As I Said Last Week….Come On Spring!

February 15th, 2019

Had a couple nice days this week, but today is a whole different day!  How do you go from upper 60s one day to low 30s the next!?!?  Right now it is 30 degrees with light rain falling.  Freezing on windows but not yet icy on the roads.  I’m certain that will come as the day goes on.  The moisture should be out of here this evening, but the cold temperatures will stay.  Sunday looks like low 40s with Monday about the same.  Then, Tuesday and Wednesday we might see chances of moisture again, but temperatures a little warmer.

Four generators running 24/7 a Table Rock.  Certain we will see that for a few more days.  When a change does come about, it will probably be cutting back on the current a little as they want to get the level at or below 915 feet.  We currently are almost a foot above that.

Pat from Illinois wanted to take advantage of the great weather we had earlier this week, so hee spent all day Wednesday on the river with Gina.  With the sunny, warm day, it even made the four generators a little more bearable.  They

Pat – 2/13/18

pulled off a pretty good day using lots of different techniques and patterns.  The fish didn’t seem to want to see any pattern more than one.  A fish on the ruby 2, then one on a black copperhead.  How about the pink San Juan or an egg pattern?  Show them a JQ streamer, or tiger tail.  They worked hard, but did catch several fish and what a great day to be on the water!


I’m Ready For Spring!

February 7th, 2019

Those nice days we had this past weekend and into early this week just make what’s coming harder to take!  Good news is that we are into February which is followed by March and then we will start seeing some nicer days!  Yeah!  I’m ready!

Still running the equivalent of two units 24/7.  With all this rain, we will probably see this trend or even more current continue for a few more weeks.

Jim on the water Monday with one of his regulars, Tom, from Kansas City.  They had a good day on the ruby midge, a red San Juan worm and stripping a size 8 tiger tail.  Fish were a bit more picky than the day before, but they caught some nice quality fish!  Carolyn took Doc and Stan out for half a day to celebrate Doc’s 86th birthday.  Happy Birthday Doc!  Started out slow for us in the morning, but finally Doc hooked one and got us started.  Several fish, mostly on the cerise San Juan worm with a 1/8″ tungsten bead on it.  Had to get it down to the fish!  Fun day and we hope we get to celebrate many more birthdays with Doc.  Oh!  Stan even caught a few fish!  LOL!

Shame On You If You Haven’t Been Out Enjoying This Weather!

February 4th, 2019

Wow!  Upper 60s and low 70s the past few days.  And it’s just early February.  Think we will be back to reality by tomorrow, then another nice day, then some more not so nice days.  The weather forecasters keep threatening more rain.  We will enjoy what we can get!!

Not much to say about the water flow.  It has been non-stop since late December.  For the past several days, we have seen four units going at an equivalent flow of a high two units.  Every once in a while they’ll kick it up to the equivalent of three units.

Enjoyed the beautiful day yesterday.  Carolyn on the water with Ben and Bill from Iowa.  These two new fly fishers had baptism by fire as they were on this high water.  Makes everything a little more challenging.  However, we had a great, fun day!  Who wouldn’t when it’s shirt sleeve weather.  Little wind here and there kept blowing us off drift, but they persevered and caught

Ben – 20 inch rainbow – 2/3/19

fish on the cerise worm under the big ruby, stripping a mini scuplin, or a red or black d-ribbed midge under the big ruby on the high bank side drifting out.

Bill’s first on fly rod – 2/3/19

Ben is probably pointed on his first trip as he managed to bring in a beautiful 20 inch rainbow!  Bill’s first on a fly rod was a wild trout and he followed up with several more, nicer size ones!  Think he likes it.



Come On Spring!

January 25th, 2019

Cold weather here today.  Single digit this morning.  Good news, it will get into the 30s before the day is over and is supposed to be in the mid 40s tomorrow and a little warmer Sunday.  Bad news, by Tuesday, we take another dive into the deep freeze.  Oh well, this too shall pass and we’ll forget all about in a few weeks while we’re on the river catching fish!

All the dams have been running pretty non-stop for the past two to three weeks.  Beaver is about 2 feet over normal power pool, Bull Shoals about 1-1/2 feet and Table Rock is not quite a foot high.  Hope we see some backing off in generation once we hit power pool.

Not much activity on the river.  What I have heard is good.  Those brave enough to get out have been catching some fish.

