Still Running Two Units

May 24th, 2015

A light sprinkle yesterday morning, but pretty nice the rest of the day.  This morning we had some rain.  Looks like it has areas of clearing right now, but I think we will see more rain latter and maybe a good amount of it.  Cross your fingers…..we don’t need any more rain!

Two units yesterday and again today.  Looks like again on Monday.  We are close to power pool.  Depending on the rain, we might see a light at the end of the tunnel by next weekend.

Jim & 20" rainbow - 5/20/15

Jim & 20″ rainbow – 5/20/15

How about this nice 20 inch rainbow Jim caught while out with Gina on Wednesday?  Yuckie day, but fishing was good.  Ruby 2, black copperhead midge and egg pattern were their flies for the day.  They had it all, rain in the a.m. and wind in the afternoon, but fishing made it worth it!

Bill and Genet spent the afternoon with Stan yesterday.  Nice brown and several rainbows made it two their boat.  Big ruby with the ruby 2

Genet - 5/22/15

Genet – 5/22/15

dropper.  Of course!

More Fun Days On The Water!

May 20th, 2015

Cool and wet so far today.  Supposed to clear up this afternoon. Tomorrow looks like a nice day with temperatures in the upper 60s and sunshine!  Slight chance for showers on Friday; increasing for the weekend.  60% on Saturday and 50% on Sunday.  Next week temperatures go from upper 70s into the 80s but up and down chances for showers all week.

Still running a solid two generators every day.  Nice thing is that the fish are where they should be.  Bad thing is it makes for difficult wading.

Gary - 5/18/15

Gary – 5/18/15

Darrell on the river Monday with Gary from Oklahoma.  Very good day for Gary on the ruby 2 and P&P midges. Good quality as well as quantity of fish to the boat.  Ed, from Arkansas, spent half a day with Stan.  They too had very good day.  Ruby 2 under the big ruby most of the trip were their patterns.  Kept threating storms all day, but both trips pulled it off

Will 51915

Will – 5/19/15

Awesome grandsons, and wonderful grandparents were Gina and Carolyn’s treats to take out on Tuesday.  Kathi and Bill took Will and Ryan out for a day of fly fishing.  The young men had both done a little fly fishing several years ago, but with all their other activities, you know how that

Ryan - 5/19/15

Ryan – 5/19/15

goes….so this was a day of dusting off the cobwebs for them.  Bill and Will were with Gina and they fished a big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper most of the day.  Carolyn had Kathi and

Ryan.  It was the copperhead black zebra under the big ruby most of our day.  Obviously, it didn’t take the

Kathi - 5/19/15

Kathi – 5/19/15

guys very long to get with it.  It was a catching day for everyone.  And again, nice quality fish.  Several 16 inchers as well as a few 17 to 17+ inchers.

Bill 051915

Bill – 5/19/15


May 17th, 2015

Thunder boomers early this morning and sounded like lots of rain.  So far, it is looking pretty good for the rest of the day.  Slight chances for rain tomorrow and Tuesday looks like a dry day!  Yeah!  60% chance Wednesday, then slight chances Thursday and Friday.  Back to 50% by the weekend.

Two units all weekend and projected again tomorrow.  Although we are slightly below power pool right now, with the rain we received this morning, we will probably be above power pool tomorrow.  We’ll just have to see what they do with the water this coming week.

Trips out the past couple days.  Darrell took Dave and Jeff, from

Lee - 5/15/15

Lee – 5/15/15

Kansas out Friday.  Very good day for these guys on the ruby 2 and JQ streamer.  Stan and his guy, Lee, also have a very good day on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Saturday was a drenching day.  We not only had one downpour, but a couple more.  Thank goodness the fish don’t care.  Several of us did however.   Stan had Bill and Jason out for the morning.  Another good day on the big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.  Ed from Kansas, spent the morning on the river with Darrell.  Ruby 2 again and

Ed - 5/16/15

Ed – 5/16/15

the JQ streamer.   Dana and Carolyn had a group from here in Missouri.  Dana took Nick and Gary and Carolyn had Tyler and Jim.  Good day and good time had by all on the ruby 2, red midge, peach egg and red San Juan worm.

