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Needed A Fix!

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Beautiful weekend and now we’re paying for it. Winter weather advisory right now.  However, the worst is going to be north of us.  We may see some sleet and possibly freezing conditions on the roads towards this evening.  Tomorrow will still be in the 30s but Friday and Saturday are looking at 40s and by Sunday the 50s, then back into the upper 40s and low 50s for next week.

We finally saw only two units running for about three and a half days.  Unfortunately, here came the rain and now we are back to three units and they turned on five spillways this morning to add approximately 5000 cfs to the three units.

Took myself fishing Monday as the weather was so nice and I needed a fix!  Only out for a couple hours in the drift boat but it was a very good two hours.  First cast brought in this nice male bow.

Caught several more after him on the big ruby or the cerise worm.

Spillways Closed Down Yesterday Morning

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Crazy weather.  Yesterday it was in the 60s and today it is 38 for the high!  Good news, after tomorrow, temperatures will start to rise again.  Friday will be upper 40s.  Saturday mid 50s and Sunday 70!  Like I said, crazy weather.

Spillways were shut down yesterday morning.  They are still running two to three generators all day.  This is definitely better than five spillways plus the generators.

Couple from Minnesota fished with the spillways and generators going and had a pretty good day on midges!  Where ever they could find slack water, midges were working for them.  I think they also caught some on the cerise worm.

Beautiful Day!

Monday, January 27th, 2020

Now that the fog has lifted, it is beautiful out there!  Lots of sunshine and very little wind.  High today might hit mid 50s.  Tomorrow night looks like rain going into Wednesday.  Then, we’re back into the sunshine again and temperatures by next weekend look great.  Upper 50s Sunday and low 60s by next Monday.  Now let just keep the moisture out of the forecast!

Table Rock Lake is just a foot and three quarters away from power pool.  Unfortunately, Beaver is about two and a half feet from flood pool, and they are only running it for six or seven hours each day!  Not sure what the program is.  However, when we get to power pool, and IF we don’t have a bunch more rain, we might see the flood (spillway) gates close down and just run generators.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Have not been on the water for several days.  Have been talking to some folks who are fishing, both from boats as well as in the limited areas by the outflows coming from the rearing runs.  For the most part, fishing is good despite all the water.  Fishers from the boats are using bright pink worms and/or scuds.  One of our customers did well in the outflow area on hare’s ear nymphs!  They are also catching up there on scuds and other patterns.

Just keep your fingers crossed that we get some lower water some day soon!!!

Well, We Got The Rain!

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Beautiful day today.  The sun is out and it’s suppose to his the upper 40s today.  Nice days the rest of the week.  Mid 50s tomorrow and low 60s Wednesday!  Thursday sees a cools down into the mid 40s and Friday is showing more changes of rain.  We don’t need that!

We were almost a power pools in both lakes, Beaver and Table Rock, when the rain hit.  Now both are up a little over four feet and running.  Beaver has one spillway open plus the generators and Table Rock has five spillways open 1 foot and three generators going.  The only bright side to all the rain…what if it had been snow!  That much snow would have put us under!  At least they are trying to get rid of it in a hurry.



Lakes Are Finally At Power Pools….and rain on the way!

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Pretty nice weather for January.  Yesterday was in the high 50s and it is already 55 this morning (8:30 a.m).  Should hit the upper 50s low 60s and tomorrow will also be in the 60s.  Little cool down Saturday into he mid 40s but back into the 50s Sunday and upper 50s by next Tuesday.  The bad news is the rain in the forecast.  We could receive three inches or more.  We certainly need some rain, but not that much all at once.

Both Beaver Lake and Table Rock Lake have been running generators non-stop for weeks.  Beaver Finally shut down their flood gates Monday morning as they were almost at power pool.  Table Rock has been running to keep pace and Table Rock is just about at power pool.  With no more rain coming in, we probably would have seen no or low generation over the coming weekend. I think this just washed down the lake!  Cross our fingers that we get what we need to moisten things up but not fill up the lakes again!

Dana on the water yesterday with George from the Kansas City area.  They had the first day of less than three generators running for weeks.  Started the morning off with two units, then at 7:00 a.m. they turned on three and by 1:00 p.m. it was back to two again.  We, and the fish, prefer to see generation stay stable all day.  Affected fishing a little when it dropped out in the afternoon, but not enough to hurt George’s day.   Good day for him on the cerise San Juan worm and the big ruby.  Also got to strip the filoplume and hook some fish.

How about this for a beautiful sunset?  Just had to stop along the road and grab a shot of it!

Sunset – 1/8/2020




The Tradition Continues!

