March 15th, 2021

The Corps opened up five spillways this morning at 9:00 a.m.  These spillways will release at 5000 cfs.  This plus three generators will result in a total output of 15000 cfs.  Not certain how long we will see this flow, but we are currently over power pool by more than a foot and a half.

A Little Wet Around Here!

March 14th, 2021

Quite a bit of rain the past few days and we are expecting some more today.  Hopefully, it is dry Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday is currently showing a 60% chance for some more rain.  Then the chances go way down until next week.  Temperatures Monday and Tuesday are going to be low 70s!  Low 60s by Tuesday then several cooler days.

Needless to say, with all this rain, Table Rock lake has come up about 1-1/2 feet since Friday.  It will be at power pool (915′) this morning.  It will definitely come up some more but how much depends on how much rain we get yet today.

With all the rain, they have increased the generators to two units at this time.  Darren on the water Friday with Lou and Mary from Illinois.  Tough day!  They worked hard for a few hits.

Yesterday, Ron and his friend Brad, fished with Darren.  Another tough day, but they did land some fish on the eggstacy egg and a San Juan worm.

Ketchup Time!!

March 5th, 2021

A little cool and overcast today.  High should be mid 50s and a little rain.  Saturday through Tuesday, it’s low to upper 60s.  By Wednesday, low 70s.  Thursday some rain is showing  up in the forecast.  50-60% chances through Saturday, and the temperatures drop down to the mid to upper 50%.  Week away so it will probably change.

For the past week we have seen the equivalent of a low one unit almost all day.  The exception some mornings around 8:00 or 9:00 is that they might run two units for one to three hours and then shut it back down to a low one the balance of the day.  Today, I think they ran a low two for an hour then back to the low one (35 mwh).  At the low level, there are several places where you can get into the water and wade.

Jeff – 2/27/21

Now to get caught up on trips.  Last Saturday, Darren took Jeff and Kirk from Kansas out for half a day.  Good day for these guys on the ruby 2 or black copper head midges.

Kirk – 2/27/21

They fished mainly at the island across from the hatchery down to the boat ramp.  Fished best for

Scott – 2/27/21

them early while the sun was still out.  Scott from Iowa was fishing with Dana.  They had a good day too on the ruby 2 under the big ruby and stripping the JQ streamer.  They were mainly fishing the south bank across from the boat ramp.   Carolyn was on the water with Sheryl and Tabby.  They are getting ready to a trip to Montana this year and wanted to refresh their casting and work on dry fly and streamer presentation, so we spent most of our time doing this.  I can tell you they were not hitting well on streamers this day as we were fishing those.  On the drift out, we did throw the ruby 2 under the big ruby and they brought several fish to the boat.

Derek – 2/28/21. 22″ rainbow

Sunday, Dana and Derek from here in Missouri spend the day with Darren.  Really good day for these guys on a double egg rig or the black copperhead midge.  Their clue for the egg pattern were the number of redds they spotted while on the water.  Fished from the island

Dana – 2/28/21

up by the hatchery all the way through.  Best place was probably the north bank up from Fall Creek.

Nikki and Jeramiah fished with

Nikki – 3/2/21

Dana this pas Tuesday.  Good day for these guys on either a size 10 or 12 gray scud.  They fished from the root wad down to the boat ramp.  Nikki had a fun day.













Hope This Is The End Of The Snow!

February 18th, 2021

Wow!  What a weather event we have had.  Thank heavens we don’t get this kind of weather very often.  This will do us for the next 15-20 years!  About eight inches of snow was the final total.  Not bad in most places, but the hills around here make that a little too much snow.  Along with that, we had sub-zero temperatures for a couple days.  Woke up Tuesday and it was -12.  We don’t get that too often around here either.  The good news is that it was a beautiful snow, and it is in the process of melting!!!

Needless to say, with all the demand for power, the generation pattern has been all over the board.  Generally, no more than two units for several hours, then down to a low two or a high one, then back up again.  Bottom line though, it is running 24/7.

Haven’t seen anyone on the river for a few days, but certain when the weather breaks, which it is scheduled to do this coming weekend, they will be back on the river fishing.  And, fishing should be good.



Back To Three Units!

January 30th, 2021

Looks like a damp, dreary day today.  The only good part about it is that it will be in the mid 50s.  BUT, Sunday goes north.  Upper 30s and overcast with a possibility of sprinkles or flurries.  Low 40s Monday and low 50s Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday looks wet and temperatures in the upper 40s.  Friday might make upper 30s and by Sunday it might make upper 20s.  Burrrr

With all the rain we had last weekend, Table Rock Lake went up a foot and a half.  So, by Wednesday morning they cranked up the generators to three and that’s what they have been running 24/7 since then.  It has been steadily coming down, but we are forecast to have some more rain today.   At any rate, even if we just get a little more rain, it will be several days before we are back at power pool.

Allen – 1/29/21

Nice day yesterday and Dana was on the water with Allen from Kansas.  Allan had a good day on the water fishing the big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.  Several quality fish to the boat.  Plus it was just a pretty day.

Low One Unit Today!

January 23rd, 2021

Pretty cool and overcast today.  We even had a short bout of sleet!  Sunday looks like low 50s with chances for rain, especially in the evening and into Monday.  Monday is saying upper 50s, but rain.  A cool down Tuesday and Wednesday.  Upped 30s to l0w 40s.  By Next weekend, we might see low to mid 50s and no rain.

