Four Units – 24 hours/day

March 28th, 2015

Right now and through Monday for sure, we have and will have four generators going almost at maximum for 24 hours each day. Fortunately we do not have real strong chance for rain in the near future.  Hopefully, they can get Table Rock Lake back to pool with this generation pattern.

Weather is looking better come Sunday, and should look pretty good all next week.

We cancelled trips through the first of the week.  If the water stays running like this for a few days, we will be able to find fish in their normal places.  But, during the first few days of heavy running, they are still scattered so we do not want to take folks out and not have some fish come to the boat.  We certainly have fished even heavier water successfully, but we know things have to settle down.

We’ll keep you posted!

Lots of Rain and High Water!

March 26th, 2015

Boy did we get dumped on last night.  Raining a little this morning, but it should give way to sunshine this afternoon.  Possibility of more rain tonight and into early morning.  By Sunday, however, they are promising warm weather again.

Lots of generation right now.  We are about one foot over power pool right now and I am sure it will continue to go up as we get the run off into Table Rock Lake.  This will probably equate to us seeing more generation for a while.

Stan on the water Tuesday with Marvin and Richard.  Marvin is from Indiana and Richard from Kansas.  They try to meet here every year and fish and their wives go shopping.  Pretty good deal!  Very good day for them Tuesday on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  So good, they went out again yesterday.  Whole new day, but, after a slow start in the morning, they hustle several fish to the boat, again on the ruby 2/big ruby combo.  We’re waiting for weather reports right now as they want to go out again today!

Jim - 3/25/14

Jim – 3/25/14

Wednesday, Jim took another float with Gina.  After the slow morning start, they pulled off a very good day on the ruby 2 and pink San Juan worm.

Another Beautiful Day….but, High Water

March 25th, 2015

Another 70s day here today but there are pretty good chances we will have some stormy weather late this afternoon.  That will knock down our temperatures into the 50s for a few days with slight chances of showers.  By Sunday, we will be back into the upper 60s or low 70s.

We have seen 3-4 units running in the morning every day this week.  They have cut it back a little in the late morning, but still at least a full unit or more running the balance of the day.

David - 3/22/15

David – 3/22/15

Sunday, Darrell took David, from Illinois out for half a day.  Great day.  Good weather and a low one unit running all day.  Lots of patterns worked, the copperhead black midge, ruby 2, holographic green crackleback, but probably best of the day was a prince nymph on the 2.6 ips sinking leader stripping.

Stan on the water Monday with Terry and Rob from Wisconsin.  Even with 3 units running all day and the water up and down from 4000 cfs to 7000 cfs, it fished very good.  Terry and Rob had great day on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Carolyn took Ron, also from Wisconsin out for half a day.  Ron had to set his mark high early in the trip with a nice 20 inch rainbow he caught drifting the weighted red San Juan worm under a big ruby.  We also fished the black copperhead midge,

Ron - 20" rainbow - 3/23/15

Ron – 20″ rainbow – 3/23/15

the ruby 2 and the lightning bug and caught fish on all of these.   Fun day!  David and Darrell were on the water again on Monday.  The crackleback stripped below Lookout Island was their best pattern for the day followed by the ruby 2 midge.

It Just Doesn’t Get Much Better!

March 22nd, 2015

Nice weather the past few days.  Temperatures in the 60s and 70s.  No rain, no wind…a little sprinkle today but I think it is short lived.  We expect another nice days tomorrow with temperatures in the 70s.  70s through Wednesday, but 50% chance of showers Tuesday and 90% by Wednesday.   Looks like a cool down coming through on Thursday as temperatures will be in the 50s both Thursday and Friday and sneak back into the 60s for the weekend.

Pretty stable on the generation schedule the past few days.  Other than ramping it up in the mornings for 3 hours or so, then back down to the 25 mwh level for the balance of the day.  For the most part, this is a nice 1100 to 1800 cfs with an increase in height to some where between 703.6 to 704.6.  Definitely a wading level in places and a great float!

With all that said, fishing has been wonderful!  Wonderful in many ways.  Not only is fishing good, but we have seen several new to fly fishing folks these past few days, and quite a few of these are young people.

