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Monday, May 13th, 2019

Wow!  Two days of sunshine!  Don’t know how to act.  Slight chances for more rain tomorrow and Wednesday, but by Thursday it looks like more sunshine and temperatures in the 80s for both Thursday and Friday.  Saturday looks s little like rain, but back to sunshine Sunday.  We just need a couple weeks of no rain!

Still running around 20,000 cfs of water at Table Rock Dam.  Three generators and five spillways open about a foot.  I think we will see this for at least another week…..of course, depending on whether we get more rain.

Jim on the water Friday with Steve out of Texas.  They had a good day stripping a size 6 tiger tail.  Otherwise, it was the ruby, hot hare’s ear or a red San Juan.  Carolyn had a pretty new couple on the water, Brian and Michal.  They had not yet broken in their fly rods.  We fixed that!  They both caught fish on either a peachy or clown egg pattern under the big ruby, or a red San Juan worm.  I think Michal caught one stripping a holographic green crackleback.  Fun day learning and catching!

Janice – 5/12/19

Sunday, the Mother’s Day Gods were smiling down on Janice.  Jerry wanted his friend Janice to get started fishing, so he booked a half a day with Carolyn.  This was Janice’s first time with a fly rod and we were not real excited about the 20,000 cfs of water.  However, like I said, the Mother’s Day Gods were with her.  She caught her first fish on a ruby 2 under the big ruby, plus several others, and even caught some stripping a tiger tail.  Another fun day of learning and catching!  Plus, it was a gorgeous day.  Lots of sunshine!

Only Five Spillways Now Going

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

We have had a few really nice days, but today looks WET!  Like we need that  There are slight chances for rain tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 60s.  Friday looks great.  Upper 60s and dry but overcast.  Saturday more chances of rain, but Sunday through Wednesday….at least for right now…..all look dry and 70s.  Cross your fingers.  We need to dry out.

Well, when Table Rock hit 920 feet, on came some more spillways.  Once it got below 920, they were shut down, but we still have five open at a foot each to compensate for the down generator.

Due to rain chances earlier this week, we cancelled a few trips, but Jim was able to squeak in a trip Sunday with Mike from Lee’s Summit.  Hadn’t seen him for a while so it was good to get him back on the water.  Good day for him on a size 6 Tiger Tail, the hot hare’s ear and a big ruby.  Fish were laid up in their normal high water places.

Started a fly of the week program.  This week’s pattern is the big ruby.  Come on in and get you free fly of the week!

Yes, Five Spillway Gates Are Open Again!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Some descent weather before the rains came.  Nice days in the 70s.  However, on Tuesday, the sky opened up.  Today it will be in the upper 60s and overcast all day with chances of showers later today.  Friday and Saturday are both showing chances for showers and temps in the low 70s.  Sunday and Monday are promising…party sunny and upper 70s.  Tuesday and Wednesday are warm but chances for showers again!  Think it is going to be hit or miss for a little while.

Yes, five spillways gates were opened up yesterday afternoon at a foot each for a total discharge from these gates of 5100 cfs.  One of the generators is off-line so this will make up for that generator.  They are also running the remaining three generators at around 9900 cfs.  This gives us a total of 15000 cfs, or the equivalent of all four generators running full board.  Table Rock is currently 2 3/4′ above Power Pool.  (Table Rock power pool level increases to 916′ May 1 each year).  Unfortunately, it is still rising.

Jim – 4/27/19

Lots of fishing going on the past few days.  Saturday, Carolyn had Ed and Jim from the

Ed – 4/27/19

St. Louis area on the water all day.  Beautiful day, with lots of sunshine, fish, and feeding Murphy the goose.

They had enough of Carolyn, so Friday, they spent the full day on the water with Darren.  Another

Ed feel=ding Murphy

good day with a bit of wind which didn’t help the casting any!  But they had fun and caught fish!  Carolyn took a couple other fishers from their group, Jeff and John for the day.  These guys did well and had a fun day on the water catching on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Ralph, from Texas, was on the water all day with Dana.  They were catching on the ruby 2 under an orange egg pattern.

Monday, Jim was available, (Ralph is one of Jim’s regulars) so Jim took him out for the day.  Another good day for Ralph.  Rick, from Arkansas, had hoped to bring his wife on a trip so she could get into fly fishing, but she has been a

Rick – 4/29/19

little under the weather for the past month, so she decided to take a rain check.  Maybe next time….we hope!  Anyway, Rick spent half a day on the water with Carolyn.  Great day for Rick on the usual stuff, ruby 2 under big ruby.  He also caught a brown on this trip which he was happy with.

