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A Few Nippy Days!

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

Day before yesterday was cold and rainy.  Yesterday was cold and windy!  Today it’s sunny and a tad warmer – low 50s.  Thanksgiving day looks to be our warmest day for a while – 62 degrees.  Saturday through next Wednesday looks like 40s for the high and 20s for the lows.  Burr!  Not ready for this.

Generators were supposed to be on yesterday…NOT!  They finally came on around 4:00 p.m.  They are running some water today but so far, it is not looking like the projection.  We’ll see.

Ron with 22″ rainbow – 11/16/23

Lots of fishing going on.  Dana on the water last Thursday with Ron and Sammi.  Not a lot of numbers but nice fish.  Ron caught a beautiful 22 inch rainbow.  It was Ruby 2 and the black copperhead midges.

Friday, Gary took Ella out for a half-day wade trip.  Good day for Ella on the black copperhead and Ruby 2 midges.

Ella – 11/17/23

Martin and Art spent the Saturday on the water

Art – 11/18/23

with Dana.  Full run for them as the water was running.  Good day on the P&P midge and cream mop fly.  Art actually caught a brown and rainbow at the same

Martin – 11/18/23

time on his dropper rig.  Carolyn had Terry and his daughter, Kylie on the water for half a day.

Kylie with 22″ rainbow – 11/18/23

Good day for them on the red San Juan worm under the big ruby when the water was running.  When it shut down, they switched to the Ruby 2 and P&P midges.  This was Kylie’s trip as she landed and most fish plus a 22 inch rainbow.

Tuesday, Ed from West Virginia spent the late morning with Carolyn.  Water was supposed to be on, but they ran nothing until late in the afternoon.  Worked hard for fish on the ruby 2 midge, mop fly and a JQ streamer trailing the Tiger Tail.



Beautiful Weekend!

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

This weather has been absolutely gorgeous!  Can’t last much longer.  It is in the 70s today and we will be upper 60s tomorrow.  Friday and Saturday are low 60s, then upper 50s for Sunday.  Right now it looks like we will see rain Monday and Tuesday with temperatures in the low 50s Monday and mid 40s Tuesday.  Mid 50s for the rest of that week.

Generators on for a couple hours Saturday morning and again late Sunday afternoon.  Monday we had generators in the morning and they shut down early afternoon.  Tuesday they came on for four hours in the morning.  Generators on this morning and shut down around 1:00 p.m.  Projection for tomorrow is no generation all day with an exception of one unit for one hour around 7:00 p.m.

What a weekend!  Over 30 ladies with River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing Club showed up at the shop Friday night.  We all sat around and caught up on what everyone has been doing since we last got together.  Saturday morning, after they turned the generators off, we headed to the river.  Great day on the water for everyone.  With the little generation we had that morning, fishing was wonderful!  Lots of nice fish for the ladies.  Saturday night it was dinner at the Pour House.  Sunday, more fishing and catching!

Monday, Dana had Brian from Oklahoma on the water.  Caught some fish on the Ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.

Lewis with 21-1/2″ rainbow – 11/14/23

Tuesday, Carolyn took Lewis, also from Oklahoma, out for half a day.  Started out with a couple units running.  Worked the drift and caught several fish on the red San Juan worm dropped under the big ruby.  Once it dropped out, we found a good spot and had a really good day catching on the Ruby 2 midge dropped under the Rusty midge.  When they slowed down on that combo, it was the P&P under the Rusty midge.  Several nice fish, but the best fish of the day was a 21-1/2″ rainbow.


We’re Still Getting Great Weather!

Monday, November 13th, 2023

Low 70s today!  The weekend was nice with lots of sunshine.  Looking forward to temperatures in the upper 60s until Friday, but in the low 60s through Saturday.  Chances for rain Sunday and Monday with temperatures dropping into the 50s.

Little generation over the weekend.  Today is another story.  Generators on at 6:00 and scheduled to run most of today.  There is about a four hour period this afternoon when they will be off.  The good news is that with the generators on, the dissolved oxygen is good.

Carolyn on the water last Monday with Mindy and Dale from Reeds Spring.  Water was off so we were able to wade.  This was good as they both needed a little refresher in casting and presentation.  Fishing was tough but we managed to land some fish, mainly on the ruby 2 midge.

