High Water, But Fishing Goes On!

April 23rd, 2014

Rained off and on most of today, Monday).  Should be in the 70s or low 80s through the weekend.  Chances of rain Sunday p.m. into Monday which will take temperatures into the 60s next week. 

Am I sounding like a broken record?  We will see two units all day tomorrow.  At least that’s down from the three units we have experienced the past several days. 

Lots of fishing this past weekend.  Stan on the water Saturday with Jim and Jim, from Kansas.  Bet that was a confusing day.  Good day for them on the big ruby with the size 16 red midge dropper.  It was another guys and gals day Saturday.  Darrell took the guys, Gary and Gary, and Jim had the gals, Judy and Cheryl.  CQ streamer, red midge, black midge and P&P midge were the patterns for them.  New fly fishers from Texas, Jim and Mary, spent half a day with Dana.  Red midge, black midge and red San Juan worm worked for them.  

Mark and his father, Mike spent Sunday morning with Stan.  They also went out again with him on Monday.  Good two days for these guys on the big ruby, red midge and stripping green crackleback under a 5.6 ips sinking

Mike & 17" rainbow - 4/20/14
Mike & 17″ rainbow – 4/20/14


Monday, Jim took Jeff and his son, Matt out for a great day of instruction.  Matt just turned 18 and he has a great life ahead of him enjoying the wonderful art of fly fishing.  Good day for these guys on the CQ streamer and the red midge.  Carolyn finished the second day of instructional/fishing with Scott and his brother, Mark.  Fun guys to fish with.  Wanted to give them the opportunity to learn various presentation techniques.  With the heavy water running at Taneycomo, decided to go to Roaring River.  There they had the opportunity to work emergers, nymph style fish, dry fly and pull steamers.  Mark caught his first fish on a fly rod using a beadhead soft hackle.  What a way to start your fishing experience.   I think Scott caught his first fish on a P&P midge.

Scott - 4/19/14

Scott – 4/19/14

Mark - 4/19/14

Mark – 4/19/14



And Suddenly Everything’s Green!

April 18th, 2014

Driving to work this morning, and what a beautiful drive it is, I looked around and I now see nothing but green….green grass and green trees.  I think it’s almost here!  Looking at 70s through the weekend and into the middle of next week.  Thursday should hit 80 with a slight chance of showers.  Back into the 70s through next weekend.  We still have a slight chance of showers this Sunday, but if we get them, it will be late.  Best chance for showers will be Monday morning.

More of the same with the generation schedule.  2-3 units ran all day yesterday and we expect to see that again today. 

Tough day on the water yesterday for Stan, who took Fred, from Texas, out for half a day.  They worked hard for every fish they caught thanks to more extremes on the amount of water flowing and the number of times they ran it up, then down, then up again!  Big ruby with the size 16 red tunghead d-rib midge.


The Annual Texas Envasion!

April 17th, 2014

Nice sunny, 66 degrees right now with very little (what a change) wind.  And, the wind should stay calm today.  Friday is predicted to be in the low 70s with winds light and variable.  70s through the weekend and into early next week.  Mid week is slowing low 80s.   We do have a slight chance for Sunday showers continuing into Monday.  I think I heard showers would be later in the day Sunday, if we get some.

No change in the generation pattern here on Taneycomo….it continues to run non-stop.  All I can say is that we are at 915.8′ on Table Rock Lake right now.

Our annual group from Texas arrived this week.  They are infiltrated by one guy from New York and another from California.  Three boats of these guys on the water Tuesday having a great time and catching fish.  Jim took Lou and Old Timer.  They were catching on the size 10 CQ streamer and the ruby.  Jim also noted they missed and lost quite a few.  Darrell had Jim and Richard.  It was the CQ streamer and big ruby for them too.  Stan had to be different.  His guys, another Richard and Dale, were catching on the black midge and a lightning bug.  It was a cold, windy, day on the water

Richard - 4/15/14

Richard – 4/15/14

 but everyone had a good day catching fish.  Beautiful fish Richard!

Wednesday, Dana took Jeff, from Defiance, MO out for half a day.  They had a good day on the size 16 red midge dropped under the big ruby and also stripping the CQ streamer.  

