Fun Groups

August 28th, 2014

chances of rain tomorrow and possibly Saturday.  Temperatures in the low 90s through the weekend.  Next week looks like mid to upper 90s.  Slight chances for rain Tuesday.

Basically, no change in generation pattern.  Off in the a.m.  Two units on by 1:00 p.m. and all four by 2:00 p.m. for about seven hours.

Stan out last Wednesday with Glenn and Mel from the St. Louis area.  Good days for these guys on the P&P in the a.m. and then the crackleback when the water can on.

We emptied the stable Thursday for a group from Arkansas.  They were holding a meeting at the Chateau and got to enjoy in between meetings.  For the most part, all were new fly fishers with just a few

Carol - 082114

Carol – 8/21/14

who had thrown a rod before.  Stan had Warren & Donna.  I think it was Donna who brought in a 15″ rainbow.  Jason and Heather were with Jim and they brought in a 17″ rainbow.   Carolyn took Carol and Ed.  This was Carol’s first experience fly fishing and she brought in a 15-3/4″ rainbow.  Darrell had John and Cliff, and Dana took Mike and Jack.  Steve and Mark were wading with Gina.

Steve - 8/21/14

Steve – 8/21/14

Of course, they had their contests going for the most fish, the biggest, etc.  It was a win-win day for everyone as it turned out to be a nice day….not too hot yet.  They were not in a meeting!  and most were have a new experience learning how to fly fish!  Overall, the best patterns  were the JQ streamer, P&P midge, black copperhead midge, b-bug and a root beer midge.

Tuesday, Jim, Gina and Carolyn had the opportunity to take a group of veterans with Project Healing Waters out for the day.  Jim and Darrell also had them out again on Wednesday.  We thank each of you for what you have done or are still doing.  We hope you had as much fun as we did!!

Almost forgot, Darrell has Jerry and Gail from Texas out Tuesday.  They had a good morning on a size 14 brown San Juan worm

Gail - 8/26/14

Gail – 8/26/14


Too Hot!

August 24th, 2014

At least two days in a row of 100 degree temperatures and probably at least a couple more in the works!  Maybe into the mid to lower 90s later next week.  Yeah!  Also see a chance for rain maybe by Sunday.

No change in the generation schedule.  Off in the a.m. and on by noon or 1:00 p.m.  Two units to start then 1-2 hours later, two more units.  Lots of water.

Stan on the water half a day last Monday with Bill from Illinois.  Bill caught a few on a black soft hackle, but more were on either the P&P or Lil Ruby midge.  Carolyn had Ron and Sharon out again.  This day, we did not have any really good pattern.  A few on a gray scud, a few on the P&P.  The rise was pretty fast and furious so that did not fish well for us.

Rick - 8/19/14

Rick – 8/19/14

Tuesday it was a group from Texas that we have been taking out almost every year.  I think Stan’s boat took the prize for biggest fish with a 17″ rainbow (Alex and Chase.  Dana’s boat with Rick and David,  took most fish to the boat with mainly on the tan b-bug.  They also landed some on a size 16 tan scud and 18 copperhead black midge.   Lindi and Taylor fished with Darrell and their pattern was the P&P.   Jim had Max and Beau and they took caught on the P&P and a gray scud.

Davis - 8/19/14

Davis – 8/19/14

Carolyn had Renee’ and they caught a few on the black copperhead size 18 midge and the tan b-bug.   Hot day, but a fun time was had by all.

Renee - 8/19/14

Renee – 8/19/14

Hot! The Weather Certainly Is!

August 17th, 2014

It has been hot and humid the past few days and I think we have more in store for the next several days.  Mid to upper 90s and possibly hit 100 degrees by this coming weekend.  Good time to stand in the cold water!

Generation schedule has been pretty up and down all week.  It’s supposed to come on at 2:00 p.m……it comes on at noon.  It’s supposed to be on all day….they don’t turn it on until noon (that was the case today).  As I have said many times….that’s life in a tailwater!

Jim out last Monday with Barry and his son,  Brandon.  New fly fishers and a tough day.  I think Brandon was the fish lander that day.  Dad was happy to watch him catching on the red midge, miracle scud and copperhead black midge.