Carole – 4/30/19

The day of the big rain, Tuesday, Gina had Andy and Carole on the water for half a day.  Good, fun day for them.  They best the weather and caught fish!  Ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Andy – 4/30/19

Carole claimed the prettiest with Andy getting the biggest.   Lee and Charlie, from Texas, wanted to spend the entire day on the water with Carolyn.  Unfortunately, due to

Charlie – 4/30/19

the poopy weather forecast, we came off a couple hours early.  However, it was a good day and they guys caught lots of fish on ruby 2 under the big ruby.  We even hooked a few stripping the tiger tail!  Quite a pair to fish with.

Lee – 4/30/19

Don’t know who beat up on the other the most!  Fun day!



Water Logged!

Friday, April 26th, 2019

Gorgeous day today.  low 70s, lots of sunshine, and right now, just a little wind.  Understand the wind factor will increase.  Tomorrow, we are expecting upper 70s, and rain, especially in the a.m.  Sunday will be mid 60s, cloudy and isolated thunderstorms later in the day.  Next week looks like 70s all week, and chances of showers (40-50%) Monday through Thursday.  Ugh!

Broken record, two units running 24/7.  We are close to power pool at 915.45, but expecting rain again tomorrow.  Cross your fingers.  We have had enough rain.

Leroy – 4/22/19

Beautiful day last Monday.  Lots of sunshine with two units running.  Gina had Leroy from Texas on the water for half a day.  Good, fun day for Leroy on the ruby 2.   Warren and Lee got here from Kansas around noon and spent the rest of the day on the water with

Warren – 4/22/19

Carolyn.  They boated lots of fish on…..yep!…the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  This has been and is still working almost every day!

Tuesday, Howard and Richard spent half a day on the water with Carolyn.  Very good day for these guys on the same stuff, ruby 2 under

Richard – 4/23/19

the big ruby.  Tried stripping a little and the fish were not interested in anything we threw to them so we went back to our fish catching patterns.  Another beautiful day!

Mid-week, Wednesday, the fog and rain moved in.  Rain was supposed to have let up early

Jim – 4/24/19

morning.  NOT!  Stayed with us almost all day and so did the fog.

Gina had Jim and Alec out for the

Alec – 4/24/19

day.  Really good day for these guys on the ruby 2 under the big ruby!   Carolyn had George and Robert out for half a day and they too had a really good day on the same patterns.  Lots of doubles for all the guys.

And another rainy day, Thursday, Carolyn took Tim and Mike out for half a day.  This was Tim’s first time with a fly rod,

George – 4/24/19

so we went through the basics.  Know he will be hearing “mend” and “set” in his sleep.  Great, fun day for these two.  Tim is

Robert – 4/24/19

“hooked”.  He did very well for his first time out with a fly rod.  Lots of fish to the boat.

Mike & Tim – 4/25/19


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Boy!  We got dumped on early this morning.  Probably quit raining here at the shop around 11:00 a.m. and is still very overcast.  Forecast says we should see some clearing late.  Friday is going to be low 60s, with low 70s Saturday and low 80s Sunday!  Nest week looks like 70s but some chances for showers Tuesday through Friday.  Cross your fingers.  We don’t need any more rain.

Still running 2 units 24/7.  With the rain we have had, Table Rock Lake is back up above 915 again and still going.  Sure we’ll continue to see at least two units for a while more.

Jim on the river Tuesday with Dave and Tom from North Carolina.  Two units running that day and it fished tough.  They did land some fish stripping the tiger tail.  Nymph type fishing was tough!

Wednesday Jim took Kelly, from Montana, out for the day.  Fishing was spotty but they brought in several on the tiger tail and the ruby midge.  Think this was a lot different fishing than what he is used to out in Montana!

Dogwoods Are Blooming!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

The weather is looking great except for Wednesday evening into Thursday morning.  60s both of those days and rain are projected.  However, 70s and even 80s are showing up the rest of the time.  Red buds have been blooming and starting to fall off, but the dogwoods are coming on fast and should be in full bloom within just a few more days.

Had a couple days of no generation in the afternoon, but after the rain we just got, it took the lake level back up above 915 so they have run 24/7 the past two days.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of the week will do and hope we don’t get a bunch more rain.

Fishing has been very good so we hope things will settle down and everyone can get out there and do some wading.