Yesterday, Stan took Mat from Virginia out for a good day on the water.  Mat was skeptical about catching fish in this much water, but it turned out to be another good day.  Big ruby with either a red midge or lightning bug dropper and stripping the CQ streamer.

A reminder – APRIL 26, Full Day Fly Fishing Clinic.  We still have some room in this clinic if you, or you know someone who wants to get started fly fishing.  Half day classroom working on knots, understanding equipment, and a little bit about bugs in the morning.  After lunch it’s to the water to learn roll cast, pick up and lay down cast and shooting line.  If we’re lucky, we might hook and play a fiah!


The Dogwoods Are Starting To Bloom!

April 13th, 2014

According to the weather forecast, we might be in for some weather later today and into tonight.  Thunderstorms, possibly severe, especially this evening.  This, in turn, will certainly cool down the 80 degree days we have be experiencing.  We even have a freeze watch in effect from Monday evening through Tuesday morning!  But, by Tuesday afternoon, we will be back into the upper 50s and mid to upper 60s through Friday.  The weekend looks like 70s!

Generation has been non-stop for the past seven days.  Pretty much running the equivalent, of course plus or minus, of 2 units every day (100 mwh)  So, we have seen the cfs vary from 8600 to 4400.  Ahh……life in a tailwater!

A whole lot of fishing going on.  Some not so good days, some good days, and some really good days.  Just depends on how much fluctuation of the the water and how much wind we get!  Stan out last Wednesday with
Marvin, from Indiana, and his friend Richard.  Tough day (thank you Mr. Wind), but they caught quite a few fish on the big ruby with the little ruby dropper.  Carolyn had Gary, from Wisconson, out all day.  We managed to find a spot where the wind wasn’t quite so bad and had a good day on the black

Paula - 4/10/14

Paula – 4/10/14

midge under the big ruby or a size 12 cerise San Juan worm.  Paula, from Cleveland, MO. spent the first day of her two day’s fishing with Gina.  They had a good couple days on the big ruby, black midge and blue poison tunghead.  Stan and Carolyn had two couples from Wyoming out for half a day.  Stan took the guys, Ed and Terry, and Carolyn had the ladies, Nancy and Denise.   Stan’s guys are fly fishers and they had a really good day on the big ruby with the black midge dropper.  One of Carolyn’s ladies, Nancy, is pretty new.  After mastering the roll cast, she held her own on catching as did Denise.  Fun couple of ladies to fish with.  We hooked fish on the black midge under the big ruby and the cerise San Juan worm.  Lots of “rodeo catches”!  

Rich - 4/11/14

Rich – 4/11/14

 JP and Rich spent Friday on the water with Carolyn.  The guys worked hard and finished up with a pretty good day.  Fish were spotty, but when it dried up in one place, we’d move and the bit was on again.  Hits were steady all morning.  Best patterns were…..yep! the black midge under the big ruby or cerise San Juan worm.  Stan had Jeff and Karen from Iowa out.  They are both pretty new to fly fishing.  Tough day for them with the heavy currents, but they certainly caught some fish and had a fun morning.  Dana took Kurt and his wife Lynne out for their first half day of fishing with him.  Kurt has been fly fishing for a few years and Lynne is just getting started.  These two are from Texas.  First day a little slower than the second, but they caught fish on the red midge and red San Juan worm   Saturday, Phil and Kellie, from Kansas spent the morning with Darrell.  Good day for these two on the CQ streamer, red midge and the P&P.  Kellie is new to fly fishing and just “wanted to catch one fish”.  Well, after one fish, she wanted to catch another!  Stan and Carolyn had two couples from Florida out all day.

Dawn - 4/12/14

Dawn – 4/12/14

Stan had John and Claire and Carolyn took Dawn and Bill.  Hoot of a day for everyone.  All are pretty good fly flingers and we had a great day on the water.  Same old, same old, big ruby with size 16 black midge and some stripping a holographic green crackleback.  Bill’s bottom bug, the size 16 black midge caught enough fish he dubbed it “the magic fly” .  Needless to say, he took that fly (unfortunately it had broken) home with him.  The group had been fishing in Arkansas for two days before they fished with us so by 4:00 p.m., Claire said her arm had had it!  Time for some R&R and a glass of wine!  I like the way this lady thinks.

And The Rain Came!