Tyler 1 051615

Flood Gates Closed

May 15th, 2015

Little damp this morning.  Light rain which should be gone later this morning.  However, slight chances all day.  Tomorrow we again have chances of rain….best chances are early afternoon.  More of the same for Sunday.   By Monday we are looking at very little chance for rain and Tuesday looks perfect.  Sunshine and mid 70s.  Back to 60% chances for Wednesday and Thursday, and possibly into the weekend.

Well, they turned the eight flood gates off around 3:00 p.m. yesterday.  Table Rock is at 917.0  What they ran with the flood gates was equivalent to a good, healthy four generators!  Today they have a full two generators going.

Stan and Jim both on the water yesterday.  Good day for everyone.  Jim had Billy, from Illinois out for half a day.  Good day for them on the big ruby, hot hare’s ear in a size 14, and the copperhead black

J - 5/15/15

J – 5/15/15

midge.  Stan had “J” from North Carolina.  J is pretty new at fly fishing so this was a baptism by fire. J was catching on the big ruby, the ruby 2, and a peach egg pattern.


May 13th, 2015

Beautiful day today and we expect to see another nice one tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the forecast is showing a 60-70% chance of showers through Sunday.  We don’t need any more rain!

Until this past Saturday, we saw one unit come on in the afternoon and a few days one in the morning for an hour and then off all day.  Good wading time.  Sunday they turned on two units around 9:00 a.m. and they never went off.  Today they opened up eight flood gates8 flood gates.  During the storms this weekend, they lost a transformer differential and can’t generate power with two units.  Since the lake is predicted to crest at 918 msl, they are required to release 15,000 cfs.  Since they can only pass about 7000 through units 1 & 2, they will be spilling approximately 8000 cfs through the spillway.  It will probably be several days before we get back to some form of normal.

Jim on the water last Thursday with David & Gary from Oklahoma.  Good day for these guys on the ruby and P&P midges, and the hot hare’s ear nymph.

Thursday they spent half a day on the water with Darrell.  Another good day.  This time on the rusty and ruby 2 midges.  Jim had Tom from the Kansas City area out for half a day.  They worked the JQ streamer, the ruby midge and the hot hare’s ear nymph.

Pam - 5/10/15

Pam – 5/10/15

Saturday was the first day of a two-day school for Glenn and Pam from Kansas.  Looked like rain Saturday afternoon, so we started the day at a pond learning the roll cast and pick up and lay down casts.  We beat out the rain which came while we were inside doing the classroom learning of gear, knots and bugs.

As we launched the boat on Sunday to do the second day of school, the

Glenn - 5/10/15

Glenn – 5/10/15

horn went off so we knew we were going to see a little water.  No problem, they have only been running it for an hour in the morning then shutting it down.  NOT!  Sunday was the beginning of non-stop generation for a while.  We rigged up quickly to fish the rise with some red San Juan worms and drifted to the Lookout Island.  Let’s learn something while we are out here in all this water, so we got out of the boat and did some streamer fishing.  JQ streamer on the 2.6 ips sinking leader gave both of them an opportunity to catch fish stripping.  Looked at radar around noon and decided it was time to get on down the river.  Too late.  By 12:30 I think the sky opened up!  Anyway, school will reconvene on another, hopefully, sunny and dry day.

Danielle - 5/11/15

Danielle – 5/11/15

Stan on the water Monday with Danielle and Jesse from Texas.  These fairly new fly fishers had a very good day on the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.  Two units on at 6500 cfs made for a good drift.  They loved it.

Jesse - 5/11/15

Jesse – 5/11/15

Lorelei 051215

Lorelei – 5/12/15

Tom and Lorelei from Wisconsin decided they wanted to try fly fishing.  What a day to pick to do that!  Little did we know the flood gates would open up on Tuesday.  Despite the adverse conditions, they both managed to bring several fish to the boat.  Plus, they had a great time.

Tom - 5/12/15

Tom – 5/12/15

Not on the water today.  We are sitting a day out so the water can stabilize.  We fished the water successfully during the 2011 flood and know that it does fish, but gets better after it stabilizes and the fish move into their comfort zones.

