotta Cure!

January 26th, 2018

Weather has been much better this week.  Temperatures in the 40s and 50s.  Only negative has been the wind.  Lots of wind.  I think today is supposed to be the worst, especially this afternoon.  Tomorrow is looking like upper 50s and Sunday in the low 60s.  Lots of sunshine Sunday and Monday.  Next week is also looking good until Thursday when a 50% chance of rain pops up with temps in the mid 40s.  By next weekend, it is looking good again but temps will only be in the 40s.  Even that’s not bad for this time of the year.

Generation pattern has been lots of water in the morning until 9:00 a.m. or so then low generation or no generation until late in the afternoon.  This weekend is calling for no generation both Saturday and Sunday. Monday we’re back to heavy generation in the mornings again and low or no generation during the late morning into the afternoon.

Fishing, according to those fishers coming into the shop, is very good.  Had a guy come in yesterday with what was left of a Tiger Tail…..hook, lead, some red thread and a few hackles on the tail…who “couldn’t keep them off that fly”.  Black zebra midge, red midge, gray scud, black WD40, and I’m sure there were several other patterns fishers were coming in to get or telling me they had had a good day catching fish!  So, if you’re suffering from cabin fever, this weekend looks like the answer.


Don’t Like The Weather?….Stick Around For A Day!

January 23rd, 2018

Crazy weather we have been having.  Almost 70 one day and 30s to 40s the next.  Oh well, keeps us on our toes!  Yesterday was not bad temperature wise, but you had better been hanging on to a tree or you would have been blown away.  Looking at nice weather the rest of this week.  Wednesday should be in the mid 50s and Thursday might be in the low 60s.  Mid 50s through the weekend, with a chance for showers in the morning.  Right no, that chance is low.  50s seem to be the trend through next week also.

The generation has been strange the past several days.  Also, what they say they are going to do wasn’t quite what they did.  In any event, it was low enough all weekend to get out and wade in most places.  Today they are suppose to run the equivalent of three units for four hours.  Turn it off at 11:00 a.m. and not come back on until 5:00-6:00 this afternoon.  If the weather does what it is supposed to do and the water does too, it will be a great day to get in the river!

Debbie with one of her 1st on fly rod

Stan on the water Saturday with Lee and his brand new fiancée, Debbie.  What a neat couple.  Our congratulations to them for a long and happy life together catching fish on their fly rods!  Nice day, except for the wind and the water fluctuation on a pretty regular basis.  Despite this, they had a good day and Debbie caught her first fish on a fly rod along with several others.  It was a P&P day!  She would probably been happy had she caught nothing, but this topped off the perfect day for both of them.

The whole crew – Deb, Stan & Lee

We will have a spey/switch rod clinic on March 31, 2018.  Give us a call if you are interested in attending.  417-332-0460




January 14th, 2018

Looked out the front door this morning and my car had white stuff on it!  Drove to work in it and it stayed around until around noon today.  Looking at the railing coming up the stairs to the shop, it looks like we got at least 2 inches.  Hopefully, this is it!  Unfortunately, I am seeing a 60% chance of snow in the forecast for tomorrow.  Tuesday is partly sunny but the temperatures don’t look like they will get out of the teens.  Shiver!  Good news on the horizon.  By Thursday, I am seeing sunshine in the forecast and mid 40s.  Friday looks low 50s with 60 forecast for Saturday.  Sunday and the following week we are bouncing around in the mid 40s, upper 40s and some low 50s.   I’m ready!

The past three days have seen generation in the morning with at least two units or more, then lower generation of not quite a full one.  Monday and Tuesday look like more of the same.

Jim – 1/10/18

Wednesday Jim knows how to start his New Year off right.  As he was walking to Gina’s car last Wednesday he was saying, “I know how to pick a good day for fishing” and he did.  Temperatures were in the 60s, some wind, but not what they had predicted, and the generators were off!  Plus the fish were biting.  Good day for Jim.  The morning started out a little slow, but he caught several fish on something red, mainly the ruby 2.  After lunch, they started stripping.  First it was the JQ, then the holographic green crackleback in a size 16 and finished up the day with the Tiger Tail.

