Chocolate Water!

July 3rd, 2015

Rain!  What we need is a little more rain.  NOT!  Forecast for today is 60% chance of rain.  Just got off the water and we had a 5-10 minute shower while we were out there and another good downpour right after we got back to the shop.  Maybe that will be it for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow’s chances are pretty slim.  Sunday is calling for afternoon showers and Monday says showers late.

Four generators running today and that remains constant through Monday.  No reason to think it will not continue this way for a while.  Everyone has lots of water.

Sunday Stan had Mike from Iowa on the water late Sunday.  Good day for Mike stripping the tiger tail and drifting the ruby 2 under the big ruby

Madison - 6/29/15

Madison – 6/29/15

Carolyn got to take new fly fishers, Dad (Darren) and daughter (Madison) out for their first time fly fishing Monday.  I think these two will be doing a lot of fly fishing together over the years…..certainly hope so.  Great, fun day on the water.  We started out working on the roll cast, then the regular cast and some work on line handling with a fish on.  Paid off as both of them were throwing some good lines and definitely catching fish on the black copperhead midge, ruby 2,  and stripping the tiger tail.  They are getting ready for a family trip out to Montana and Wyoming.  Gina had Dale and his friend Doug out for the day.  They had a great day

Dale - 6/29/15

Dale – 6/29/15

on the ruby 2, JQ streamer and tiger tail.  This was Doug’s first time fly fishing and

Doug - 6/29/15

Doug – 6/29/15

he was a natural.





Sunday Stan had Mike from Iowa on the water late Sunday.  Good day for Mike stripping the tiger tail and drifting the ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Jacob - 6/30/15

Jacob – 6/30/15

Tuesday, Darrell took David and his son, Jacob out for half a day.  Very good day for these guys on the ruby 2 and the JQ streamer.  Stan had a couple from Tennessee, James and Lisa out for the morning.  They had a fun day catching on the ruby with the ruby 2 dropper and the white grub.  This was Lisa’s first experience with a fly rod and she did very well.  Carolyn had Gerrie and Rob out for their first day of three days they booked of fishing.  Don’t try to take a picture of these two when they catch a double (both hook and bring

Gerrie - 6/30/15

Gerrie – 6/30/15

in a fish at the same time).  What a fun day on the lightning bug under the big ruby or stripping the tiger tail.

Chuck and Laura from Kansas fished with Stan all day Wednesday.  Lots of fish for these guys on the tiger tail and big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.  Gina took Derek and his son Bart out for half a day.  Lots of first for these two fishers, first drift boat trip, first time catching a brown (we are still catching lots of browns), and first time streamer

Bart - 7/1/15

Bart – 7/1/15

fishing.  They were stripping the tiger tail and JQ streamer or drifting the ruby 2 or black copperhead midge.

Derek - 7/1/15

Derek – 7/1/15

Carolyn had Gerrie and Rob out for their second day.  Another good day, but not quite as good as the day before.

Thursday, Tom from the Kansas City area hit the water with Carolyn for a half day trip.  It almost came to an immediate stop when we looked at the chocolate water!  Lots of rain Thursday morning and every stream was running.  In all the years I have fished Taneycomo I have never seen the upper area look like this!  We decided we’d try a few places to see if anything could find our flies, and if not, off the water and try another day.  First fish to the boat was a beautiful 17 inch brown.  Great!  Well, as it turned out, water started clearing and we started picking a few fish.  Turned out to not be a bad day, but certainly not a banner day and Tom worked for every fish he caught.   Stripping the tiger tail was the best way to go that day.

Friday was Gerrie and Rob’s last day with Carolyn.  What an ending!  Great day,  The rain held off and the fish were hungry.  They were eating so well that several of the fish we caught had their mouth’s full of tiny scuds, midge pupa and worms!  How could they even think about eating one of our midges?

Rob - 7/3/15

Rob – 7/3/15


Gerrie and Rob - 6/30/15

Gerrie and Rob – 6/30/15

Another Beautiful Day!

June 28th, 2015

It was actually a little cool when I walked out of the house this morning.  Probably in the 60s.  We are expecting mid 80s today and lots of sunshine with a few clouds mixed in.  Upper 80s tomorrow and low 90s Tuesday and Wednesday.  Still very low chances of rain until Friday and Saturday.

Four generators running at about 12,800 cfs.  Table Rock is dropping slowly, but it is dropping.  This morning at 8:00 a.m. it was at 919.67 feed elevation.

Austin - 6/27/15

Austin – 6/27/15

Austin, from Indiana, spent the day on the water with Stan yesterday.  He was impressed!  It did fish very good for them on the big ruby, ruby 2 and the Tiger Tail.  And what a great day!  Light wind, NO RAIN, not too hot….what more could one want?  All the guides have been bring in several browns lately.  Austin’s mix was no exception.  He had maybe 5 or 6 brown in his catch.