Thursday, Dana had Gaylon and his son, Kenton, from Oklahoma on the river for half a day.  Great half day for these new fly fishers.  It was the Ruby 2 or the JQ streamer that hooked most of their fish.

Max - 1st on fly rod - 3/19/15

Max – 1st on fly rod – 3/19/15

Max’s 12th birthday present from his Grandmother was a fly fishing trip.  So Dad rode along to watch Max learn how to fly fish with Carolyn for half a day.  Max had a very good day on the water with either the Ruby 2 or black copperhead midge.  He was throwing a respectable line and definitely had his line management under control as he pulled in fish the whole trip…..and he missed a few too!  The catch of the day was out of Gina’s boat who had Brian and his son, Zach out for half a day.  This was

Zach - 22" rainbow - 3/19/15

Zach – 22″ rainbow – 3/19/15

Zach’s first time fly fishing and I believe he too just turned 12.  Zach’s last fish of the day was a beautiful 22 inch rainbow.  What a birthday present!

Brian - 3/19/15

Brian – 3/19/15

Very good day for these guys on the black copperhead midge under an egg pattern.

And the catching goes on.  Friday, Aubrey and her mother, Abigail, took half a day float with Carolyn.  Both ladies are new to fly

Aubrey & 16-1/2" rainbow

Aubrey & 16-1/2″ rainbow

fishing and both did very well.  Mom took a picture of Aubrey’s nice 16-1/2″ rainbow so I’ll post it as soon as I get it.  It was hard getting either of these fishers to finally put down their rods.  Another black copperhead midge or ruby 2 day.

Abigail - 032015

Abigail – 032015

Darrell was out with James Albert from Louisiana.  This young man throws a line!  They had a great day on… know it!….the black copperhead zebra and Ruby 2!!!  However, I did observe them catching quite a few stripping the holographic green crackleback.

Behind Again!

March 18th, 2015

Gorgeous weather….upper60s to low 70s and sunny for several days.  Of course, we have to pay our dues, so today and part of tomorrow is in the 40s and rain!  That’s alright.  Friday we hit upper 60s again; low 70s on Saturday and mid to upper 60s through most of next week.  I am seeing a 70% chance of showers next Wednesday.

Generation has been pretty stable at a low one unit almost every day all day.  This can limit the wading area, but there are several places where you can wade with a low one unit.  It makes a great drift unless the wind is flowing 90 mph up stream!!!!  Did have that a couple time this past week.

Don and Steve from Illinois had a great day on the water with Stan last Wednesday.  It was one of those low flow days so they used the big ruby with either the P&P or size 18 ruby dropper.  Jim was out with Peter from Kansas.  Jim had Peter on the hot hare’s ear and the ruby midge.

Sam - 3/12/15

Sam – 3/12/15

Thursday, new fly fishers Doug and his two sons, Sam and Ethan spent half a day on the water with Stan and Carolyn.  Everyone caught a lot of fish and these nice fish put a smile on Sam and Ethan’s faces.  Good job guys!

Ethan - 3/12/15

Ethan – 3/12/15

Carolyn took Wendy and Melody out all day Sunday.  Another beautiful day and great fishing.  Melody set the bar for the day with one of her early catches.  We never hit this mark again, but did bring a lot of fish to the boat on the big with with the ruby 2 under it.

Melody - 3/15/15

Melody – 3/15/15

Steven, from Oklahoma, and his nephew Evan spent all day Monday with Stan.  Lots of fish on the peach egg with the ruby 2 dropper.  Also caught some stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Dana and Darrell had a group from Oklahoma out for half a day. Good day for all these guys.   Bill and Carter fish with Dana and they fished the ruby 2 and a red San Juan worm.  Darrell had Stephen and Jennifer.  Their best pattern was the ruby 2.