Dana out Wednesday with one of his regulars, Ralph from Kansas.  Good day for them on the ruby 2 midge and and holographic green crackleback.

Friday, Darren and Dana had a group out.  Darren was with Chris and David.  They had a good day catching on zebra midges.  They were generating water that day, so everyone went through.  Dana’s guys were catching on the ruby 2, P&P and an orange egg pattern.

Saturday, Dana had Don and his grand daughter, Lanie out for half a day.  Fun day on the black copperhead and ruby 2 midges under the big ruby.  You should have been here Saturday!  Around 30 women from the River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing Club were fishing from directly across from the boat ramp all the way down through the Narrows.  Lots of catching, laughing, cheering and just having a great time fishing and being together!  Several of them were back on the water Sunday with more fun and yelling.  It is 15 years for the RRWFFC!!

Busy Week and Great Weather!

Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

For this time of the year, the weather has been great!  It’s almost too hot.  (Not really)  Low 80s today with mid 80s tomorrow.  Thursday has a 60% chance for shows possible in the afternoon and evening and temperature in the upper 50s.  Friday through the weekend and into early next week will be in the low 60s.

We continue to see lots of off time on the generators.  The past two days they have projected generating during the morning hours and we have seen nothing until the afternoon.

Darren on the water last Monday with Bob.  P&P under the big ruby was the ticket that day.

Steve – 20 inch rainbow – 10/31/23

Tuesday, Steve from here in Missouri was on the water with Darren.  Good day for Steve.  He landed a 20 incher.  It was a #24 midge emerger.

Wednesday, Ansel and Dennis from Indiana, fished with Darren.  Good day on the

Ron – 23 inch rainbow – 11/1/23

P&P and chicken midge.  Carolyn had a couple of our long-time fly fishers, Kathy and Ron from Louisiana out for a long half day.  This as Ron’s day as he caught a 23 inch rainbow.

Larry, from Kansas, spent Thursday on the water with Carolyn.  He had a good day on the cream mop fly and ruby 2 midge.

Darren on the water Saturday with Chris and Kyle from Oklahoma.  They had a good day on a micro scud, chicken midge, and the P&P midge.  Fished the boat ram and above areas.

Saturday, Dana took Cameron out for half a day.  Fished the Rockin Chair area with the black copperhead midge and holographic green crackleback.

FYI – Fly tying schedule is out.  Check this site and give us a call if you see anything you want to learn how to tie.

Feels Like Winter Has Arrived!

Monday, October 30th, 2023

Wow!  32 degrees this morning and weather said it feels like 25!  High today is 43.  Tomorrow and Wednesday the highs will be in the 40s and the lows in the 20s.  Fortunately, Thursday starts toward what is normal for this time of the year, 60s.  Then things start getting better and we will see mid 60s over the weekend with no rain….at least at this time that is the forecast.

Today is a big change in the water flow.  Probably due to the cold weather coming in everywhere.  They are running units at 6:00 a.m. and are now running four units.  The projection is that they will run four units for four hours then back off to two for a couple hours.  It then says off for two hours and back on with two units and back up to four.

Dissolved oxygen it still low and fishing continue to tough on most days with a few good days thrown in.  Carolyn on the water for a half day on the 17th with one of our long-timers, Don from Illinois.  Always a fun day with Don.  Caught a few fish and shared stories.  Best pattern was the ruby 2 midge.  Since the water was running this day, Gary took Kristi from Wisconsin, over the Roaring River.  They worked on presentation and other skills while they caught fish on the peach egg, black wooly and the holographic green crackleback.

On the 18th, Jim and Dana had a group of four on the water.  Debbie and George were with Dana.  They had a good day on the JQ streamer and P&P midge.  Jim’s couple, Blaine and Pat were catching on the P&P midge and a tan scud.

Gerri – 10/20/23

Carolyn had more long-time fishers on the water on the 19th, Rob and Gerrie.  Good day on the ruby 2.  Kristi did not get enough fishing so she took another trip, this time it was with Jim.  They fished Taney and she caught fish on a tan scud, red San Juan worm, and baby ruby midge.   Dana had one of his regulars, George, out for the day.  P&P, Ruby 2 and cerise San Juan worm.

Gerri and Rob out again with Carolyn on the 20th.   This was one or those very good days we have had scattered in the the tough ones.  It was Ruby 2 all the way.  Dana also on the water again with George.  Another good day with the P&P, Ruby 2, and cerise San Juan worm.