Happy New Year……at little late!

January 8th, 2018

What a blustery start to the New Year.  I think it made it to 14 degrees before a few of us gals hit the water.  We lasted a couple hours and it was time to come off.  Any way you cut it though, it is the only way to start the New Year off right.  Go stand in the water and try to or catch a fish!

We’re having a heat wave right now.  Well for at least today through Wednesday.  Lot 40s today, 50 tomorrow but foggy and low 60s by Wednesday!  Wow!  Low 50s Thursday with a chance of rain.  Friday it’s back into the mid 30s and Saturday and Sunday both look like we’ll not make it to the low 30s.  That’s January!

Lots of no generation time in the afternoons.  Sunday they had the generators off all day.  Today they shut them down at noon and I think that will probably be the pattern most of the week.

No trips out but have been talking to those brave folks who have been doing some wade fishing and they report pretty good fishing.  It’s only going to get better as the fish are getting some much better quality water now to breath in!

Good basic fly tying clinic this past weekend.  And we’re full for the softhackle/crackleback clinic this coming weekend.  Check out the schedule for future clinics.  We have some good things coming up.

Bundle up and go fish!





It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

December 24th, 2017

What weather we have had!  However, the weather decided it was time to look like it’s supposed to.  We had a light dusting of snow on the trees and ground yesterday morning and this morning, it is 31 degrees!  Looks like low 40s and mid to upper 30s for next week.  Always fish on New Year’s Day and right now, it is looking like upper 20s.  Oh well, we’ve fished that and colder before!

Generation is still running spastic.  Three units on in the morning for 3-4 hours, then down to two, eventually a full or low one unit then back up around 5:00 p.m.

This past Wednesday was one of those nice days (temperature in the 60s) but the water was crazy.  Wednesday Jim spent the day with Gina.  They started out in the morning with the heavy water.  Fishing was tough with the high water and especially in the lower areas.  Gina noticed it was falling out, so row down to the take out, get the boat loaded, drive back up to the put in and fish the upper area with the water lower.  Bingo, fishing was certainly better up there and during the afternoon on the ruby 2 and stripping the tiger tail.  Merry Christmas Jim!

Thursday, Jep and his son Cam spent the afternoon on the water with Stan.  Heavy water when they started, but dropped out during the trip.  Not a great day on the water, but certainly not bad.  This was Cam’s first experience with a fly rod, so he learned the roll cast, worked on the pick up and lay down cast, as well as line management.  They caught fish on the ruby 2 under an orange egg pattern.


40s One Day….60s The Next! Tis The Season!!

December 15th, 2017

Wednesday it made it to 60 and yesterday the high was 41.  Both days had lots of wind!  Today might hit 50 and we are looking at 60 for Saturday.  Chances for rain in some areas by Sunday but not much…if any, and we do need the rain!  Thought I’d never say that!

Generation has been as spastic as the weather.  If you look at the graph, it looks like a really bad EKG.  Only three days where we have had no generation for four to five hours over the past seven days.  Otherwise, we have had three units going for a few hours early in the morning, then dropping to the equivalent of one or a low one unit from late morning until some time in the afternoon.  Fortunately, with the low one unit, you can do some wading in areas.  Right now there are three units going.  Should drop to a low one by noon and pretty much stay there until 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.

“Mo” and Ralph, from Kansas, fished half a day with Carolyn Wednesday.  Windy!  We hit the water after they shut down the three units and it was dropping.  Maybe 3000 cfs going which is usually not to difficult to row against….UNLESS you have 25-30 mph of wind coming at your back!  So, you row fast as you can every time the wind stops!  We made it to a good ‘honey hole’, anchored and proceeded to have a good day on the ruby 2 under a big ruby.  The wind seemed to slow down as the water was doing the same thing, so we moved to another location and pulled the holographic green crackleback behind a tiger tail and caught some more fish.  We had a lot one unit going all the time we were on the water.  Overall, a good, fun day on the water even though it was a big nippy and the wind played havoc with one’s cast every once in a while.