Fly tying clinics are going on every Saturday here at the shop.  Check our website to see what we are doing and when.    Also worth noting is that a women’s fly fishing clinic has been set for April 20, 2019.  Details on this are also on our website.  We will have a mixed clinic in June.

Lots of Water Running!

January 17th, 2019

The weather has not warmed up as much as they predicted last week.  So far, however, it has made it into the upper 40s which is not too bad as the wind has not been blowing a lot.  Had a little sunshine this past Tuesday, but that’s it.  According to the weather folks, we probably won’t see sunshine until maybe mid next week.  And, we’re expecting rain Friday night into Saturday.  Depending on how the temperatures are, we could see some know.   We’ll see…..

The main change we have seen in the generation pattern has been the amount of generation.  We have had four units going non-stop for the past 3-1/2 days.  Today, the flow has been all over the board.  Not certain what they are doing.  The projection was for the equivalent of two units all day, but, as I said, it ‘s been all over the place.  Tomorrow they have a projection for three units all day.

Carolyn on the water this past Tuesday with Chris and Terry from Kansas.  This was one of those four unit days.  Weather was pretty nice.  Temperatures in the 40s and even had the sun peek out for a short period of time.  Not a great day, but we did land a few fish.  Started out with a black copperhead midge, size 16 on one and the hot pink San Juan worm on the other.  After two fish on the worm, it was the San Juan worm most of the trip.  Tried stripping a few different patterns on sinking leaders with only a couple, if that, hits.

Change In Generation Pattern This Week

January 6th, 2019

What awesome weather!  Today it hit the upper 60s with partly cloudy skies.  Tomorrow is predicted to be in the mid 60s, then mid 50s Tuesday and sunshine.  Wednesday a little cooler….mid 40s but still sunny.  By Thursday, slight chances for showers but still in the 40s.  Then it looks like upper 40s through the weekend and probably dry.

Monday, although the projection was for generation during a few hours in the morning, then off around 11:00 a.m., they ran units all day.  AND, we have not seen the generators go off.  Kind of doubt that we will for a little while as Table Rock Lake is a little more than a foot above power pool.  As a matter of fact, Beaver and Bull Shoals are both a little above power pool for this time of the year so they are running units at both of these dams also.  Let’s see what happens when we get back to 915 power pool level here.

Jim on the water Monday with Thane.  This was that day when they said the water would go off in the morning.  NOT!  Anyway, they had a good day below the island pulling the JQ streamer.  Thane is pretty new to fly fishing so this was a fun event for him.

Great Start To The New Year!

January 2nd, 2019

Started off the New Year pretty cool.  Low to mid 30s yesterday and again today.  Gong to see a warm up starting tomorrow with mid 40s, then mid 50s Friday and 60s (wow!) Saturday and Sunday.  60s again Monday but chances of showers, probably early.  Otherwise, all next week looks great with temperatures pretty much in the 50s the rest of the week.

Today is the first day we have seen generation all day.  Although they had projected generators shutting down at 10:00 a.m. today, it is still running a low two at 4:00 p.m.  Tomorrow is showing a lot of water all day.  Haven’t seen this for a while.  Table Rock Lake is now at 915.0 feet (normal power pool for this time of the year).  We’ll just have to see what they do after tomorrow.  Hope we can get back to the low or no generation, especially with this great weather in the forecast!

Jim on the water last Wednesday with Hugh from Florida.  He is a Tarpon guide out there.  They had a good day on the JQ streamer, ruby midge and the hot hare’s ear nymph.  Nasty day, but they prevailed.

Ty – 12/27/18

Thursday, Carolyn took Troy, and his two sons, Ty and Trey.  Troy took our fly fishing school a few years ago and has also fished with us in the past.  Decided it was time to get his boys on the water with us.  Fun day!  Think this was Ty’s second time to have a fly rod in his hands.  Trey probably didn’t have much more times than that and everyone, including Dad, did great!  It was a black copperhead midge day.  They also hooked a few stripping the tiger tail on a 3 ips sinking leader.   Jim had a group of guys who wanted lots of instruction and possibly catch a few fish.  Jim got the instruction out of the way and then they started having fun catching fish on the black copperhead midge and the regular zebra midge.  Fun day for these guys too!