Morgan – 10/21/23

This must be regulars month.  On the 21st Gina on the water with Dale, one of her regulars.  He brought along a friend, Morgan to fish with them.  They had a good day on the ruby midges and black midges.   Chris and Dana from Tennessee spent half a day on the water with Darren.  Good day for them on the P&P midge.

Last Monday, Darren had Dale and Larry from Arkansas on a wade trip.  It was another midge day.

Mike – 10/24/23

Tuesday, Fritz did a half day wade trip with Darren.  They worked scuds in the shallow, skinny water up high.    Dana had John and Mark out, also on a wade trip.  Very slow day for them.

Dennis and Wes fish with Darren last Friday.  Zebra midges caught them several fish.,,,,,including a could suckers!  Gary’s guys. Tom and Daniel caught some fish on a gray scud or peach egg pattern.

Let’s hope Table Rock cools down pretty soon and the lake flips.  We certainly need some oxygenated water down where it comes through the generators.  In the meantime, they are injecting liquid oxygen into Taney to help the fishery.



Boy! Am I Behind!

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

We are finally seeing cooler temperatures.  High today will be in the lower 60s.  After today, it looks like mid 70s will be the trend through the weekend and into next week.  Slight chance for showers tomorrow, but otherwise, partly cloudy to sunny days are ahead.

Finally have seen a chance in the flow on Taneycomo yesterday.  What they projected was not what they did, but they did run water most of the day starting at 7:00 a.m.  Turned it off around 9:00 p.m.  It is on again today and supposed to shut off at noon.  We will see.

We have had lots of trips on the water over the past two and a half weeks.  Thus I am behind.  Dana, Carolyn and Jim had a group from Utah out on the 5th.  Some in the group were brand new, but everyone caught a fish.  It was a fun day.

On the 6th, Dana took Terry and Jason out.  They caught fish on the ruby 2, black copperhead and bug big ruby midges.  Jan and Fritz fished with Carolyn.  Good day on the ruby2 midge, cerise San Juan worm and big ruby.

Jim on the water the 7th with John and Nick.  They fished a small mop fly and the ruby 2.

Jim back out on the 9th.  Danny from Colorad0 had a pretty good day on the mop fly and the baby ruby.

Chester with 20″ rainbow – 10/10/23

Chester and Meredith fished on the 9th with Carolyn and on the 10th with Gina.  Two really good days for these guys.  But they have been fishing with us for almost 20 years.

Meredith with 20″ rainbow – 10/10/23

Carolyn started them out with the mop fly, but changed to the ruby 2 for most of the day.  Gina had them on the lil ruby, ruby 2 and root beer midges.  Gina got each of them a 20 incher .  Dana was on the water with Peter and Chad.  They caught some fish on an orange egg pattern.

October 11, Dana took Rick and Donna from Illinois out for half a day.  It was another orange egg pattern day for them.

On the 12th Tim from South Carolina fish a half day with Dana.  Very windy and they were having a lot of trouble seeing strikes.  They did catch a few fish on the ruby 2 midge.

October 13 was another windy and rainy day.  Ken and Marilyn fished with Dana.  Tough day.  Gary had Kevin out for a wad trip.   Kevin caught his first brown trout and several others on the P&P midge and a gray scud.

Last Saturday, Jim took Steve and Dan out for half a day.  It was a streamer day for these guys.  Everything was caught on a #10 JQ streamer.  Carolyn had Paul and Bill on the water and it was a streamer day for them.  Fished the JQ for a while and they shut off this, switched to the mini scuplin and caught a few more.  When this one shut down, they finished up the trip with a small black wooly  and landed a few more.  Dana fished John and Larry.  They were fishing the ruby 2 midge.


Richard – 10/15/23

Sunday, Carolyn took Richard and Richard (Sr. & Jr.) out for the morning.  Tough day.  Finally boated a few fish on various streamers, JQ and black wooly.

Very good day yesterday for Dana’s guys, Ed and Randy from Arkansas.  They turned on the generators early and kept them on most of the day.  The oxygen went up and the fish were happy!  It was the cersie San Juan worm, ruby 2 and crackleback.


More Rain!