Thursday, Ralph was back for more.  This time he brought one of his sons with him….another Ralph.  Ralph drove in from Florida to meet the rest of the family for a get together.  Stan started them on the water a little later in the morning as it was one of those days where they had a heavy three units going early.  By noon, they shut the water completely off and it stayed off until 5:00 p.m.  Another good day for the guys on copper dun all by its self.  When the fish shut down on this, the bite was on the ruby 2 around 3:00.  Not as active stripping Thursday, but Ralph did catch a few on the holographic green crackleback.  Another good, fun day for these guys.


Nippy This Morning….25 degrees right now…burrrrr ! ! !

December 7th, 2017

Today is the coldest day we have had so far and it will warm up after today.  The high for today will be in the mid to upper 30s.  Then we go into the mid 40s and back into the 50 through the weekend and into next week.  Yeah!  Not quite ready for cold yet.

Change in the generation pattern the past four days.  Now we are getting heavy flow (three units) in the morning, usually between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. then shut down for six to several hours during the middle of the day.

Saturday, Stan took John and his son, Ryan out for half a day.  They were generating a low one unit that day so they did the full float from a little below the dam down to our take out off Acacia Club Road.  For this time of year, it was a good day on the ruby 2 midge.

Ken used a gift certificate his kids gave him for a half day float with Stan on Sunday.  Slower day than Saturday, but they caught fish again on the ruby 2.  Tried stripping a few patterns but no interest.  Carolyn had Sheila and Russ on the water.  We found a “honey hole” and Sheila

Sheila – 12/3/17

proceeded to have a very good day on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  She did leave a few for Russ.  Her highlight of the day was a pretty brown trout. I must say, Russ did not have his fly rod in his hands all the time.  He found the area beautiful and was taking some great pictures a lot of the time while Sheila was catching.

Wednesday, Rick from Minnesota, spent a half day with Stan.  Very good day for them on the lightning bug in the morning.  When they stopped hitting this, he went to the P&P and the catching resumed!  Other than the windy, cool day, it was a pretty good bite day!

Nice pictures from Russ


It’s December!

December 2nd, 2017

Weather certainly does not feel like December.  Probably 70 today and again tomorrow.  Rain looks pretty likely for Monday, then we will start to see a cool down by the end of the week.  Upper 20s for the low and 40s and some 50s for the highs.

They continue to run at least a low every day, almost all day.  Saw a couple hour break early one morning, but low flow has been the pattern.

Stan on the water with Ron and Ruth Ann this past Sunday.   They had a good day on the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.  It was a beautiful, sunny day with little wind and the low one unit running.  Kathy and Ron were on their first of two full days with Carolyn.  Off to a good start using the ruby 2 under the size 16 red d-ribbed midge.

Ron and Kathy’s second day on Monday was good, but not quite as good as Sunday.  Best flies again were the ruby 2 and the red d-ribbed midges.  James had Theresa and Chuck from Wisconsin,

Theresa – 11/27/17

out for the first of their two full days.  Good first day mainly on the green holographic crackleback.  Also fished a ruby 2 under a peach egg and pulled a muraciever streamer.

Chuck – 11/28/17

Tuesday, Theresa and Chuck pulled fish again pretty much on the green holographic crackleback   Dana had Charley and Allison out, also for a full day.  It was a P&P under an orange egg or the red San Juan worm for them.

Wednesday Jim spent an enjoyable day on the water with Gina.  They fished the ruby 2 under a peach egg and stripped the holographic green crackleback.  Water was up and down this day, so fishing was up and down also.  But, it was a nice day and they caught enough fish to keep them busy and happy.