Still No Generation

May 7th, 2015

We have seen no generation every day this week.  Only one unit on for about an hour any time from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Not sure what this weekend will bring, but expect to see little, if any, generation.

Rain forecast yesterday, and we did receive a little, yesterday late morning.  We have rain forecast again today.  There was a chance this morning, but so far, nothing.  They sky keeps looking nasty then changing its mind.  The prediction was for rain this morning, then clearing.  Best chances for more today are right around sunset.  Friday and Saturday have an 80% chance of rain.  Sunday and Monday look like 60% with Tuesday dry.  Slight chances Wednesday, but Thursday has a 70% chance.  As always, this has been a moving target.

Scheryl 050215

Scheryl – 5/2/15

Fishing has been a moving target too.  Some days are better than others, but overall, folks are catching fish.  Last Saturday, Stan took Matt & Scheryl, from Lee’s Summit out for half a day.  This was their first time fly fishing and they had a great time.  Ruby 2 and copperhead black zebra midges.

Matt - 5/2/15

Matt – 5/2/15

Bill, from Protem, spent Sunday morning on the water with Carolyn,.  He wanted to get a better feel for places to fish and what works best where.  Best patterns were the holographic green crackleback and/or JQ streamer with the 2.6 ips sinking leader.  Also did well on the ruby 2 dropped below a black zebra midge.  Mission accomplished.  He got a better feel for the

Bill - 5/3/15

Bill – 5/3/15

various places he can try.  Darrell had Jack, from Indiana, out Sunday and again on Tuesday.  They did well on the holographic green crackleback trailing the JQ streamer.  Jack has fished for steelhead over the years and this was fun for him.

Wednesday it was a group from Texas.  Dana had Ray and Richard out for the morning.  Their patterns

Ray - 5/6/15

Ray – 5/6/15

were the ruby 2, copperhead black midge and white grub.   The other two guys from Texas were Lester and Mike.  They fished with Stan and had a great day on the black copperhead midge and white grub.  With no water running, everyone opted to stay high and it certainly was a good decision.