Today, tomorrow and Monday, the generation is showing a low one unit.  This raised the water about 2 feel or just a little more.  Generation was as projected today, so we can hope the schedule holds true to the projection.  Only thing that could change that is the rain forecast for Sunday night and into Monday.  If the lake goes up, they might increase the releases.

Because of the low generation today, quite a few people were in the water fishing.  Sounds like it was pretty good, especially on midges and scuds.

Dana on the river Wednesday with Preston and his daughter, Raegan.  Slow day for them, but they did get some fish to the boat on the ruby 2 and ruby midges, and a red San Juan worm.  They also lost a couple really nice ones.

With this nice weather we are getting here and there in January you better get in the river and catch a few fish!



Nice Weather For January!

January 19th, 2021

We’re having a few nice days for this time of the year.  Yesterday, it was in the mid 50s.  Tomorrow and Thursday look like more of the same.  Mid 40s for Friday and Saturday, and then Sunday looks like back into the mid 50s again.  Bad news about Sunday is that there is a 50% chance for rain.  We will see…….

Water continue to run at the equivalent of two units 24/7.  Table Rock is below pool, so maybe we will see some relief someday.  Water looks good.  It is clear, the DO is 10.9 to 11 ppm and the temperature is 47.5 degrees.

Paul – 1/16/21

Darren on the river last Saturday with DaWain and his friend Paul.  These guys are from Oklahoma

DaWain – 1/16/21

and DaWain has fished with us before.  They had a fun day catching on the black copperhead midge and a red tungsten beaded San Juan worm.  It was a little nippy that day but catching fish warmed them up!

Linda – 1/18/21

Monday, Carolyn took John and his wife, Linda out for half a day.  Looked like it was going to be a little chilly, but the day turned out to be pretty nice even though it was overcast all day.  Good news, no wind!  Fun day and a great day for Linda who has not been fly fishing for quite a while.  About her third fish was a beautiful 20 inch rainbow.  We were fishing the ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Fun Start To The New Year!

January 6th, 2021

After a couple gorgeous weather days, it looks like we are in for a little weather.  High today might hit mid 40s with chances for showers most of the day.  These showers might change to a wintry mix very early tomorrow morning and stay with us through the commute time.  The high tomorrow should be in the low 40s.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will see dry weather with highs in the mid 30s.  No moisture in the forecast for the next 8-10 days, and temperatures will start creeping up into the mid 40s and low 50s by next weekend.

We have seen three units generating at the equivalent of two generators since mid-day New Year’s day.  Table Rock is a little over a half foot above normal power pool for this time of the year (915′).  Can’t say when it might cut back, but possibly when they hit power pool.  Beaver is also about a half a foot above power pool, so they have been running Beaver into Table Rock 24/7 since New Years.

Aaron – 1/5/21

Beautiful, fun day Tuesday for Carolyn.  She took Mike and his son, Aaron out for a half day float.  Not very long after we started the drift, Aaron hooked up with a nice rainbow on the ruby 2 midge under the big ruby.  After his second hookup on another nice fish, we changed Dad, Mike, to the same patterns.  Then it was

Mike – 1/5/21

Mike’s turn.  We hit a few slow to no hit places along the drift, but for the most part it was pretty active.   Good start to the New Year!


January 2nd, 2021

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable new year.  Weather went a little “south” for the New Year.  We had cold rain but most areas west, north and east of us had freezing rain, snow, and/or sleet.  Today is another cold day with chances of cold rain or snow.  Good news is that Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all look like they will be in the 50s.  Then 40s set in again for a few days with slight chances of some type of moisture.

Generation  schedule has been pretty steady with the equivalent of one or a low one unit running every day.  Yesterday, however, around 3:00 p.m. they cranked on three units for several hours and still have a little more than two units running today.  Must have some power needs somewhere as the projection through the weekend was the equivalent of a low one unit.

John – 12/27/20

Darren on the water last Wednesday with John and Jamie.  They blew up and down the river catching on the red San Juan worm with

Jamie – 12/27/20

the tungsten bead, the copperhead black and silver black midges.  Don’t remember what the wind speeds were, but it was vicious!

Needless to say, after putting on my gear to hit the water for the first time in 2021, I was a tad upset to find out they turned on three units.  However, as tradition would have it, gotta be standing in the water and fishing on the first day of the New Year.  Found a way to get down to the creek that comes in on the north side of the river upstream from the boat ramp.   Not much room, but there is a descent seam on that bend so I put on my big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper and roll cast it into the river.  Good drift down and “bam” first fish of the New Year on my first cast.  Hummmm, it

First Fish of 2021!

might be a good day after all.  Several more casts and nothing but I persisted.  Finally, hooked another one, missed a couple, hooked the tree upstream from me, missed another, then hooked another.  Few more nothing drifts, then a take which I missed and sent my flies into the tree again.  Okay!  I have had a good day and rolled everything up and went back to work.  Happy New Year!


December 22nd, 2020

We are having our Christmas present a few days early.  Weather yesterday and today in the 60s.  Wednesday we are looking at a drop in temperature and chances of rain toward evening.  Christmas eve is burrrr.  High of 34 and a low of 20.  Christmas day will be in the low 40s.  Good news is that the weekend will probably see low 50s.

Continue to see the equivalent of one low generator all day every day for the past four days.  The dissolved oxygen is in the double digits at 10.1 ppm +/-.  Nice!

Joe – 12/17/20

Carolyn on the water last Thursday with Steve and Joe.  Fun day and the fish were happy.  Very good day on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  The quality of the fish caught was great.  Plus it was a beautiful, warm day!

Shen and Matt from Arkansas were on the water with Darren Saturday.  They had a good day on the red San Juan worm.