March Came In Like A Lamb!!

March 3rd, 2022

March definitely came in like a lamb.  We have had 70s and even 80s yesterday and I think again today.  We will have another nice day tomorrow into Saturday with temperatures in the 70s, but Saturday will probably see some afternoon storms and a drop in temperatures through Sunday (with more rain) down to the 40s by Monday.  Then we will see 50s Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly 60 by Thursday.  Unfortunately, right now it looks like another cool down, 40s, for next weekend.

No change in water flow, two to three units switching back and forth all day every day.  Probably won’t see much change until we get down to the desirable pool level on Table Rock and then they might cut back, or get more rain and then they will continue running.

Chris – 2/28/22

Darren on the river Sunday with Chris from Kansas.  They had a pretty good dry on a beadhead scud combo, and the P&P midge.

Monday and Tuesday, Darren took Bill and his son, Ty out fo

Ty – 2/28/22

Bill – 2/28/22

r a couple of half days.  New fly fishers, and they landed some fish on a #14 scud, and black/flash wooly bugger.  Had to learn how to pull streamers.

Wednesday, Dana had Jim and Jean from South Dakota out for the day.  They caught fish on the surveyor, a mega worm, and an orange egg pattern.  Jim was out for Derek and his two sons,  Pretty much instructional for the two boys but they brought in a few fish on a JQ streamer and a red midge.

Beautiful Weekend!

February 22nd, 2022

Great weather over the weekend, especially Sunday.  Temperature hit low 70s and lots of sunshine.  Only downside was the wind, but it didn’t hurt fishing any.  Unfortunately, we are in for another wintery blast starting today and through Thursday.  Temperature went from upper 50s this morning to the current 34.  Tomorrow’s high will be 30 with sleet and perhaps some freezing rain.  Thursday will be more of the same.  Friday will be dry but temperatures still in the low 30s.  Burrrr!

We had a couple days of generation all day.  Sunday was the best as they ran two units all day.  Today we are back into the two to four units on during the morning hours, then off for a few hours then back on.

Three boats on the water Sunday.  As I said, it was a beautiful day except for the wind and they ran two units all day.  Dana took Cody

Jason – 2/20/22

out again.  They were catching on the JQ streamer, an orange egg pattern and the ruby 2.  Darren had Terry and Jason, from Kansas, on the water.  Goo day for them on a #14 tan scud, zebra midges, and a tungsten surveyor.   Mack and his fiance, Kelly,

Kelly – 2/20/22

also from Kansas, fished with Carolyn.  This was Kelly’s second time with a fly rod and she did well.  Fun day on a red San Juan worm dropped from

Mack – 2/20/22

the big ruby or pulling a JQ streamer on a 4 ips sinking leader.

Monday, Darren took Wayne and Diana out for half a day.  They had a good time and caught fish on a #14 scud and a #12 bead head scud.

Diana – 2/21/22

Part of their

Wayne – 2/21/22

highlight for the day was our pet goose, Murphy, who shows up every year around March and then disappears by June.

Diana feeding Murphy

Up and Down Weather

February 17th, 2022

Yesterday it was in the 60s.  Today it is in the 20s.  Had some rain this morning which was heavy at times, but I don’t think we received the amount they were thinking.  We have a slight chance for a few snow showers this afternoon, and temperatures remaining in the 20s.  Tomorrow will warm up to the mid 40s by afternoon.  Sunday and Monday will be great.  Low 60s Sunday and upper 60s Monday.  The bummer is that rain will be moving in Monday night and into the morning Tuesday.   Temperatures will start dropping again Tuesday afternoon and be in the low 30s for Wednesday and Thursday.  Back to the 40sfor next weekend.

Other than Wednesday, when they had the water off all day, the pattern continues to be two to four units running for four or five hours in the morning, then off until the afternoon when they turn on two to four units again for four to five hours.

Carolyn on the water this past Monday with John and Jaimi from Oklahoma.  One of those tough days.  Jaimi had three to four fish on and brought one in.  A few other hits and that was it.  All her action was stripping an olive Tiger Tail.  We’ll give it another try later this year.