Tuesday, Jim took Larry and Jim out for half a day.  It was a P&P and blood worm day.

Thursday, Ted from Kansas took a short half day with Jim.  Another touch day, but they managed to land some on the P&P.

get-attachment_editedSaturday, Stan took Dennie and his grandson, John out for the day.  Slow start in the a.m, but about 11:00 a.m. the fish decided it was time to eat.  Good day, mainly on the P&P and then the holographic green crackleback on the sinking leader once the water started moving a little more.   Jim had Brent and David out for half a day.  These new fly fisher caught a few fish, but Jim said there was no best fly for them.

Two New Eagles!

August 10th, 2014

90s today with slight chance for rain.  We did get some rain yesterday afternoon.  Mid to upper 80s predicted for all week into the weekend with chances for rain creeping back into the pictures by the weekend.

Boy, you can’t count on anything!  Yesterday, the projection was for one unit to come on around 200 p.m.  Hooha!  Came on at noon.  Today we were supposed to have a low one unit until noon……it’s OFF!  The generation schedule has been a bit erratic this past week.  Monday, off in the morning then four units in the afternoon.  Tuesday, low one in the a.m., then fired up around noon.  Back to no generation on Wednesday morning then four units in the afternoon.  Low, then a little more, then back down Thursday and Friday was up and down and finally up.  We had one unit on yesterday for 3-4 hours.

Fishing continues to be slower than we would like to see for this time of the year.  Darrell on the water Friday with Matt and Brad from Parkville.  They caught a few fish on the tan flashback scud and an egg pattern.  Jim had Randy, from Kansas out for an instructional half day.  Also a few fish on the tan flashback scud, a red midge and the copperhead black midge.

Saturday, Stan took Scott and his son Justin out for half a day.  New fly fishers caught fish on the copperhead black midge early in the day then the P&P midge.

I forgot to mention that the highlight of a trip I had out earlier in the week with Dawn and Albert, was spotting two immature eagles in the trees about a half mile above Fall Creek.  We could hear them calling back and forth across the river.  One immature was on one side of the river and the other on the other side with either Mom or Dad.  Really a great finish to a fun day!



Kinda Tuff Out There!

August 7th, 2014

Lots of rain this morning.  We might get some more this afternoon, but tomorrow is predicted to pretty nice and sunny with temperatures in the low 90s.  Still looking at 40-50% chance of rain through the weekend with temperatures in the low 90s.  Upper 80s to low 90s for most of next week.

No generation yesterday morning.  Today they started the day with low generation, 1100 cfs then ramped it up a little at 9:00 a.m.  11:30 a.m. and we are seeing 2 units at 705.3 feet and 3805 cfs running.   Supposed to increase that some more this afternoon.  Not certain what they will do tomorrow.  We are definitely below power pool.

It’s been a little tough out that the past few days.  Talked to some fishers who were wade fishing yesterday while the water was off and they were catching a few, but they were certainly working for them.

Tuesday, Jim had Mark and his son Ben out for half a day.  Ben is a new fly fishers and it had been many years since Mark had been fishing so it was a catchup and learning day for these guys.  Mission accomplished and they caught fish on the red midge and hot hare’s ear nymph.  Carrell and Carolyn had the Louisiana family out.  These good fishers worked for their fish that day.  Can’t really say we had a best fly, but the red San Juan worm was probably best during the rise from the second unit.  At least it was a beautiful day and we all had fun!

Robert and his son, Logan took a half-day instructional trip with Jim on Wednesday.  They caught a few fish, but it was another “no best fly” day.

Great Days…Tuff Days….Guess That’s Fishing!

August 4th, 2014

Looks like more normal weather pattern is here.  90s tomorow and Wednesday with Thursday and Friday in the upper uo and a 50% change of rain.  The weekend has low to mid 90s and again, changes of rain.  A little more on Saturday with Sunday and Monday in the 40% range.

Generation schedule continues to be no generation in the a.m. and something, usually 1-2 units, coming on at noon t0 1:00 p.m. and ramping up to 3-4 shortly thereafter.  Low generation over the weekend, about one unit, for 4 hours or so.  Today, they fired up all four at noon!  Lots of water!  The projection for tomorrow is a low one unit until noon, then a low two for an hour, full two for an  hour then three units for four hours.  Should have it back to a low one unit by 10:00 p.m. or so.

