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Lower Water Levels The Past Few Days!

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

We have been having some great weather here the past few days.  In the 80s.  Lows in the upper 50s one or two mornings.  However, that is coming to an end.  But it’s not going to be as hot as it was.  Mid 90s seems to be tops over the next several days.  It is looking like some rain tomorrow morning, then slight chances next week.

The past couple days have seen a lower generation level for a few hours in the morning than we have been seeing.  Actually a low one unit last night and then one unit this morning until around 10:00 a.m. Right now it is not quite a full two units.  But, according to the projection, it should be a low four units for about four hours.  Looks like this will be the pattern again tomorrow.  Equivalent of one unit in the morning until noon, then it will up to two units for an hour, and then a low four for 4 hours.  After than it will slowly ramp back to a low two through the night.

Karl – 8/3/20

Carolyn on the water Monday with Karl and his son, Matthew.  Not a lot of fish, but a fun day on the ruby

Matthew – 8/3/20

2 midge under the big ruby.  Matthew’s first trout on a fly rod

Matthew with little wild bow

was a little wild one.  You could still see the parr markings on it.

Tuesday, Darren had Dennis on the river for the

Josh – 8/4/20

morning.  Good day for them on the egg/scud combo or a #14 scud.

Wednesday, we had a group of guys with their sons.  First time for several of them.

Charlie – 8/5/20

Tough day.  Darren had Farhan and his son, Zayd.  Dana had Brian and Oliver.  They had a few hits and “pick and rolls”, and a fish on the red San Juan.  Chris and his two sons, Charlie and Max fished with Carolyn.  No one pattern was working.  Ruby 2, #12 gray scud, or the big ruby each caught a fish and tempted a few others, but their was no pattern that was consistent.

Cooler Weather!

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

Wow!  Looks like our high today will be 84 degrees.  Monday shows low 80s; Tuesday upper 70s, then mid to upper 80s through Friday.  The weekend and into next week will be low 90s.  What a wonderful difference.  Slight chances for rain Friday and Saturday.  We’ll see….that’s a ways off.  But enjoy!

This weekend was back to two full units until noon, and then bumping it up to three or a low four around 1:00 p.m.  Back to the two units by 8:00 p.m. or so.

Mike – 7/26/20

Mike from Kansas on the water with Dana last Sunday.  Pretty good day for him on the cerise San Juan worm or the ruby 2 midge.

Thursday, Darren took Russell and Anderson out for half a day.  They had fun catching on the UV roe yarn egg with a scud dropper.  Fished best for them that day on the front run of Lookout Island.

It was a half day Friday for Mike and his friend Bob, from Iowa, with Darren.  Another UV roe yarn egg and scud dropper day for them.  Fun day.  Would have been better if they could have stopped a big fish Mike hooked up with at the log hole.  If hung on the bottom for a bit then took off upstream and Darren could not row fast enough!  Dana had Robert out and Roberts caught his biggest

Robert – 7/31/20

trout.  Happy man on the copperhead black midge.  Meanwhile, Gina and Carolyn were infecting three ladies with the art of fly fishing.  Anne, Jan and Margie took the 2-day school Thursday and Friday.  All indications are that they like it!

Mark and Ken from Illinois, spent Saturday morning on the water with Dana.  He had they catching on the black copperhead midge and the peach eggstasty fly.  Lots of “pick and rolls” but also fish to the boat!  Darren had a fly fisher from Florida in his boat Saturday.  Another egg and scud combo day.  He caught a nice 20 incher at Eagle Island and that was the end to a good day!

Jerry – 8/2/20

Jerry and his friend Mike, fished with Carolyn today.  Good day for these guys on the ruby 2 under the big ruby midge.  They caught a few

Mike – 8/2/20

stripping the JQ streamer, but it was a midge day.  Fished best in the run behind Long Island.  Barbara had a good, fun day

Barb’s fish – 8/2/20

fishing with Dana.  Red San Juan worm, ruby 2 midge and stripping an orange crackleback.

Little Lower Water Flow In A.M.

Sunday, July 26th, 2020

Looks like a little cool down in the temperatures next week.  Seeing lots of mid to upper 80s all week and into the following feel.  Yeah!  Also, the chances for rain are pretty good for Monday through Wednesday.