Finally, we are up to yesterday.  Jim out with Larry and Dan from Kansas.  Still fishing very good for these guys on the red midge, hot hare’s ear nymph and the JQ streamer.  Darrell had Dave and Jake out.  Lots of misses on the holographic green crackleback on the sinking leader.  During their outing, they caught a couple browns on the ruby 2.  Last, but not least, Carolyn finished up a 2-day school for Kent and Chris.  She worked them hard on casting and techniques.  Finally let them sit back and catch fish and it was madness for a little while on the black copperhead zebra midge dropped under the big ruby.  Several doubles floating the high bank below look out island.  Kevin and friend, Joe from Kansas, were out with Stan.  Good day on a peach egg with the ruby 2 midge dropper.

I know….what is the ruby 2.  It is a modification to the regular ruby midge we tie with holographic red tinsel and a natural tungsten beadhead.  Changes are:  copper beadhead, black thread and black wire spiraled around the red holographic body.  Still on the TMC 100 hook.  We have been fishing it for several months now and there have been many days when it fished better than the regular ruby.



Great Day On The River!

March 10th, 2015

Weather has been, and is looking very good.  This past weekend it hit the upper 60s on Saturday and was in the 60s Sunday.  Even though it is a little rainy this morning, it should hit 60 today and 70!!! tomorrow.  50s, 60s, 70s is what I am seeing in the 10-day forecast.  Yeah!

Not a whole lot of generation.  Mainly, they have continued to run 1-3 units in the mornings somewhere between 7:00 to 10:00 for 2-4 hours then shut it down for the bulk of the day.  Today, of course, is the first exception for a while.  They are running 2 then 3 units an hour each this morning, then a low 1 unit the balance of the day.

Okay, let’s get caught up.

Bill - 17" Rainbow - 3/7/15

Bill – 17″ Rainbow – 3/7/15

Saturday was one of those days.  Fish everywhere, great weather and a super bunch of guys.  Dana, Jim, Gina and Carolyn got to take out a group from the Tulsa/Muskogee Healing Waters chapter.  Lots of fish and lots of fun.

Joseph - 3/7/15

Joseph – 3/7/15

We caught fish on almost everything we threw.  Some of the guys were stripping the JQ streamer with and without a trailer; a few were midging with the black, P&P or ruby midges.  We even caught some late in the afternoon on the Big Ugly with a midge dropper.  They were taking the Big Ugly half the time and the midge the

Russell - 3/7/15

Russell – 3/7/15

other half.  Some of the guys prepared a shore lunch of tacos which really hit the spot.  However, it was tough getting a few of the fishers to stop long enough to eat!

Shore Lunch

Shore Lunch

Healing Waters 2







Meanwhile, amongst this flotilla, Stan had Bill and Bea, a couple of his regulars from the Kansas City area, out for half a day.  They too had a great day on the P&P and black copperhead midges.

Sunday, it was RB and Teresa’s day on the river with Stan.  Nice weather and good fishing.  P&P, black copperhead and ruby midges.  RB saved his best for last.  This nice 18″ rainbow right at the ramp!

RB - 18" Rainbow - 3/8/15

RB – 18″ Rainbow – 3/8/15

The Good, Bad and the Ugly!

February 26th, 2015

That’s the way I feel this weather has been.  One day it is good, then bad and looks like its going to get ugly!  Tuesday and Wednesday were beautiful.  Warm (but a little windy Tuesday), sunny and temperatures in the 40s.  Today it is WINDY! with temperatures in the 20s….might hit 30.  By the weekend we might see rain and freezing rain.  I’m really ready for Spring!

Pretty consistent generation schedule.  Off all weekend, and so far this week, we have had 2-3 generators on for 2-3 hours in the morning, off by 10:00 a.m. and nothing back on until 6:00 p.m. or so.

Pretty, but windy Tuesday, Carolyn was on the water with Mike from Kansas.  Very good catching day on the P&P and ruby midges dropped from another midge attractor in a size 16.  When we tired of that, it was the sinking leader, 2.6 ips, and a JQ streamer.  One of our customers, Norbert, was fishing up stream

Norbert - 2/24/15

Norbert – 2/24/15

from us and caught a beautiful 23-24 inch male rainbow.  I had the pleasure of getting to net it for him.  He didn’t have a big enough net!  What a great day!