Few More Nice Days Before……Snow?!

February 13th, 2022

Looks like Monday through Wednesday will be in the upper 50s to low 60s.  Bad news about Wednesday is that we’ll probably see some thunderstorms developing later in the day.  Thursday is the bummer day.  High in the mid 30s with rain and snow in the a.m. and transitioning to snow showers in the afternoon. Friday will see upper 40s but will start out in the low 30s.  Back to the mid to upper 50s next weekend and low 60s Monday.

Not much change in generation pattern.  Two to four units for four to five hours during the morning, then off for five to six hours then back on for another four to five hours.  At least it gives us some wade time during the late morning or afternoon hours.

Chris – 2/7/22

Darren on the water last Sunday and Monday all day each day with Chris from Kansas.  They had a pretty good day catching in the upper area on scuds and midges.

Friday, Dana took Kevin and his daughter Haley out for half a day.  Catching mainly on the black copperhead midge

Haley – 2/11/22

and an orange egg pattern. 

Snow Is Almost History!

February 9th, 2022

We got dumped on last Thursday and Friday.  Probably received at least 8 inches of snow in most places.  Maybe a little more in a few.  Good news is that we have had beautiful weather the past couple of days and are expecting more today and tomorrow (upper 50s to low 60s!).  Unfortunately, it will cool down for the weekend.  Cold front is coming in Friday night so we will see upper 30s Saturday and low 40s Sunday for a high.  Temperatures start warming back up into the 50s but rain is peeking up it head by Wednesday and Thursday.  So, let’s enjoy these next few days!

Carla – 1/31/22

Carolyn on the river a week ago this past Monday with Carla.  Fun day!  Carla is fairly new to fly fishing and she wanted to learn as much as she could.  Catching was not great, but we did have some hits on a black copperhead midge.  And, she brought a nice one to and into her net all by herself!  It was one of those days where they had had lots of water running during the morning hours so by the time we got to the water, the fish were full.  Did not even see very many fish that day.  But, like I said, it was a fun day!

Jim on the water Sunday with a fairly new fly fisher, Joe.  They worked on skills, especially hook sets.  Brought some fish to the boat on a JQ streamer, black and ruby midge.

We’ll Take 50s Any Day This Time Of The Year!

January 27th, 2022

Weather has been up and down.  Monday, it was in the mid 50s with lots of sunshine, and lots of wind!  Tuesday it dropped into the low 30s for a high.  Had more of the same yesterday.  Today it got a little warmed…lot 40s.  Back to the 30s tomorrow, but Saturday through Tuesday looks like more 50s.  We’ll take it!

Water continues to run during the morning hours.  Two to four units on during the morning hours, then off around 11:00 or so for four to five hours, then back on with the generators for four to five hours and back off again.  At least we are getting some off time.

Don – 1/24/22

Carolyn on the water Monday with Dean and his brother Don.  Fun day as the weather was nice.  The fishing was not real fast and furious, but we did catch some on the black copperhead and ruby 2 midges, and a gray scud.  Also had a couple on the holographic green crackleback.  This was Don’s first time with a fly rod and he did very well.


A Little Nippy Out There

January 20th, 2022

12 degrees this morning and think we have hit the high for today….23 degrees!  The good news is that the sun it out.  Tomorrow the high should be 32 and this weekend, we will see mid to high 40s.  Monday will be the best day for a while with a low 50s in the forecast.  Tuesday and Wednesday look like low 30s then moving back into the 40s for the rest of the week.  Weekend might see low 50s.  And, no more precipitation in the near future.

They continue to run two to four units during the morning hours, then off some time from 11:00a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Today we will only see about three hours of no generation as they are turning two units on at 4:00 for an hour then back up to four units.

Paul – 1/13/22

Carolyn on the water last Thursday with Charlotte and Paul from Arkansas.  Beautiful, fun day!  It was a ruby 2 or black copperhead midge day for catching fish.  We also caught a some stripping the tiger tail.  New experience for these two and they liked pulling streamers.

Saturday, Darren took Matt to spend the day in the blinding snow!  Despite the cold hands

Matt – 1/15/22

and numb fingers, they had a fun day and caught lots of fish.