Richard - 5/6/15

Richard – 5/6/15

Missoula, Montana Trip

May 4th, 2015
What a great experience….again.  A couple years ago, Gina and I attended the Annual Orvis Guide Rendezvous which is held in April every year in Missoula, Montana.  This year, River Run Outfitters was again a finalist for the “Outfitter of the Year”.  Sorry to say we did not get the title this year, but being among the finalist is always a great accomplishment!  Congratulations this year to North Bank Outfitters in Walden, Colorado who received the award this year.
Missoula, Montana is a fly fishers dream.  They have the Missouri about 2-1/2 hours way.  Within 30 minutes to an hour, you have the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Clark’s Fork and Rock Creek rivers to fish.  And, what awesome fisheries they are.  Miles and miles and miles of nothing but tall pine trees, lots of moving water and exciting fly fishing.
Gina and I again fished with Tony Reinhardt of Montana Trout Outfitters.  If you ever head that way, we can say without hesitation that he will provide you with a great experience.  Following is the blog from his site.  Looks like we should have fished the Missouri earlier in the week with him!  Enjoy!
A couple days on the Missouri early in the week before flows dropped back in for some more great fishing around Missoula!
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Some hefty trout this week in Montana!
After a couple days off I was back on the water Wed. with local angler, Jim.  Today was a special treat though as I found myself holding a fly rod instead of a set of oars.  Jim invited me to a unique fishery called the Land of the Giants.  It is a short stretch of the Missouri river located between two dams and is only accessible by jet boat.  We were guided by a friend, Capt. Scott Willumsen, for the day.  We had warm, blue bird weather for the run upstream into an awesome canyon stretch of water.  The river is loaded with fish this time of year as all the rainbows in the reservoir are on spawning migrations.  It was ridiculously good fishing, almost too good.  We hooked big trout all day, in every run we fished.  The morning started off quickly with Jim coming tight on a big bow in the first few minutes.  It took me until the end of that run for me to find my first trout of the day, but the first hour definitely belonged to Jim.  Not long after that he landed a thick 23″ bow and followed it up a couple runs later with another that was pushing 24″.  Those were the best fish of the day, but the average fish was a fat 17-19″ bow with 20 inchers not that uncommon.  Just before and after lunch the fishing slowed a little until some clouds rolled in and the afternoon fishing came unglued.  At one point Jim and I were doubling up 3 to 4 times on each drift!  It was sheer gluttony, and the 3x tippet allowed us to play the fish quickly and get back in the game.  By 3:30 we had had our fill, and the black clouds topping over the rim of the canyon encouraged us to run for the boat ramp.  I can’t remember the last time I actually fished for a whole day, and it was an awesome day in gorgeous country with big, healthy trout.
Land of the Giants Missouri River
Running up the canyon in the jet boat
Missouri river rainbow trout
They call it Land of the Giants for reason.  23″ slab!
My view all day…gorgeous canyon and Jim with a bent rod
Thur. I was back at the oars as Jim was joined by his friend, Charlie, for a float on the Missouri below Holter Dam.  We launched early at the dam and once again Jim was hooked to a big trout within minutes of putting his flies in the water.  He scored again on the next drift before he and Charlie doubled up with nice bows on the pass after that.  The takes were subtle, but the trout were definitely on the feed this morning.  In the early going every run that we fished produced nice trout.  We cycled one run in particular 4 or 5 times.  Charlie was the hot hand there as he hooked up on each pass and Jim connected with a gorgeous 21″ male as well.  The guys had 4 doubles in the morning as we continued to put big fish in the net all the way until lunch.  The first run of the afternoon gave up another bright rainbow, but then I could just feel the fishing start to fade out.  Instead of 2 or 3 strikes per run we would only get one and then even the most reliable spots started to go quiet.  We still found some trout willing to play, and Jim boated another great 20″ bow, but it was much more hit and miss.  The bright sun was having a negative effect and our afternoon was tougher than we hoped for.  Overall it was a great day with a spectacular morning of fishing and a handful of quality trout in the afternoon.  I had a blast the last two days with Jim, and it is always a pleasure having Charlie in the boat anytime.
21″ battle-scarred male
Perfect Missouri river rainbow
Fri. I fished with a couple ladies from River Run Outfitters in Branson, Missouri.  Carolyn (owner) and Gina (guide) were back in Missoula for the annual Orvis Guide Rendezvous.  The rivers around Missoula have been on the rise for the last 4 days so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I had the most confidence in the lower Clark Fork.  Skwalas have been pouring off the Clark in the afternoons and with that kind of bug activity those fish will continue to feed even in high and off-color water.  We started the morning with dry/dropper rigs but it didn’t take long to realize that wasn’t going to cut it so we switched over to nymph rigs and Carolyn hooked the first two fish, landing a spunky cuttbow.  The fishing steadily improved from there and I was a little surprised at how well the trout responded.  Nearly every good seam was producing solid hook-ups, and the bigger back eddies kicked out a couple fish each.  The ladies were impressed with how hard those lower Clark Fork cuttbows were fighting with most of the trout coming in at 14-16″.  We stopped for lunch were a clear tributary joined the river and on the first pass in the afternoon Carolyn landed her first ever bull trout on the nymph.  Gina tagged another big rainbow on the next corner and then it was time to see if the trout would look up for us.  It was a cool day, even cold at times with the wind and while I didn’t see any skwalas around I still thought the fish would eat a dry.  Right away we found two rising fish and got one to eat the big skwala.  We fished dries the rest of the afternoon with solid results.  The ladies nymph their home water in Missouri mostly so it was a lot of fun to fish big dry flies with them today.  There weren’t a lot of rising fish, but the one we found were willing to eat our bugs and we raised a number of others in the likely water.  Their enthusiasm was infectious as we laughed and giggled our way downstream.  Despite the marginal water conditions it was a great day on the water.  Gina even remarked that it was the nicest batch of trout she had ever caught in Montana in a day.
Gina was all smiles with these hard fighting Clark Fork cuttbows
Carolyn gave me bunny ears while posing with this nice Clark Fork bow
 A rare Clark Fork bull trout
Sun. I was back out with Carolyn and Gina from River Run Outfitters in Missouri.  The ladies had a flight to catch in the afternoon so we decided to stay close to town and float a lower section of the Blackfoot.  They were excited because it was a new river for them.  It was cold and rainy, but the weather made for some solid fishing.  We started off nymphing and Gina connected with a jumping rainbow a few runs into the float.  Not long after that Carolyn hooked into what I think was a good sized bull trout, but the fish came unbuttoned before we got a really good look at it.  The next inside produced a few fish including a big 20+” brown that Carolyn tagged.  Another big brown hammered Gina’s fly in the following run and she had to battle that brown through a long rapid before finally putting him in the net.  Gina caught another nice brown right off the side of the boat while we were anchored and then it was a mix of nice rainbows and cutthroat for both ladies.  Gina also had one of the big bull trout chasing around a 15″ rainbow on the end of her line.  The bull never grabbed her trout, but we got a good look at him as he slashed around the boat.  Our float today took us into the Clark Fork and that river produced as well.  We had a brief double in the first good run on the Clark, and a couple banks were loaded with fish with several hook-ups in each run.  Unfortunately time was against us as a massive March Brown hatch came off.  I tied on a couple of skwalas before the mayflies really popped and we did have a couple fish eat the big bug, but the last bank we fished was lined with rising trout.  They were keyed in on the mayflies and didn’t pay much attention to our big dries.  We literally didn’t have a minute to spare to change flies and we had to leave all those risers behind to make it to the airport on time.  It was a chilly, wet day but there were some great fish on the prowl and the ladies brought a lot of those to the net today.  I had a great time fishing with Carolyn and Gina, and look forward to seeing them when they show up for their next Guide Rendezvous in the next year or two.
The rain and cold didn’t slow these two down on the Blackfoot toady
It was “A River Runs Through It” moment for Gina as she fought this brown through a long rapid
Liquid gold for Carolyn with this big brown on the Blackfoot
Some great fishing is taking place right now on all the local rivers but I’m not sure how long it will last.  Tuesday is forecast for 78 and then 70’s and rain in the days after that.  It looks like our window is closing for spring Missoula fishing, but fortunately the Missouri is coming on strong.  If anyone is interested in a trip to the Land of the Giants please let me know and I’ll connect you with Capt. Scott.  In the meantime I will be on our local rivers through Tue. and then we will see what happens.Tight Lines,