April 8th, 2014

And the rain came, and Table Rock Lake went up almost 1/2 a foot in a couple days.  A few scattered showers today, but we are expecting no rain, for at least a couple more days and temperatures into the 70s.  Best chance for rain looks like Sunday, but it will still be in the 70s.  A little cool down early next week, probably due to the chance of rain coming in Sunday.  Temperatures could drop to the low 60s by Monday.

Quite a bit heavier water flows yesterday and again today.  I just have a feeling we are going to see these heavier flows for a few days in order to get Table Rock Lake back to or below power pool.

Before the rains, over the weekend, Stan on the water Saturday with Gary and his friend Bill from the Lee’s Summit area.  Gary told Bill that when they were running water, this was the only

Gary & nice 18" Rainbow - 4/5/14

Gary & nice 18″ Rainbow – 4/5/14

way to get into fish was get in the drift boat with Stan.  They had a good day, especially stripping the holographic green crackleback on the sinking leader.

Bill - 4/5/14

Bill – 4/5/14





Sunday, Gina and Dana took a group from Indiana out for half a day.  Gina took the ladies, Angie and her daughter Kacey, and Dana took the guys, Kevin and his son, Jonathan.  It was a nip and tuck day as to which group was going to catch the most, but the guys edged past the ladies by just a

Kacey - 4/6/14

Kacey – 4/6/14

few fish.  Everyone was new to fly fishing and every one loved it.  I think we definitely have two more lady fly fishers in our midst.  They already loved fishing, now they like fly fishing.  Best 

Angie - 4/6/14

Angie – 4/6/14




patterns were the black or little ruby under an egg pattern or the red midge or P&P under the big ruby. 

Kevin & Jonathan - 4/6/14

Kevin & Jonathan – 4/6/14




Jim was out with Jimmie and his friend, Joe, from Florida.  They all had a good day stripping a size 12 CQ streamer or a size 12 holographic green crackleback….of course on a sinking line.  They also did well drifting a size 18 black midge.

And Another Windy Day!

April 6th, 2014

I know we will be begging for wind come July, so why do we have to get all of it now.  Friday we had 30mph plus gusts and yesterday afternoon was not far behind it.  Today is supposed to be 8-10 mph.  Hope so.  Yesterday managed to get into the 50s.  Weather forecast says we will get there again today, and we’ll probably make it.   60s for Monday and Tuesday, then into the 70s right through Saturday.  By Sunday we have a pretty good chance for rain.  Let’s hope that changes

Generation continues to be almost non-stop.  Off yesterday morning until 6:00 a.m., then they fired uptwo units, then three.  It finally settled to a low two for the rest of the day.  Projection is for generation through Monday. 

Stan on the water Friday with two Davids, Jr. and Sr. from Oklahoma.  The guys caught and quick released quite a few fish, but it certainly did not fish as well as it had been last week.  Best patterns were the lightning bug under the big ruby.  Well, that’s which they call it fishing.



Cherry Blossom and Pear Trees Think It’s Spring!

April 3rd, 2014

Bit of a stormy day today. Rained pretty hard this morning and we are under a tornado watch until 5:00 p.m.  Of course, with these wonderful weather conditions, the generators were off this morning!  They did turn them on at noon and we now have two units generating 6440 cfs of water with Taneycomo tailwater level at 706.6  This is only the second time in eight days that we have seen a no generators.  Starting to see lots of cherry blossoms and pear trees in bloom, along with the spring flowers.  I hope it is a sign that Spring weather (excluding all the rain) is right around the corner!

After we get through today, the next chance for rain looks like next Tuesday.  Temperatures are cooling down a little into the low 60s through the middle of next week then back into the 70s.

That one other day we had a window of no generators was this past Monday.  Dana got on the water early with his fishers, Bob and Bill from Texas.  Started out to be another great day on the water until the water came on around 10:00 a.m.  Up to then, they were have a wonderful fish day on the blue poison, copper dun and rusty midges.  Darrell got on the water around 9:00 a.m. with his folks from Vermont, Bill and Dee.  Off to a good start for them too on the black copperhead midge and the ruby midge.  Stan hit the water a little later and had just rowed Mike, up river a little ways and three horns blew.  It took a matter of minutes and the river turned to a murky river with lots of junk in it.  Stan did and about face and came off the river.  Mike’s trip to be taken another day when the conditions are good.  Darrell and his fishers caught a couple more fish as they were little ahead of the water, but it was off early for them.  Dana’s guys tried for a little while longer; had lunch and came in.  Life in a tailwater!