Jim on the water last Tuesday with John and his grandson Cole from Louisiana.  Fun day for John watching his grandson catch fish.  CQ streamer, P&P midge and micro scud.  Ron and Sarah from Kansas, were out with Stan.  These new fly fishers had a good day on the P&P.  Nice 18 inch rainbow for

Sandra - 7/29/14

Sandra – 7/29/14


Thursday. Carolyn took Michael and Kirk out for half a day.  They fished with Stan on Wednesday, but he had a trip scheduled with Bob from Michigan on Thursday, so the drew Carolyn for their second day.  Miserable day Wednesday as they had high water and lots of rain Wednesday.  These guys are both new to fly fishing so Thursday, they went through the paces.  Lots of casting and fast mending as we fished the rise (two generators came on around 11:00 a.m.) with the red San Juan worm dropped from the big ruby.  We caught a few earlier in the morning with the black copperhead midge, but the action was the water rise.  Stan and Bob were out for the morning.  Good day for Bob on the black copperhead midge, then a size 20 black soft hackle.  This was especially fun for him as he was breaking in his new 10 foot, 4 weight Access rod!  They finished up the day with an olive wooly bugger.   Nick, from South Carolina fished with Jim.  CQ, copperhead black midge and blood worm dropper were their patterns for the day.   Soft takes and tuff to keep the fish on the hook!

Saturday, Mike and his daughter, Amanda fished with Stan. They are owners/operators of Lakeshore Resort.  Great day on the copper dun and P&P midges.  Carolyn went fishing with Dawn from Louisiana.  We had a fun day stripping the holographic green crackleback in the shallows.

Lots of learning for Don and Larry from Kansas.  They spent half a day with Jim.  Both came back to the shop babbling.  CQ streamer, black zebra midge and blood worm dropper.  Fun and fishy day for these guys.  Stan had John and his son, Joel out for most of the day.  These good fly flingers had a great day on the black zebra midge early, then the P&P.    Think John is coming back in September!

Busy Weekend!

July 29th, 2014

Hot weekend, but what a wonderful start to this week.  Yesterday was in the low 80s and that is what we are getting again today!  Chances of scattered showers tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 70s.  Thursday through Saturday go from mid 80s to upper 80s, and back in the low 90s by Sunday.

Generation over the weekend was mean.  Saturday we started the day with no generation.  By noon, they fired up all four units and everything went south!  Lots of water and lots of stuff floating in the water.  Sunday was a little better.  They did not turn on as much water.  Yesterday it came on at 1:00 p.m. and they blew through a good four units.  Today we were expecting generation by 10:00 a.m.  It is after noon and we are still waiting.  Ahh!  Life in a tailwater!  Think I have said that before.

Beth - 7/26/14

Beth – 7/26/14

Lots of trips out this weekend.    Dana had Beth and Wes out Saturday.  Good day for these two on the holographic green crackleback and a size 22 rusty

Wes - 7/26/14

Wes – 7/26/14

midge.  Bill and Ron, from Kansas were on the water with Jim.  They did well pulling a size 12 CQ streamer.  Darrell had Karen and Jeremy from the Kansas City area.  They did best on a brown San Juan worm and the P&P midge.    Stan took David and Steve, both from the

Karen - 7/26/14

Karen – 7/26/14

Overland Park area out for the day.  Like everyone, considering the conditions, not a bad say on the P&P midge and a holographic green crackleback.

Paula - 7/27/14

Paula – 7/27/14

Sunday, Darrell was out again.  This time with David and Billy Crupper.  Good day for these guys on the San Juan worm and P&P midge.  Billy caught a nice 19 inch brown.

Billy - 7/27/14

Billy – 7/27/14

Gina had Paula and Chris out for the day.  Not a bad day for them either on the big ruby and the black copperhead midge.   Sunday, Stan had Steve and Woody out for the day.   It  was a big ruby day for these two guys.  Steve caught a nice 17-1/2″ rainbow that looked (in the below picture) that he was trying to get away.