Darren took Steve, from Kansas, out for half a day Friday.  Steve is fairly new and wanted to experience fly fishing from a drift boat.  They did both….fished from the boat and got out and did some wading.  Their best fly was also the black copperhead midge.

New Year’s eve day, Larry and Doug spent half a day on the water with Darren.  Tough day for them, but they landed some fish on the black copperhead midge with a scud dropper.

New Years Day it was the annual River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing group on the river.  Fun day even though it was only in the 30s and overcast most of the day.  But we hit the water a little after 10:00 a.m. and decided we could no longer feel our fingers around 3:00 p.m.  What a way to start the New Year!

The Polar Bear gang! 1/1/19


December 22nd, 2018

From all of us here at River Run Outfitters, we wish you and yours a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY and SAFE NEW YEAR!  Hope your new year is filled with many perfect days on the water.

Beautiful day today.  Temperature should reach upper 50s and there’s lots of sunshine.  More 50s through Christmas day, but the forecast looks like rain moving in for Christmas day and the day after and probably through Thursday.  Good news Thursday is the temperature will be in the upper 50s.  The weekend dries up, but the temperatures take a nose dive into the low 40s all the way through the New Year.  Right now we are looking at about a 50% chance of rain New Years eve day.  Cross your fingers, there’s fishers who want to be on the water both New Years eve day and New Years Day.

Through Christmas day, we will see a low one unit going non-stop from now until then.  Should be some good fishing!



Awesome Day!

December 17th, 2018

What a beautiful Sunday we just had.  Lots of sunshine.  No wind!  And, temperatures in the upper 50s.  Looks like we are going to have a few more of these awesome days in December!  Today, through Wednesday look great.  Sunshine (when this fog lifts), today and tomorrow for sure.  By Wednesday we will probably see some clouds moving in as they are forecasting rain late Wednesday into Thursday.  Temperatures will continue to be in the upper 50s.  By Thursday, it looks like mid 40s and rain.  But, Friday moves into upper 40s, sun peeking in and by Saturday it’s back to mid 50s and sunshine.   Better get out and enjoy this nice weather.  It is December!

Generation for the past four days has basically been a lot one unit.  They might be using two units, but if you listen to the actual flow and level, it works out to the equivalent of one unit.  Today, they are bumping up some generation this morning, but should shut it back to the equivalent of one unit by mid morning which is supposed to be the schedule for the balance of the day.  Probably see more of the same tomorrow.

Fun day on the water yesterday for Carolyn.  She took Henry and his father, Matt out for half a day.  This was Henry’s first time with a fly rod and it will be great to be around to see what a

Henry with Henry, Jr. – 12/16/18

good fisher he is by the time he’s 20.  He did a great job getting his fly into the water, setting the hook and bringing in those fish.  He said he was going to name the first trout he caught Henry, Jr.

Matt – 12/16/18

Low one unit running, so we drifted the banks from just below the fish ladder all the way down past Trophy Run.  Good day for Matt and Henry on the apricot egg pattern.   Dennis, from Kansas spent the morning with Darren.  He

Henry’s best fish of the day – 12/16/18

had a fun day fishing a cool looking emerger pattern which Darren has dubbed “a modified Duracell”.  Sounds like they exchanged a lot of stories in the boat.  They stayed mainly in the area around the fish ladder.

Dennis – 12/16/18



Better get out and enjoy this weather while you can.  Not too many shopping days left until Christmas!!!

Picked The Best Day Of The Week!

December 6th, 2018

Today has been rainy and in the low 40s all day.  Tomorrow’s nigh looks like upper 30s and overcast all day.  Right now Saturday is still showing some kind of moisture….rain, sleet, snow…all of the above for Saturday.  Next week is definitely looking better all week than this week did.

Two to three generators for two to three hours in the morning the past few days.  Then no generation until late in the afternoon and that has been just for a little while.  Otherwise, no generation most of the day.

John – 12/5/18

Picked the best day of this week for Carolyn to take Beth and John out for half a day.  Beth is just getting started (took up the sport about a year ago) and handles a rod really well.  They had a good day on the water Wednesday catching early in the day on the black copperhead midge.  This worked best during the water drop.  They had run three units for a couple hours, back down to two then off by 9:00 a.m.  Once the water dropped out completely, no midges, but apricot egg pattern took over.  Day certainly turned out nice with temperatures in the upper 40s and the sun shining most of the time.  The fish were pretty happy too!