Tuesday, Dana took Codey out for half a day.   Fun day for them on the black copperhead midge and an orange egg pattern.  Darren was out with Bill

Bill – 1/18/22

and his son Brad.  They too had a fun day on the orange egg pattern, gray scuds, and a copper dun midge.

Brad – 1/18/22


January 2nd, 2022

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday it was 56 degrees and today it’s 25….even with the sun out!.  Looks like we are in for some normal January weather over the next week.  Temperatures in the mid 40s tomorrow and Tuesday; Wednesday and Thursday 35 then 24 with chances for light snow Thursday.  Back to the low 50s and some mid to upper 40s over the weekend into the following week.

Generation has been mostly two or three units during the morning hours, then off until afternoon when they fire up two to three units sometimes four again for a few hours.  Off very late into the next morning and back on again for a few hours.  New Year’s day they had it off until late afternoon.  Ran it this morning and were supposed to turn it off at noon.  So far, don’t think they have.

Great finish of 2021 and a great start to 2022!  Dana on the water

Jim with 21″ rainbow – 12/29/21

Saturday with Dennis and Jim.  Dennis is from Kansas and I believe Jim was from Texas.  They had a good day on a black copperhead midge.  Water was going down when they hit the river so they stayed high.  Nice weather, good fishing.  Jim caught a beautiful 21 inch rainbow.

Sunday, Carolyn took her regulars, Ron and Kathy from Louisiana, out for half a day.  They had a good day, especially

Kathy – 12/30/21

Kathy, on the ruby 2 midge dropped under the red D-ribbed midge.

New Year’s eve day, Carolyn had Dean from Kansas on the water again.  Again the water was dropping when they hit the river so they stayed high.  First cast of the morning, Dean hooked a 23-1/2″ rainbow

Dean & 23-1/2″ rainbow – 12/31/21

on a black copperhead midge.  There were catching times and slow times, but overall it was a good day!  Black copperhead midge was the ticket early, they they switched off to the ruby 2.  Fun last day of the year!  And what a gorgeous day!  At one time the temperature was 72 degrees.


New Year’s day, I took myself to the river and fished for just long enough to catch my first trout of the New Year.  Of course, after landing one, I had to land a few more.   Great way to start the New Year!  Let’s hope it just keeps going this way.



Great December Weather!

December 28th, 2021

Had some rain this morning, but the day has turned out warm and sunny.  Chance for some showers tomorrow and the high will be in the mid 50s.  Thursday and Friday looks like low 60s with rain possibly developing Friday afternoon.  New Years day will be in the mid to upper 40s and Sunday will flat be cool….low 30s.  Warm up is the current trend for next week.

Generation has been a low one most of the day with spurts of two to three units for a short period some time during the day.  Today it was off until 6:00 when they fired up two units for an hour, then three for a couple hours and back to two for an hour.  It is currently off and will remain off until 4:00 when it will go back to two.  We had a brief period of off water yesterday afternoon also.  This would be a nice trend for a while.

Stephanie – 12/27/21

Carolyn on the water yesterday with some new fly fishers from Texas, Mike and Stephanie.  Fun day, except for the water.  When we hit the water, they had four units going full board.  While we were drifting, the water dropped to two units, a low two units, back up to three, then down to two and finally completely off.  Made for some tough fishing, but we managed to land several, and nice ones, on a black copperhead midge.

Warm Days……Freezing Days!

December 12th, 2021

Well, it’s that time of the year.  One day we have had 70 degree plus and the next day the high is 45 degrees.  Looks like a trend that is continuing for the next couple of weeks.  Next week looks like warm days Tuesday and Wednesday and then possibility of rain and cooler temperatures.  Following week might hit low 60s toward the end of the week.

Little change in generation schedule.  Low to a full one unit most of the day.  Little bumps during the day up to a low or two two units for a short period of time.

Darren on the water last Monday with Steve.  Good day for them on the P&P midge under the big ruby.  Nice quality of fish!.

Watch for those nice days and get on the water.  Fishing is definitely picking up!