Flood Gates Are Off!

June 27th, 2015

Beautiful weather predicted for today.  Sunny and highs in the low 80s.  Sunshine is the prediction for the next three days with temperatures in the 80s to low 90s.  Rain has moved out a little in the forecast.  Looks like mid week before we see chances of showers again.

Table Rock Lake is now below 920 feet.  Think that was their target for turning off the flood gates.  However, we still have a little over two feet to go before we are back at power pool.  It should not take too long with the four generators going to get this down.

Dan - 6/26/15

Dan – 6/26/15

Dan and John from Dallas Fly Fishers on the water yesterday with Stan.  Good day for these guys on the big ruby, ruby 2 and stripping the Tiger Tail.  They still had the five gates and four generators going while they were out there yesterday.  Today, another river.  Two feet lower than yesterday,  and definitely a little less force in the water.

John - 6/26/15

John – 6/26/15


Cool Down Coming!

June 25th, 2015

Looks like temperatures will be in the 80s for a few days.  Although mid to upper 80s, it’s still better than 90s!  Chances of morning thunderstorms tomorrow with increasing chances as the day progresses.  The weekend looks dry with chances of showers sneaking in again by Tuesday.

What can I say about the water.  It’s still running.  Currently they are running two generators and still have the flood gates open, so we are experiencing approximately 19,000 cfs.  They are scheduled to turn on the third generator at 5:00 pm so the flow will increase.  Based on the projection for tomorrow, it looks like the fourth generator might be on line.  With that in mind, they may be about to shut down the flood gates.  Can we hope!?

Mike - 6/23/15

Mike – 6/23/15

Mike and his son, Brandon from Ohio, fished with Darrell Tuesday.  Good day for these guys on the

Brandon - 6/23/15

Brandon – 6/23/15

ruby 2 and stripping the tiger tail.  Jim had Jack and his grandson, Zac out for the day.   Good day for them on the ruby, brown San Juan worm and stripping the tiger tail.

Jack and Zac didn’t get enough Tuesday so they spent another day with Jim on Wednesday.  Even better day for them on the same bugs.  I think Zac even out fished his grandfather.  Stuart, from Arkansas fish with Stan for half a day.  They had a good day on the ruby and ruby 2 midge.  Wednesday Jim spend the day fishing with Gina.  Good day for them on…you got it….ruby 2 and Tiger Tail!


Tough…But Still Catching! And, Two New Strippers On The River!

June 22nd, 2015

Good news is, no more rain chances through Thursday.  Bad news, 60% chances Friday and Saturday.  Let’s be optimistic….40% chance it will not rain and lots of things can chance between today and Friday!

Doubt that we are going to see much of a chance in water flow for some time. They do have 3 generators on line, but they are still running the 10 flood gates at various openings, from 1.5′ to 0.5′   Probably going to keep this up until we get to at least 920′ on Table Rock and probably shoot for even lower.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, we are still drifting Taneycomo.  Although it is a big tougher for the fly fisher and to find fish, we are catching.  Darrell and

Bob - 6/20/15

Bob – 6/20/15

Jim out Saturday with Bob and his sons, Tim and Jeremy.  Darrell had Bob and they caught several fish on a San Juan worm and the ruby 2.  Jim had they boys and it was the ruby with a brown San Juan or the hot hare’s ear nymph.   The boys are pretty new to fly fishing, so Jim spent a little time working on skills and techniques.  Stan and Carolyn had two couple from the Kansas City area out.  Stan took the guys, Mike and Jeff and Carolyn took the ladies, Vicki and Donna.  The guys had a good day on the peach egg pattern.  Vicki and Donna fished and caught a few on the egg pattern, but we had more action and caught more fish stripping the tiger tail streamer.  Two new strippers

Vicki & Donna - 6/20/15

Vicki & Donna – 6/20/15

were born!  They both preferred this method of fishing.  They even had one double (both hooked a fish at the same time).

Sunday Stan took Doug and Dixie out for half a day.  It was peach egg day for them  Dixie caught a nice 17″ rainbow.



More Rain!

June 18th, 2015

We have had rain off and on today.  So far, not as much as they had earlier predicted, but we still have tonight.  Tomorrow looks like another day of off and on rain.  Good news….Saturday and Sunday should be warm and sunny.  An the forecast for next week looks dry.  No more until next weekend…..of course!

Needless to say, we are still seeing two generators and, so far, eight flood gates.  So far, Beaver Lake is holding it’s own.  No increased in level in 24 hours.  Table Rock is almost exactly where they were 24 hours ago.  Sounds good, but we still have not seen the effect of the runoff from this rain plus we will get more.

Jim - 6/17/15

Jim – 6/17/15

Gina on the river yesterday with her Wednesday regular, Jim.  Not a bad day considering the water.  High water, lot water, they always have lots of fun and catch fish.  It was a ruby 2, JQ and Tiger Tail streamer day.  Stan took Mike from Texas out for half a day to show him some unique water and fishing.