Tony Reinhardt
Montana Trout Outfitters

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Lots of Wading Time!

May 2nd, 2015

No generation, except for one unit for one hour late in the day, yesterday and again today.  The projection is for more of the same tomorrow as well as Monday!

Weather is also favorable until Wednesday when we might see some rain.

Jim - 4/29/15

Jim – 4/29/15

Gina on the river this past Wednesday with her regular, regular, Jim.  He had a great day on the silverhead black zebra midge, ruby 2 and P&P.  Happy man when he came into the shop that afternoon!

Carolyn had a two-day school with Scott from Arkansas.  She even let him catch some fish!  He caught fish on the ruby 2 while nymph-style fishing, a caddis green soft hackle while emerger fishing, and a

Scott - 5/1/15

Scott – 5/1/15

holographic green crackleback stripping with the sinking leader.  Enough fish we lost count, but the main thing, he can walk into the river, rig up for whatever he wants to fish and thrown a good line.   Doc and Terry from Oklahoma spent all day on the river with Stan.  Wonderful day for these guys on the ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Anytime you get those two guys together it is a hoot of a day.  Stan was beat up when he got off the river.


April 29th, 2015

Weather is great!  Water is off!  Only one word can describe the conditions right now….GREAT!  We are expecting 70s to low 80s all the way into the weekend.  Unfortunately, by Wednesday next week we are looking at 80% chances for rain both Wednesday and Thursday with a 60% chance Friday.  As we know though, that certainly can chance.

No generation this past weekend, and so far every day this week, we have had units on in the a.m.   Good news, they have been off by 10:00 a.m. and stayed off until late afternoon or early evening.  Table Rock is now at power pool.