A change in the generation pattern the past few days.  Dropping down to the equivalent of one unit around midnight.  At this level until 9:00 a.m then up to two units for a three hours, then a three for an hour a finally four.  Same projection for Monday.  We’ll have to wait and see what the pattern looks like next week.

Kaya’s 1st on fly rod – 7/24/20

This change in the flow pattern made catching a little difficult last Friday.  But, we managed to catch fish.  Carolyn had Eric and his grandson, Kaya on the water Friday morning.  This was Eric’s first

Eric – 7/24/20

time with a fly rod.  Eric had been working with him on casting and he did very well.  He even outfished Eric!  They had a good day catching early on the Ruby 2 midge under the big ruby.  As they kept upping the water, it was a UV Roe yarn salmon egg pattern.

Kyle – 7/24/20

Rob and his son, Kyle, were fishing with Dana.  Ruby 2 early then it was a red San Juan worm.

Saturday, Dana took Shannon, from Kansas, out for half a day.  It was another ruby 2 and red San Juan worm day.

Rob -07/24/20

The Missing Week!

Friday, July 24th, 2020

Somehow, it looks like almost a week of fishing trips disappeared.  So, we will make certain they are back on the site.

Alex – 7/15/20

Last Thursday, July 15, a group of guys fished with Dana and Carolyn.  Dana has Alex and Adam.  These two guys were pretty

Adam – 7/15/20

new, so Dana worked with them on basic casting and line management to the point where they could catch some fish.  They

Joel – 7/15/20

had a fund day on the ruby 2 and red d-rib midges and stripping a crackleback.  Carolyn took Joel and Zach.  Good day for these guys

Zach – 7/15/20

on the ruby 2 midge and stripping the holographic green crackleback.   Darren was also on the water that day with Roy from Texas.  Good day for Roy on a peach eggstacy egg fly with a gray

Beth – 7/17/20

scud dropper.   Beth and John were spending their first of two days on the water with Gina.  A little slow for them on the first day but they made up for it on the second day.  Gina made

John – 7/17/20

a stripping out of Beth on the second day as she was stripping a black bugger on Friday or they were nymphing the black copperhead midge.   Jonathan and his daughter, Sydney spent

Sydney – 7/17/20

Friday morning on the water with Carolyn.  This was Sydney’s first time with a fly rod and she did great.  I think Jonathan has a new fly fishing partner and she really liked it.  They had a good day on the

Jonathan – 7/17/20

eggstacy salmon egg pattern under the big ruby.

Saturday, Evan and Erin again fished with Dana.  They were out with him last month and came back for more.   Good day for these guys on the ruby 2, red San Juan worm or stripping a crackleback.

Tough Day!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

Still lots of hot, sunny weather.  Might have a chance for rain early next week, but otherwise, hot!

No change in generation.  Two early, then three for a few hours.  Four units around 4:00 p.m. for two to three hours then back to two through the night and into the next morning.

Jeremy spend the morning with Dana on Sunday.  Jeremy fished with Dana just about the same time last year.  Even more interesting, they caught the same number of fish with year as last and the largest fish was the same size as last year.  Only difference were the fly patterns.  This year the catching was on a crackleback or ruby 2.

Nick – 7/20/20

Gina on the water Monday with Nick from Nebraska.  Good day for Nick pulling the tiger tail, or nymphing a black copperhead midge.  He really liked stripping the tiger tail as he had not caught a fish using this presentation.

Tuesday, Dana took Lloyd and Mary out for half a day.  New fly fishers had a fun day on a salmon egg pattern and stripping the a crackleback.

Wednesday was tough!  Four of us on the water wondering where the fish were.  We all managed to catch some, but nothing like it has

Linda – 7/22/20

been fishing.  Carolyn has Linda out on an instructional half day float.  She wanted to learn to use all the stuff she had purchased, so we worked on casting, rigging, but mainly presentation.  Linda has a good feel for pulling streamers on a sinking leader and definitely got in a lot of mending practice while standing in the fast water.  Best pattern for her

Jake – 7/22/20

was a red San Juan worm.  And, she is throwing a good line!  Dana was out with Jerry and Jacob wondering where the fish were.  They also managed to catch a few

Jerry – 7/22/20

on an orange crackleback, JQ streamer or the big ruby.  Darren’s guys, Ryan and Scott did best on an egg with the scud dropper.  Gary took Ella on a wade trip and was also wondering where the fish were.  They tried up by the cable with no takers.  Best place was a gravel bar down by the landing where they landed a few fish on a red soft hackle.