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Looks like some pretty nice weather for this time of the year.  Today we are looking at mid 50s.  Chances for rain showers tomorrow morning but temps in the mid 40s.  Saturday through Sunday will see sunshine and mid 40s Saturday with Sunday and Monday in the 50s.

Generation continue to be three units non stop.  Beaver is now down to 1124.7 so it has a little over four feet to power pool.  Table Rock is holding its own at the current flow.

Penny – 1/1/2020

The tradition of some of the members from the River Run Women’s Fly Fishing Club being in or on Taneycomo fishing on January 1

Paula – 1/1/2020

continues!  In spite of the three units and high wind, a small group of the ladies had a delightful day

Roberta – 1/1/2020

catching fish out of Taneycomo January 1, 2020!!!  Gina, Penny, Paula, Roberta and Carolyn kept the tradition live and well.  Let’s hope for better water next year.

Happy New Year 2020!

Still Lots of Water

Monday, December 30th, 2019

Definitely warmer this year than it was same time last year.  I remember New Years Day being bitterly cold!  Mid to upper 40s today and tomorrow.  New Years Day will be in the upper 50s!  And we are looking at a mix of 40s and 50s over the coming week.

The weather is the good news.  Now for generation.  Looks like they are finally dumping Beaver.  They have been running generators and flood gates for several days now and will probably continue until they get at or near normal pool level…..which is about five feet away.  In turn, Table Rock is keeping up with the incoming water by running three generators every day.  Up until this rain we had night before last, we were actually seeing Table Rock dropping a little each day while keeping up with the incoming water from Beaver.  That inch of rain pulled us up a little.  Better to get rid of it now before the Spring rains.

Carolyn on the water Friday with Karin from Oklahoma.  Fast, deep water was a challenge (as it always is), but we had a good day catching on the cerise San Juan worm dropped from the big ruby.  Karin is a good fisher so she handled the challenge well.

Carter & 22-1/2″ rainbow – 12/28/19

Jake – 12/28/19

Saturday, Carolyn had Carter and Jake on the water.  Carter has fished with us a couple times before and wanted to introduce Jake to fly fishing.  Great conditions under which to learn!  However, it was a good, fun day and the guys finished up even on fish!  But, Carter had the day for the biggest fish which was a nice 22-1/2″ male rainbow.  Yep, best pattern was the cerise San Juan worm.


Friday, December 20th, 2019

We are looking at some beautiful weather through Christmas day.   Temperatures in the upper 50s and lots of sunshine.  Unfortunately, Friday is showing showers creeping in later in the day and hanging around off and on through the weekend.  But, we know how the weather is around here, we’ll just have to see what happens.

They continue to run the equivalent of two units every day.  Table Rock is so close to power pool, we can only hope they decide to shut it down over the weekend.  We’ll check the projection today at 3:00 p.m. and post an update if they are changing anything.

We will close Christmas eve at 3:00 p.m. and be closed Christmas Day.

Looks Pretty Dry Next Week

Sunday, December 15th, 2019

Slight chances for rain and maybe some sleet tonight and possibly into tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow afternoon and evening look dry as does all of next week.  Temperatures are looking pretty good too.  Tuesday will be mid 40s, but Wednesday through the weekend show 50s.

Still seeing the equivalent of two generators.  Not great, but one can find a spot to fish.  Looks like the same pattern for Monday.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the pattern will be this week.  Right now, Table Rock Lake is slightly under one foot above normal power pool.

Dana on the water Saturday with a couple guys from Illinois, Dan and Richard.  Dan has fish with us before and this was Richard’s first time.  Good, fun day of catching for them.  Richard may now have another hobby!  The cerise San Juan worm is still the ticket!



Pretty Weather Today!

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Beautiful day today.  Right now the temperature is 53 degrees and it is clear and sunny.  Looks like we might have a couple more pretty nice days ahead of us.  Tomorrow and Friday should also be in the 50s with sunshine.  Saturday is cooling off into the mid 40s and I understand that Sunday night we will see some type of precipitation which could even be light snow.  However, with the temperatures I am currently seeing, I would not bet on snow.  However, either rain or snow Sunday evening into Monday and temperatures in the low 40s to upper 30s.  Tuesday turns back to sunshine with low 40s.  Wednesday into the weekend will see mid to upper 40s.

The spillways was shut down over the weekend (Saturday morning) and are still off.  For most of this week, we have only seen the equivalent of two units.  This puts the area about 5 feet over no generation levels.  As of December 1, the desired power pool dropped to 915 feet.  Currently, Table Rock is sitting at 916.6 feet so we are almost at power pool.

Dissolved oxygen level on Taneycomo is great.  Most recent value was just a little above 8 milligrams per liter.  Happy fish!