Again, fishing has been great  Stan on the water all day this past Thursday with Gary and Gerry from Ohio.  They were going to go out again on Friday but got rained out.  No problem.  They had a great day Thursday on the ruby 2.

Saturday, Darrell and Stan took Tom and his sons, Brad and Nate out for the day.  The ONLY negative for this day was the WIND!  Certainly makes a drift difficult.  Tom was

Nate - 4/25/15

Brad – 4/25/15

with Darrell and they were catching on the ruby 2 and rusty midges.  Stan had the two young men, Nate and Brad.  Both are fairly new to fly fishing, but had a great day.  Each of them brought a 17 incher to the boat among their many other fish on the ruby 2

Nate - 4/25/15

Nate – 4/25/15

and P&P midges.  Kevin and Steve, were with Jim all day and tearing them up on the little ruby and the hot hare’s ear nymph.

Sorry to sounds like a broken record, but Sunday, Stan took Curtis and Maria out for half a day.  Lots of fish for these two on the ruby 2 midge.    Mac and his friend Bob from Kansas, spent Sunday on the water with Jim.  Another great day on the hot hare’s ear nymph, and the little ruby and P&P midges.  No generation, but lots of wind.

Talk about wind.  Monday, Jim took Mike from Iowa out for half a day.  They put in at the boat ramp and the wind blew Jim’s drift boat up to just below the rebar hole!  Jim didn’t have to lift an oar!  It was a first for Jim!  Good day for Mike on the size 10 JQ streamer, ruby 2 midge, and hot hare’s ear nymph.

Dave - 4/28/15

Dave – 4/28/15

Not quite as windy Tuesday for Dave from Oklahoma.  He had a half day float with Stan and it was another ruby 2 and P&P day.


Just Back From Montana!

April 27th, 2015

Just got back from Montana early this morning.  That’s a whole nother story…later.  Okay!  What’s been going on here on Taneycomo?  Looks like the weather is good and will continue to be good.  Slight chance of rain tomorrow, but otherwise, mid 60s tomorrow and 70s through Friday.  After that, 80s through the weekend into Monday.

No generation all weekend.  A little blip this morning and projected for 2-4 units to be on this evening from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.  Tomorrow looks like units on for three hours starting at 6:00 a.m. the off until 8:00 pm. again for three hours.  That leaves a lot of wading time!

Last Monday, Jim took Jerry and Ken out for the day.  Great day for these guys on the ruby 2, JQ streamer and the regular ruby.  Only negative for the day was the 30 mph winds we seem to be making a habit of here lately.  Darrell took Spencer and Kacee, from Texas out

Kacee - 4/20/15

Kacee – 4/20/15

for half a day  Great start for these two new fly fishers and newly weds!  Kaycee landed a nice 18 inch rainbow, and they both had a good morning of catching on the ruby 2, black copperhead midge and black zebra midge.  Wanda had the urge to catch a fish, so she spend the morning fishing again with Carolyn.  Great day for Wanda too on the Ruby 2, P&P and copper dun midges, all dropped under the big ruby.  Again, it was a

Wanda - 4/20/15

Wanda – 4/20/15

WINDY day!

Tuesday Kurt and Sue from Arkansas, spent the day with Stan.  These two fly fishers had a greaty day on the ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Two units running and WINDY!  Beginning to sound like a broken record!  Sue was very happy with a

Sue - 4/21/15

Sue – 4/21/15

nice 19-3/4 inch rainbow she caught.  Just could not stretch it that extra 1/4 inches to make it a 20 incher!   Chad started his fly fishing adventure with us in 2009.  Since then, like the rest of us, he is, for no other way to put it, addicted!  He is working on getting his new wife of two years, Julie, addicted.  They spent the afternoon on the water with Carolyn catching fish on the ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Julie also caught a few fish on the

Julie - 4/21/15

Julie – 4/21/15

holographic green crackleback stripping under a 2.6 ips sinking leader (you didn’t think she would get away without trying that).  Meanwhile, Chad was pulling the JQ streamer and having a great time.  Wonderful day, again except for the WIND and two units.

Chad - 4/21/15

Chad – 4/21/15