Monday, September 25th, 2023

Seems like we are getting rain almost every night.  Good news is that it is gone by morning.  Temperatures running in the low to mid 80s this coming week.  Rain predicted for early tis evening.

Lots of wading time.  Generators still off during the morning hours.  Coming on usually around 2:00 for four to six hours.

Scottie – 9/21/23

Fishing is definitely getting better.  Darren had one of his regulars, Scottie on the water last Thursday.  Good day for them on a soft hackle, midge emerger and tan scuds.  They fished the areas above and below the re-bar hole.

Gary had Jacque and Aaron on a wade trip Friday.  They had a good morning.  Jacque was getting some instruction and also managed to hook several fish on the cerise worm and ruby 2 midge.

Saturday, Jim took Kirk and Ed out for a half day.  Tan scud and P&P midge were their patterns.  John was on a wade trip with Dana.

John – 9/23/23

Good day on the P&P and red San Juan worm.  Carolyn had Neil and Todd catching fish on the cream mope fly, cerise worm, Ruby 2 midge and last, but not least, the holographic green crackleback stripped behind a black or olive bugger.  Fun day!

Fishing Is Getting Better!

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

Looks like we are in for a batch of rain over the next few days.  80% chances for rain today and tomorrow.  20% Thursday and 30% Friday.  Weekend looks like 40% Saturday and 30% Sunday.  This too will change.  But, we certainly could use the rain.

No major change in the generation pattern.  Water coming on anywhere from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. and staying on for four to five hours, then off for the rest of the evening.

Dana on the water last Wednesday with a group of four from Illinois.  John and Maleca, and Terry and Gina.  They wanted to wade so he book them across from the boat ramp.  Not a barn burner day, but they landed some on the P&P and Ruby 2 midges.  Broke off more than they brought in.  John and his son, Joseph, fished with Jim.  They had a fun day stripping the sculpin.  Also caught some on a tan scud.

Jackson – 9/14/23

Jamie and his son, Jackson, fished with Gary on Thursday.

Jamie – 9/14/23

Good day for them on the Ruby 2 midge and when it stopped catching, the mop fly.   Mike from Osage Beach spent half a day on the water with Dana.  He had a good day stripping the tiger tail.  Carolyn was on the water with friends from Kansas, Bob and Linda.  Good day for them on the Ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Caught several browns and they were all caught on the P&P.  The rainbows were only taking the Ruby 2.  Bob landed a nice 20 inch rainbow.

Bob with 20″ rainbow – 9/17/23

Roy – 9/17/23

Sunday, Gina had a couple of her regulars, Dan and Roy out for the day.  They had a good day stripping the crackleback and tiger tail.

Dan – 9/17/23




Got A Little Rain This Morning!

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Definitely have had a cool down in temperatures.  Had rain early this morning and the high might be 75.  Looks like mid to upper 70s through Friday.  Then it will be low to mid 80s through the middle of next week.  Nice!

Little change in generation today.  They are scheduled to turn on a low one unit at 10:00 a.m. for two hours, bump it up to a low two units for one hour, then back to a low one unit until 4:00 p.m. when it will go to a full two units for an hour then four units for a couple hours.

Listening to some of the fishers coming into the shop, sound like fishing is starting to pick up.  The oxygen is still low, but they have been injecting liquid oxygen into the river to help things.

Bert – 9/8/23

Evan – 9/8/23

Carolyn on the water with Evan and his father-in-law, Bert, last Friday.  Fun day!  Bert was new with a fly rod and with a little more coaching (Evan had been working with him) he was throwing a nice line.  Had a good day for browns.  Best pattern early was the P&P midge.  Later in the morning it was a rusty midge

under the ruby 2.

Beautiful Weather!

Thursday, September 7th, 2023

What great days we have been having the past three.  Sunshine with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.  Looks like this will run through Monday.  However, Monday is showing a slight (30%) chance for rain as is Tuesday (40%).  After that, it will be temperatures in the mid to upper 70s!

Still no change in generation.  Off from about 8:00 p.m. through the night and into the next day.  Two units coming on around 1:00-2:00 p.m.


Dale – 9/5/23

Catching has been getting better.  Darren on the water Tuesday with Ansel and Steven.  They had a good day on a biot midge.  Dale, from Texas, fished with Carolyn.  Their best pattern was the P&P midge.

Dale out again on Wednesday with Dana.  Another good day on the P&P and ruby 2 midges!