Mike - 6/17/15

Mike – 6/17/15

Big Ruby, ruby 2 and a peach egg were their patterns for the trip.  Almost forgot one of the highlight of their trip.  Sitting in the drift boat and this shadow goes under the boat.  Big paddle fish!  Stan said it was probably 6-7 feet long.


Here We Go Again!

June 16th, 2015

Rain!  This is becoming the bad four letter word in my vocabulary.  We had rain today but are expecting a reprieve for tomorrow with only a 20% chance of stray showers or thunderstorms during the day.  Thursday and Friday are both looking like 100% chances for rain.  At one time I heard we could get from 4-6 inches

Around 2:00 p.m. today Table Rock opened 8 of the flood gates about one foot.  That, along with the two generators, they are releasing approximately 14,400 cfs .  Depending on the amounts of rain, especially that affecting Beaver Lake, they might increase the release flow to 20,000 cfs later this week.

Saturday, Stan took Paul from Kansas out for half a day.  Pretty good day for Paul on the big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.

Yesterday, Dana had Terry from Defiance, MO on the water for half a day.  Terry has been fishing with us since 2002.   Not a bad day for them on the red San Juan worm or the ruby 2.  Finny from Texas spent the morning with Carolyn.  He was really hoping for a big fish, but best I could drum up with a pretty 16″ rainbow.  Big ruby, ruby 2 and red San Juan worm were our patterns.  Stan had Tom, also from Texas, out all day.  They had a good day on thEd 061515e big ruby, ruby 2 and holographic green crackleback.   Darrell spent Monday and half of Tuesday on the river with

Malcolms pretty rainbow - 6/16/15

Malcolms pretty rainbow – 6/16/15

Malcolm and Ed from St. Louis area.  Good fishing for these guys on the big ruby and ruby 2.  I think the highlight of everyone’s day was spotting two young eagles.  At one time they were sitting on a downed tree near the river.  Earlier in the day, one of them was actually sitting on the roof of one of Windham’s condos and the other in a tree a little ways downstream.

Young Eagles - 6/15/15

Young Eagles – 6/15/15


First Day After Shutting Down The Gates

June 11th, 2015

Hot is the theme today.  At noon it is 88 degrees and climbing.  After today, we are looking at 80s through the week and back into the 90s for the weekend.  The other equation is 50% chances of rain almost every day through Wednesday.  Look at the bright side…..50% chances for no rain!  Rain, if we get it tomorrow, should wait until the afternoon.

Making the adjustments to no flood gates.  Water has been off each morning since the gates shut down.  The first full day it was off, they turned on two units around 8:00 a.m.   Yesterday it was 8:00 a.m. and today it was 10:00 a.m.

Jim out with Dave and his son Dave from Louisiana on Tuesday.  Both are pretty new to fly fishing, but learned a lot and caught some fish on the ruby 2 under the big ruby and

Aaron - 6/9/15

Aaron – 6/9/15

stripping the JQ streamer.  Darrell’s guy, Aaron is from Colorado and looks like he fishes a lot.  Very good day for him on the JQ streamer and ruby 2 midge.

Gina’s Wednesday regular, Jim, wanted to do something different for a change, so they went to a lake in Arkansas and fished all day on a 3 weight rod for bluegill and green sunfish.  How about this nice one?

Jim with green sunfish - 6/10/15

Jim with green sunfish – 6/10/15



Yes, They Did Shut Down The Flood Gates

June 8th, 2015

Yes, the flood gates were shut down this morning just a little before 8:00 a.m.  Still have two generators running.  They said they would use the two generators to get Table Rock back to power pool of 917. The generation schedule for tomorrow is off until 7:00 a.m. then two units on until 9:00 p.m.


Fish Don’t Mind The Flood Gates

June 7th, 2015

Hot is the word for temperatures right now.  90 is predicted for today and the rest of the week looks like 80s to 90s all the way through the weekend.  Our rain chances for Monday have backed off a little…only 40% chance now with possibility of scattered showers in the a.m.  Next weekend is looking like 50-60% chance of showers.

Flood gates are still open, but rumor has it that once Table Rock gets to around 917 feet, they might shut off the flood gates.  Since 917 is power pool this time of the year, we might also see no generators unless there is a demand for power.  And, with the temperatures the way they are right now, we will probably have some power demands somewhere.

Fishing continues to be good.  Darrell on the water for half a day yesterday with Greg and Dennis from Texas.  Very good day for these guys on the rusty midge under the big ruby.  Scott and “Rizzo” were on the water with Jim again.  They had fished with him Friday.  Another good day on the hot hare’s ear or copperhead black zebra midges under the ruby.  Stan had an afternoon half day trip with Lance and his son, Matthew.  They are from Texas but Matthew is attending college in Columbia. MO.  Good day for these new fly fishers on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.