The good news is that today was much better.  The fish were where we normally find them and eating pretty much the same things we have been doing well on.  JP and Andy spend this morning fishing with Darren.  They had a good day on the egg pattern with a size 16 gray scud dropper.

The Fish Don’t Like This Heat Either!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Really see no relief in sight for the heat.  But, must remember, it is July!  Chances for rain late tomorrow night into Thursday morning.  That’s about it for a while.

No change in the generation pattern.  Table Rock is not about 7 feet above normal pool level.  Still have a ways to go.

Jennifer – 7/12/20

Dana on the water Sunday with Matt and his girlfriend, Jennifer.  Fun day for them catching on the ruby midge or stripping the holographic green crackleback.  We are still catching fish, and nice fish, but certainly not the numbers we were catching 3-4 weeks ago.


Judy – 7/13/20

Carolyn took Jerry and Judy out for half a day.  It was a Judy day.

Jerry – 7/13/20

She was catching on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Even had a few fish take her big ruby.   Jerry was fishing right next to her with exactly the same rig and she just had her day!  Todd and Mark from Oklahoma were fishing with Darren.  Good day for them stripping a tiger tail or crackleback.  Nymph fishing was not the thing for them that day.

Today, Dana had Bob from Oklahoma on the water for the morning.  His wife Laneese rode along to enjoy the day.  They had a good day stripping a crackleback or nymphing a ruby 2 midge.


Temperatures Will Be In The 90s All Week!

Sunday, July 12th, 2020

Hot, sunny days are in the forecast for the coming week and into the weekend.  Very little chances of rain.

No chance in generation pattern.  Two units on on the a.m. then up to three by noon or 1:00 p.m. for a couple hours, then on up to four until evening when they cut it back to two units again.  We are making progress.  Table Rock Lake is down to 924.5′.  Normal lake level for this time of year is 917′.

Jim on the water last Tuesday with Chris out of Texas.  They were catching fish on a size 12 scud or pulling a size 8 JQ streamer.

Wednesday, Jim took Brandon out for half a day.  Brandon really wanted to learn, so Jim worked with him and said he was a very good student.  They mainly caught fish on the scud.  Streamers were

RRWFFC – 7/8/20

not the ticket that day.  If you were in the area and heard a lot of hooting and hollering, some of the gals from the River Runners Women’s group were also on the water Wednesday.  Fun day catching on ruby 2 midge, JQ streamer, holographic green crackleback, and the cerise San Juan worm.

Thursday, Carolyn took Roger and

Cole – 7/9/20

his son, Cole, out for half a day to teach them how to fly fish.  Before the morning was over, both were throwing a pretty

Roger – 7/9/20

good line.  A few tangles here and there, but when you first get started, it’s a norm.  We had a good day catching on the ruby 2 midge dropped under the big ruby.  Definitely think both are “hooked” on fly fishing!  Darren was also on the water Thursday.  He had Jason and Tsianina, from Oklahoma, out for

Tsianina – 7/9/20

half a day.  They were trying lots of different things and catching on this one and then that one.  No definite single pattern was working for them, but they switched out enough to have a good day.

Friday, Dana took Ken and his son, Shawn out for half a day.  This was Shawn’s birthday.  They caught fish on the black copperhead midge, a ruby 2 and stripping the holographic green crackleback.



Weather Is A Bit Steamy!

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Pretty warm days on the water lately.  Lots of humidity!  And, it looks like lots more in the forecast.  All next week will be in the 90s.  Oh well, it is July!

No major change in generation.  At least two units in the morning.  Today they will ramp up around 1:00 p.m. to four units for six hours then back to two.

Briley – 7/1/20

Carolyn on the water last Wednesday with Matt and his daughter, Briley.  Fun day watching father and daughter catch fish.  She out

did Dad on numbers, but he caught the largest so it was a win/win day!  We caught a few stripping the JQ streamer but most of the fish were on the dark roe egg pattern.

Jim and Dana had “the Bracks” family on the water Thursday.  Dana took Catherine and her son, Luke.  They had a fun day catching on the red San Juan worm, a ruby 2 or stripping a holographic green crackleback.  Catherine was a little uncertain when Dana asked her if she wanted to try “stripping”.  After he explained it, it was okay and she liked it!  Jim had  Adam, and their other son, Ian.  They were catching on the ruby midge or a gray scud.