Larry – 041119

Gina on the water last Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday with Larry and Andrew.  Lots of WIND! but that didn’t hurt their catching any.  Big ruby with the

Andrew – 4/11/19

ruby 2 dropper and when they got an opportunity to pull streamers, it was a JQ or tiger tail.   One of Dana’s regulars, Jeff, was out with him Thursday.  They had, as Jeff put it “one of his top five trips” this day.  They were fishing the ruby 2.

Friday, Darren took Clay  and Rick out for

George – 4/12/19

the day.  Of course, another great day.  Cerise or red San Juan worms,

and the P&P midge.  Also on the water were JP and his father, George.  They spent half a day with

JP – 4/12/19

Dana.  Lots of catching on the ruby 2 and a red SanJuan worm.  Both Friday and Saturday, Robert and his wife, Gerrie spent two half days on the water with Gina.  Friday was a pretty day, but Saturday we had some more wind, and overcast, so it was a bit nippy.  Other than that,

Rob – 4/13/19

they had a couple great days catching on

Gerrie & Gina – 4/13/19

the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Just like all the other days, they were running two generators so they had around 6500 cfs on the trip.  Gary and his friend, Gerry were on the water with Dana.  They had wanted to do a full day, but this was the day they forecast heavy rain around noon so the trip was cut back to half a day.  As it turned out, we got a little rain around 1:30, but the heavy stuff did not come in until later….and it was heavy for a while!  The guys had a good day on ruby 2 under the big ruby and an orange egg pattern.  JP and George spent another day on the water Saturday with Carolyn.  Lots of catching on the ruby 2 or red San Juan worm under the big ruby.  Too busy catchin for pictures, but they got a couple pics when they were out with Dana on Friday.

Darren out Monday with Joel and Harold from Minnesota.  This was Harold’s first time fly fishing and he had a good time and caught fish on the Tungsten red San Juan worm, the ruby 2 and the P&P midges.


Fishing Is Really Good!!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Beautiful weather we have been having.  Little warmer than normal for April, but we’ll take it!  We’re going to see 80 degrees today and tomorrow.  Thursday looks like low 70s and cooler Friday with low 60s.  By the weekend, mid to upper 50s and chances for rain mainly Saturday with slight chances Sunday.  But, back to the 70s next week!

They shut down the spillway gates yesterday morning.  We are now just seeing two generators running which puts the Taneycomo level around 707.5 plus or minus.  Not certain how much longer they will be generating, but know we are getting very close to power pool.

Mike – 4/5/19

Whole lot of fishing and catching has been going on.  Carolyn on the water last Friday with Mike from Kansas.  Beautiful day and fishing was good for him on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Saturday, Dana took Tyler and Jeff out for the day.  Good day for these guys on the ruby 2, beaded red San Juan worm and a Peachy King egg pattern.

And, another good day on Sunday when Dwan and Robert spent half a day with Gina.  They were catching on the big

Dwan – 4/6/19

ruby with either a ruby 2 or red tunghead midges under the big ruby.

Robert – 4/6/19

All the years fishing with us, this Dwan finally caught a brown!

Arlan and Rick from Oklahoma, spent a full day on the water with Carolyn Monday.  Beautiful, sunny day….almost HOT!  Very good day for these two guys.  They had just finished the Orvis two-day fly fishing school and wanted to apply their knowledge.  Cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby, or stripping the tiger tail on a 4 ips sinking leader were the patterns

Rick – 4/8/19

for the day.  Very little down time for

Arlan – 4/8/19

them.   Must say the fish are absolutely beautiful right now.  None of these pictures do them justice.



Spring Is Trying To Spring!

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Once we get these temperatures out of the dumpster, it will be nice.  Trees are flowering up!  Forsythia is yellow everywhere!  Looking great.  Just need those warmer days which are just around the corner.  Once we hit Friday, it’s 70s all through next week.  Unfortunately, we do have chances for rain on Thursday.  Oh well, that’s part of Spring!

They are taking an additional generator offline this morning so they will be opening four spillway gates two feet each to release about 3900 cfs to make up for this unit.  This will basically keep our flow about the same as having three generators on.  Not certain if this is just a today thing or if it will take a few days.  We will see……    In any event, we know we will see generation of some kind for several more days.  We are still a foot over power pool.

Rhonda – 3/31/19

Gina on the water yesterday with Ed and his girlfriend, Rhonda.  This was Ronda’s first fly fishing trip and she did great!  Landed some fish, enjoyed a sunny day, stayed dry (inside joke), and learned

Ed – 3/31/19

a little about fly fishing.   Their best patterns were the red tunghead midge, ruby 2 and a pink San Juan worm.