Tuesday the projection was for generation and we had water.  Bill and Chong from Delaware had a half-day trip

Chong - 4/1/14

Chong – 4/1/14


with Carolyn  These two are engaged and I think Bill, who is an avid fly fisher, is hoping to get Chong into fly fishing   With a little work on the roll cast, some mending work and line handling, Chong was bringing in trout.  Of course, she had to catch the largest fish.  They had a good day on the black copper-head midge under the big ruby, or a lightning bug.  


Bill - 4/1/14

Bill – 4/1/14



Bill and Bea, from Kansas City were out with Stan.  They had a wonderful time and day catching fish on the lightning bug and the black midge.  They loved the Havarti cheese and chocolate chip cookies too!  Jim had Erik and his son, Brian out all day.  Brian is fairly new to fly fishing so they worked on technique and caught fish on the ruby midge, black zebra midge and stripping the holographic green crackleback. 

Another good day Tuesday.  Maybe not quite as good as the day before, but still a very good day.  Peter, from Kansas, spent half a day on the water with Carolyn.  Started out the morning catching fish on a size 16 blue poison dropped from the big ruby.  Found some quieter water and finished up the trip with either the size 16 red midge or black midge under the size 16 lightning bug.  Had a few hits on a red soft hackle and pulled a couple with the CQ streamer.  Meanwhile, Stan and Jim had Mac and his friend John and their two sons, Hugo and Jonathan, out for half a day.  Jim, being the grandfather figure he is, took the two boys, and Stan took Mac and John.  The boys caught fish drifting the big ruby with a black midge dropper and Jim helped them out throwing the size 12 CQ streamer.  Stan’s guys were catching most of their fish on the lightning bug.

Things Are Looking Up!

March 31st, 2014

Some nice weather the past few days, even with the wind.  Nice today, in the 70s, and we can expect the same tomorrow with a slight chance of showers later tomorrow afternoon.  Tuesday we might see mid 60s, then back into the 70s for Wednesday and Thursday.  Bad news there is both of these day have possibility of showers….40% on Wednesday and 70% on Thursday.  Clearing and 60s through the weekend. 

Low generation yesterday afternoon and again today.  Tomorrow the projection is for no generation other than 1 hour at 8:00 a.m.  Otherwise, no generation! 

Carolyn on the water Friday with Joe from Texas.  He and Pam had taken our two-day fly fishing school last year and decided it was time to do some fishing.  Unfortunately, Pam did not go with us as it was a little cool Friday.  Many times during the day, Joe and I both said “we wished Pam was with us” as it was such a good day on the water.  Best patterns on this overcast day were the blue poison or copperhead black zebra under the big ruby.  It fished well just about everywhere we tried.

Saturday, Dana took Mark from West Plains out for the day. Mark had a good  Happy Birthday day catching fish stripping the holographic green crackleback.  This was a birthday present from his wife.   This was Mark’s first experience fishing Taneycomo and he thought it was a pretty nice fishery.  Living in West Plains, he fishes the North Fork of the White, 11 Pointe River as well as parts of the White in Arkansas.  Jim had Ron and his son, Ben, from Maine on the water for half a day.  Cool thing for these guys.  Ron needed to get some more training for the work he does and his son had recently joined the Marines.  Somehow, they both wound up at Ft. Leonard Wood for their training at the same time.  This trip was some quality time together doing something they both like.  They had a good day too on the holographic green crackleback.  Joel and his son, Gary, spend the morning with Stan.  Lots of fish for these guys drifting lighting bug.  Carolyn had Rick and Kristi from St. Louis out for half a day.  We started out the morning with the faster water catching fish on the big ruby with either a red midge ot the blue poison midge dropper.   

Kristi - 3/29/14
Kristi – 3/29/14

Later in the day, we found our own special fishing hole and spent the rest of the trip using  the copperhead black zebra midge under a copper dun or P&P midge.  Good couple to fish with and good, fun trip.  We had this one gorgeous rainbow that kept swimming by and distracting both of them causing them to miss a lot of hits.  Finally, Rick hooked her.  This is one of those time when I wished I had a better quality camera as the picture I took does not get close to doing this fish justice!