Friday, it was Billy and Spencer on the water with Jim.  Jim said takes were pretty light this day, but when they could detect a take, they were bringing them in on the ruby midge and a dark gray scud.  Dana was out with Arvind and his son, Sanjay.  Sanjay thought he was going to use a spin cast rod, but quickly found out he could catch more and have more fun with a fly rod.  Natural.   Picked it up quickly and was catching fish!  Red San Juan worm under the big ruby.  Darren had John and his son, John, on the water.  Pretty new to fly fishing, but he worked with them a bit and got them some fish on the big ruby and the tiger tail streamer.

Great to see so many young people on the water here lately.  And, they are having fun and enjoying the sport of fly fishing!  Let’s keep it up!

And More Good Days!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Temperatures are hot and humid.  We had a little rain early this morning, but fortunately, not enough to impact the lakes.  Temperatures look like low 90s through the weekend and into next week.  Slight chances for almost every day through the weekend.

Generation schedule is pretty much the same.  Two units most of the time then up early afternoon to three and sometimes four.  Back down in the evening.

Couple of guys who fished with Dana last December were on the water with him again this past Sunday.  Good day for the guys on the ruby 2, a red beaded San Juan worm, and the Tiger Tail.  Rich really likes pulling streamers.  Darren had Michael from Oklahoma

Michael – 6/28/20

on the water.  Mainly pulled streamers, the holographic green crackleback and the JQ streamer.  Lost a really nice one 20″+, but you know how that goes….no picture, no fish!

Today, Jim and Dana had a family from Oklahoma.  Father, Preston and his 7 year old daughter, Raegan, fished with Dana.  Almost everything was caught on the ruby 2.  Preston had just gotten his

Preston & Raegan – 6/30/20

fish to the net and Raegan was yelling she had a fish on!  Can’t tell who had the biggest smile.  Jim took the older brother, Jackson, and sister, Reanna.  They had a good day on the ruby midge, a scud or stripping the JQ streamer.  Fun day for everyone!




Beautiful Days and Lots of Fishing!

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

We are seeing lots of nice, sunny days.  A few sprinkles yesterday, but otherwise no rain!  Temperatures are running in the upper 80s and lot 90s.  Looks like chances for rain are showing up later this coming week.

Generators continue to run 24/7.  Saturday and today, they ran two units most of the day.  Cranked on three units around 2:00 p.m. which ran for 5-6 hours.  Looks like the same pattern for today.  Monday will see two units until 3:00 p.m. when they will fire up four for four hours, then back to two until 10:00 when it will drop to one.

Last Monday, Carolyn had Todd on the water for the morning.  Really good day for Todd catching on the #16 red d-ribbed midge dropped from the big ruby.  Liz and Curtis, from Kansas, spent all day on the water with Gina.  Really good day for them on the tiger

Mark – 6/22/20

tail and a size 16 ruby 2.  Dana took Mark out for the morning.  They were catching on the ruby 2 under the big ruby as well as the holographic green crackleback.

Liz – 6/23/20

Liz and Curtis had so much fun on Monday, they went for a half day on Tuesday.  Another good day,

Gina & Curtis – 6/23/20

this time on a cerise micro San Juan worm under the big ruby or stripping the tiger tail.   Dana and Jim were on the water with a group of four.  Dana had June and Jodi.  They were catchig on the ruby 2 or red d-ribbed midges, and the holographic green cracklback.  Jim’s guests, Drew and Alice are new fly fishers so he worked with them for a while.  They caught fish on the JQ streamer, the hot hare’s ear nymph and the ruby midge.

Claude – 6/24/20

Wednesday, Dana had Claude from Texas.  Good day for Claude on stripping the holographic green crackleback or the tiger tail.  Also caught some fish on the rusty midge.

New fly fishers, Steve and Becks fished with Gina on Thursday.  Fun day for these two learning how to catch fish.  They caught both nymphing and stripping.  It was the

Steve – 6/25/20

holographic green crackleback stripping and the pink San Juan worm under the big ruby nymphing.  A couple of our regular regulars, Gary and Barry fish 1/2 days Thursday and Friday with Dana.  Two good trips.  First day, was a Gary special black midge or copper john type pattern.  Second day it was the holographic green crackleback, ruby 2 and the beaded red San Juan worm.  Crazy, fun guys!