Murphy Is Back!

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

Wow!  70s one day then lots of lightning, rain, wind and temperatures plummeting to the 40s the next day.  Good news, Sunday will be sunny and in the 50s, Monday still in the 50s and cloudy, but 60s for several days after that.  No more chances for rain until next Thursday when a 60% chance is showing up.  The week after looks like lots of 70s again.

A full two generators running all day today and scheduled to run all day tomorrow.  With this rain we just had, this trend, and maybe more units, will continue running for a while.  We were getting close to power pool, but I’m sure it will come up some.

Joe – 3/26/19

Lots of fishing and catching this past week.  Carolyn on the water Monday and Tuesday with Joe from Texas.  A couple of good days for Joe.  He had one run where it was a hit or fish every time through this one section.  Needless to say, we took a run back through this section several times.  Best pattern was the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Darren had a family, Bob, Cindy and their daughter Kali

Kali – 3/26/19

on the water Tuesday.  Fun day for them up in Roark Creek catching on a tiger tail of crackleback.

Don and Steve spend all day Wednesday on the river with Carolyn.  Great day for these two fly fishers from Illinois.  They had projected three units in the early morning, then down to two units for a couple hours, then one units for about five hours.  NOT!  We hit the water with two units going and by the time we did one drift down

Steve – 3/27/19

the boat ramp bank, we noticed the flow had disappeared.  Upon checking, they had shut down the generators.  Found a honey hole and proceeded to catch a lot of fish, mainly on the ruby two midge under a red tunghead or big ruby.

Gina out Thursday with Scott and Virgil from Minnesota.  Really good day for these

Virgil – 3/28/19

guys on the big ruby with red tunghead midge or black copperhead midge droper.  Lots of water going, but lots of fish being

Scott – 3/28/19

caught.  Great father/son trip.

Keep forgetting to let everyone know that Murphy is back.  Seems he comes back to Taneycomo every March.  He’ll hang around for a few months, but usually by June, he has left the area.  Fortunately, so far he comes back every year.  Good to see him again!

Murphy and lady friend

Still Running Three Units

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Temperatures have warmed up but we keep getting chances for rain in the area.  Tomorrow and Wednesday will look like 58 and 68 respectively.  No rain in the forecast until Friday but temperatures in the mid 60s.  Next week is all mid to upper 60s but 30% and 40% chances for showers show up here and there during the week.

No change in generation pattern.  The equivalent of three units which is 9700 cfs +/- every day.  With rain in the forecast here and there, we’ll probably no see a change for a while.

Been busy on the water the past week.  Jim out all day last Tuesday with  Malcolm from the St. Louis area.  Good day for this streamer puller mainly on the tiger tail.

Wednesday, Carolyn took Rick and his grandson Oliver out for the afternoon.  Pretty day even with the three units going.  It was neck to neck for a

Oliver – 3/20/19

while between Rick and Oliver, but Rick eventually pulled away.  However, Oliver had the best fish of the day.  He is going to make quite a fishing partner for his grandfather.  Patterns of the day were the big ruby with either a cerise or red San Juan worm dropper.

Chad, from Wyoming, spent half a day Wednesday on the water with Jim.  Fish were not taking much nymphing so they put on the tiger tail and pulled quite a few fish.

Thursday, Hale took his father, Dan, out for the day with Jim.  Hale likes pulling streamers and Dan is fairly new so they stripped the tiger tail and drifter the ruby midge and caught fish.

Susan – 3/23/19

Saturday was a girls day out for Gina and her guests Jeannie and Susan.  Jeannie and Susan are friends from high school.  Jeannie has been fishing for a while and decided she needed to introduce Susan to this wonderful sport.  Fun day for

Jeannie – 3/23/19

the ladies learning and catching fish on the big ruby with either a tunghead red midge dropper or a pink worm.   Carolyn had Matt and his son, Matthew on the water for the day.  Really good day for them on the red tunghead midge or red San Juan worm under the big ruby nymphing.  Neither had done any stripping, so they stopped for a while and pulled the

Matthew – 20″ rainbow – 3/23/19

holographic green crackleback to experience this technique.  Both like that method for catching! Great day for Matthew as he caught a nice 20 inch rainbow.   Really fun day even though we came off the water a little wet from the rain that started pouring around 3:30.