Steve - 7/27/14

Steve – 7/27/14

Ed from Kansas and Bob from the Jefferson City area, were out with Dana.  CQ streamer, red San Juan worm and red midge were their patterns for the day.

Full day trips are still very “iffy” right now because of how they are turning on the generators and because there is so much algae in the water.  All four at once…dirty, dirty, dirty.  If they ramp them up one or two at a time, it is not so bad and you can usually get in a descent day.



Lots of Water!

July 26th, 2014

Not too much I can say about the weather except HOT!right now it is 98 degrees.  Tomorrow will again be in the 90s, but next week looks like mid to upper 80s.  Yeah!

This past week they fired up all four generators several days.Monday it hit 14,000 cfs, Tuesday was almost 11,000 cfs and Wednesday and Thursday almost 13,000 cfs.  That’s a lot of water.

Last Tuesday, Stan took Bob from Michigan out for possibly a full day trip.  With the projections on generation as high and coming on as heavy as they have been, we  don’t guarantee a full day.  Why spend all that money.  We just come off early and adjust for the time.  Why burn up and have hard fishing if you don’t have to?  They had a descent day on the holographic green crackleback.

Elliot - 7/22/14

Elliot – 7/22/14

Frances and her son, Elliot, booked a full day float with Carolyn.  Again, due to the bad water, we opted to turned it into a half day.  These two had fly fished a little before and caught fish on a white San Juan worm, a cerise San Juan worm and the holographic green crackleback.  They both liked stripping the crackleback.


Frances - 7/22/14

Frances – 7/22/14

Jim had Jack and his grandson, Zac out for half a day.  This was Zac’s introduction to fly fishing so Jim spent a lot of time working with him on casting and line management.  They also fished with Jim most of the following day.  Best patterns were the CQ streamer, black zebra midge and a gray scud.

Stan had Walt and his son, Payton out on Wednesday afternoon for a half day.  This was the worst of all conditions….hot, water ripping.  Unfortunately, other commitments only allowed this window for them to go fishing.  They brought in a few fish on the cerise San Juan worm.

Thursday, Carl and Paul spent half a day with Jim.  It was the CQ streamer and a black zebra midge for these guys.  Not a bad day.   Carolyn took a family of three out for an instructional wade trip with catching a few fish a bonus.

Kyle - 7/24/14

Kyle – 7/24/14

After going through the paces of roll casting, the regular cast, and a little on all the “stuff” you need to fly fish such as leaders, tippet, flies, indicators, fly line, etc. we headed out to learn a little on presentation.  It was a P&P day although two of them caught fish on the crackleback when we worked on stripping.  Kyle was the first one to land his first trout on a fly rod.  Dad, Bob, was the second.

Bob - 7/24/14

Bob – 7/24/14

At last, Kay caught her first fish on a fly rod.  While Carolyn was trying to get it in a position to hand to Kay to take a picture, Kay had cast her fly back into the water and hooked another!  Chaos for a few minutes.  Needless to say, we lost her first fish, but did get a picture of her second fish on a fly rod!

Kay - 7/24/14

Kay – 7/24/14

Stan had Jeff and Sam out for half a day on Thursday and a full day Friday.   They had a fun couple outings on the copper dun and P&P midges in the morning, then the holographic green crackleback in the afternoon Friday.  Hot day!!

Crazy Generation and Some Hot Days!!

July 25th, 2014

Low 90s predicted for today and tomorrow and Sunday look like scorchers….upper 90s!  Mid to upper 80s projected for all next week and chances of rain are pretty slim.

Ran water both days last weekend, the turned it off for Monday morning.  Mid-day then turned it on and cranked it!  Tuesday and Wednesday, lower float in the a.m. but bumped it up early afternoon.   We did have until noon yesterday before they turned it on, but boy when they did.  All four units (they were supposed to ramp it up) and it dirtied up big time!  Off today until 10:00 a.m. and, so far, they are doing pretty much what they projected.

Sistie - 7/18/14

Sistie – 7/18/14

Ketchup time!  Gina had Roger and Sistie out last Friday.  Good day for these two on a UV gray scud, size 16 black copperhead midge and the peach egg.  This is Sistie’s second time fly fishing and it just gets better.