Rick - 3/29/14

Rick – 3/29/14

Good news was the fish stayed away from them for a while so they started hooking more fish as the distraction was gone!

Ron and Ben had so much fun Saturday, they came back and booked another trip for Sunday.  So, Darrell took them out for half a day.  Another good day for these guys on the big ruby, the lightning bug and again stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Stan had Joel and Gary out for a second day of frolicking in the river, and another good day for them!

 A couple side bars.  ast weekend, Mary and her daughter Anna took our two-day fly fishing school.  As the water was ripping on Taneycomo the second day, we decided to go to Roaring River to work on techniques.  Mary pulled her first in strippng a CQ streamer, and Anna hooked her first fish nymping with the blue poison.  But, the highlight of the day was Anna’s first on a dry fly, a size 22 BWO

Anna's 1st on dry fly - 3/24/14

Anna’s 1st on dry fly – 3/24/14

My coment to her was “do you know how many years it was before I caught a fish on a dry fly?”  What a way to start!   I hope Mary and Anna keep sharing this great sport!





Quality Spring Break Time!

March 25th, 2014

Weather has not been too bad, but certainly has room for improvement.  Yesterday it maybe got into the 50s but we still had wind.  Today we will struggle to get to the upper 40s, but not as much wind.  Looke like upper 50s tomorrow then into the 60s through Saturday and 70s for Sunday and Monday.  Could we be so lucky?  Some chances for rain Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

So far the past seven days, we have seen non-stop generation.  Today they started out with the equivalent of one unit and kicked it to two units, then three and back to two for most of the remainder of the day.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  We are at or almost at power pool (915.0 ft) right now.

Last Thursday, Jim took Jim and his future son-in-law, Arthur our for half a day.  Fair day for these guys on the big ruby and a brown SJ worm.  Arthur is a new fly fisher, so there was a bit of instructional time.  

James - 3/21/14

James – 3/21/14

Friday, Carolyn took richard and his son, James out for half a day.  James is on Spring Break and they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to go fishing!  Glad to say, James is now a “fly flinger”.  Caught his first rainbow on a black midge.  Also doing a pretty good job of handling a fly rod.    Richard and Thomas from Oklahoma spent all day on the river with Stan Saturday.  They had a great day on the lightning bug.  Fishing has been slow in the upper part of the lake with the colder than normal water temperatures.  Stan took these guys into Turkey Creek where the water is warmer, and the bite was on.  Quite a bit of company as lots of folks were fishing this area.   Jim had Dale, and his daughter, Paige (who is on Spring Break) out for half a day.  This was Paige’s first time with a fly rod.  I believe she “pick and rolled” a few fish and got one into the boat.   Cory and Brian from Kansas, spent half a day with Darrell.  They had a slow day, but did catch fish on the big ruby and the black zebra midge.  Sunday brought another trip to Turkey Creek for Stan as he took  Scott and his daughter (yep, Spring Break) Emily, there to learn how and catch some fish.  Fun day for Dad and daughter.

More New Fly Fishers!

March 20th, 2014

Beautiful day today.  Sunny, not a lot of wind, and temperatures to be close to 70.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another today….weatherwise.  Through the weekend, we will see a drop in temperatures; into the 50s and partly sunny.  This cold front will stay with us through the middle of next week, but by Thursday, we will move into the low to mid 60s.  However, right now there is a chance of rain by next Friday. 

Projection for today is lots of water all day.  May drop it back around noon, but it will still be around 705-706 feet elevation.  No clue what tomorrow will bring, but I think we will see some water.  Table Rock Lake is now at 915.1 feet due to the rain and snow we had last weekend.

Gina had a fun day on the water with two new fly fishers, Jordan and Nick.  Jordan took our full day fly fishing clinic last year and know this was the sport for him.  He brought along his friend Nick and they spent half a day with Gina learning and catching. 

Jordan - 3/19/14

Jordan – 3/19/14

Best patterns stripping were the CQ streamer and tiger tail.  Drifting was the blue poison tungsten beadhead in a size 16.  Jordan and Nick have been friends since third grade and will now probably be fishing buddies for life. 

Nick - 3/19/14

Nick – 3/19/14

Welcome to the wonderful world of fly fishing!!!