Gina had the best weather day yesterday with Jim from Monett.  They went out for a late morning half day trip and had a good day on the holographic green crackleback  and the black and copperhead midge.  Lots of hits on a soft hackle.



Great Valentine’s Day

February 17th, 2015

Well, we finally got hit with some winter weather.  We really should not complain as we have had some very nice days (6os and 70s) over the past several weeks.  This past Saturday (Valentine’s Day) was one of them.  However, looking out at the projections for the coming week, it looks like normal winter weather.  Upper 30s tomorrow and a slight chance for some more flurries or snow showers tomorrow afternoon.  20s Wednesday and low 30s Thursday.  Friday is upper 30s but icy start, rain, possible in the early a.m.  Although warmer Saturday (40s) showers are possible and snow showers are a possibility on Sunday.  Oh well, much can change during the week.

Debbie - 2/14/15

Debbie – 2/14/15

For the most part, we have had lots of no generation time this past week.  It was all weekend and on for a little while this morning, but is now off again.  During the week, it was on for 2-3 hours then off during the late morning and early afternoon then back on for a couple hours which is the projection for today.

What a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Gina stopped by the shop and said she was going fishing.  I was in the process of getting my stuff together so I could go fish for a while.  The two of us met at the river and Debbie was already there fishing away.  When we got to the river, it was in the 60s.  A bit of a breeze, but really enough to cause a nice ripple on the water.  Debbie was catching on midges, and Gina started out with a couple midges.  I tried several different scuplin patterns but little luck.  So, on goes the sinking leader and a holographic green crackleback.  Bingo!  It wasn’t long before all three of us were fishing the holographic crackleback.  Several doubles and at least one triple where the three of us had a fish on at the same time!  What a great Valentine’s Day.



Another Great Weekend!

February 9th, 2015

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy this great weekend we just had.  Temperatures in the 70s both days and low flow on the river!  The next two days will be a little nicer than normal for this time of the year….temperatures in the mid to upper 50s.  However, Thursday will dive to the upper 30s and the weekend looks like 30s, maybe lower 40s.  Back to the real time of the year!

Generation of some type pretty much non-stop since last Wednesday.  However, over the weekend, they did do what they projected with a low one unit running most of the time and a nice 703.8′ level plus or minus, at 1200-1500 cfs.  Nice flow!   It’s wadeable in areas and a great drift!

Claire - 2/7/15

Claire – 2/7/15

Neat couple on the river Saturday with Carolyn, Claire and Ben.  They are both attending college in Arkansas and Ben wanted Claire to get a taste of fly fishing to see if she would like it.  They hunt together and he was hoping she would go fishing with him too.  Well, I think he succeeded!  Her words were, “I love it”!  It was a great day on the water.  Definitely one of those magic days where everything is working.  Great weather, perfect flow of water, fish were hungry, and Claire picked up on the basics very quickly.  Lots of fish for both of them on the P&P and

Ben - 2/7/15

Ben – 2/7/15

the ruby midge under either the Lightning Bug or a #16 black midge.  Of course they caught fish on the  holographic green crackleback on sinking leaders!!!  Claire liked this technique as she likes to look around and enjoy the scenery. Claire had a great day for her first time fishing, fishing with a fly rod, and the picture was her first time holding a fish.  Won’t be the last.

Ben – 2/7/15

Super Bowl Is Over….Let’s Go Fishing!

February 2nd, 2015

Saw real light snow flakes this morning.  It was actually kind of pretty as the sun was out!  Weather folks say it is going to be in the upper 30s today, mid 50s tomorrow and Wednesday, then back down into the 40s Thursday.  Good news is that Friday starts 50s again and Saturday should be low 60s with Sunday in the upper 50s.  We can handle that.  Another good week of weather during this winter season!!!

Water was off most of the weekend.  Saturday, they ran some water in the morning then shut it down through Sunday.  Just like most every day last week, today, we had a couple units run for a couple hours this morning, then off.

Tom and Jeff from Kansas City, spent a half day with Jim Saturday.  Good day for these guys on the size 10 JQ olive streamer or bug-eyed bugger.  They also did well on the white grub.