Roger - 071814

Roger – 071814

Stan had Phil and Nick out for the day.  They had a good day on the holographic green crackleback and a peach egg with the black copperhead midge dropper.  Kathy and Ron from Louisiana, were in the area with family.  They couldn’t stand it and had to go fishing Friday.  Pretty good day for them, especially on the holographic green crackleback.  Bad news was that Ron caught one more fish than Kathy!  Oh well, he was about due.  Jim had David, from Oklahoma out all day.  David just finished the Orvis School and wanted to practice what he had learned.  Think he learned a whole lot more that day and caught fish!  It was the CQ streamer, copperhead black midge and gray scud for them.  Darrell

Charlie - 7/18/14

Charlie – 7/18/14

had Charlie and Sam out for half a day.  Tough day for these guys.  Pattern was the P&P midge.

Last Monday was a whole new game on the water.  Good day of generation as the heavy water did not come on until 3:00 p.m.  What a difference.  Ron and Sharon fished with Carolyn.  Great day!

Ron - 7/21/14

Ron – 7/21/14

Started out up by the root wad and caught a few on the black copperhead midge.  Pulled a couple more on the CQ streamer.   Knew the water was coming on just after lunch so we headed downstream, had lunch and fished the rise when they turned on two units.  Fast and furious hooking, missing and catching on the red San Juan worm dropped from a peach egg pattern.  Wore them out!  Stan took Katie and her boyfriend, Beau out for the day.  Katie finally caught a fish on a fly rod plus several more!  They both had a very good day on the crackleback and a rockworm caddis softhackle….the highlight of the day!  Especially for Katie as that was what she caught her first fish on.

Cool July!……so far

July 20th, 2014

What an unbelievable July!  Temperatures in the 70s for several days.  Unfortunately, a couple of those days we had a pretty good wind, so it actually felt cool at times!  We are heading back into the upper 80s and low to mid 90s.  Chances of rain Wednesday, and I think we may have a chance of rain over the weekend.  To be continued…..

Generation has been it’s normal erratic.  Not really off for the past three days.  Friday was one unit which ramped up to a low two around 5:00 p.m.  We have seen the equivalent of one to a little lower Saturday and today, Sunday.  Projection for tomorrow is no generation until noon, then 2 units for an hour, ramping to a low three, then four units by 2:00-3:00 p.m.  We will see four units for 5 hours.

Trying to get caught up a little at a time.  Stan on the water last Monday with Larry from Iowa.  They had a half day of catching fish on a yellow egg and the black midge with a copper head.  This was Larry’s first time with a fly rod and he did well. 

Tuesday, Stan took Mike and Clayton out for half a day.  These new fly fishers from Texas had a good day on the yellow egg and the holographic green crackleback.  There was only one unit on at about 1200 cfs for most of their time on the water.  Nice!    Carolyn had Jessica and Luis out for half a day. 

Luis - 7/15/14

Luis – 7/15/14

For his first time fly flinging, Luis did well.  He had a couple on stripping a ginger wooly bugger and a few on and off on the black copper tunghead midge.  Definitely was not a fast and furious day for these two, but it was a beautiful, cool July day.

Darrell took Mike from Michigan out Wednesday.  Weird day.  Normally we have been seeing water on during the afternoon.  Off, from midnight until noon or later the next day.  Wednesday, it was on at midnight and continued until 7:00 a.m. the next morning.  A slow day, but Mike boated some fish on the P&P midge. 

Thursday, Jim took Eric and Darren from Smithville, MO out for the day.  Pretty good day for these guys even though there was no best fly.  Darren was pretty new to the sport, so there was a bit of instruction for him while they were on the water.  Darrell and Gina had a two-boat group out for half a day.  Darrell took Dad, David, and Gina took the boys, Aaron and Tyler.  Not a bad day for everyone on the P&P, chartreuse egg, and size 18 gray scud.  Couple of neat fishing buddies, Tyler and Aaron. 

Aaron & Tyler - 7/17/14

Aaron & Tyler – 7/17/14