Lots Of Fishing and Lots of Catching!

Weather has been nice.  Sunny days and the wind has laid down a little.  Tonight might see rain but 70s tomorrow and party sunny.  Chances for showers each day Thursday through Sunday but temperatures in the 70s.  Monday through Wednesday next week are sunny and 70s to 80s.

Other than Sunday, we have seen a couple units on for a hour or more then off most of the day.  Back on for a couple hours during the late evening.  Sunday they ran two to three units almost all day.  Today a couple units were on this morning and the rest of the day will be off.

Dana on the water late Wednesday with one of his regulars, George.  They had a good day on the black copperhead midge.  Ron and Kathy from Louisiana fished with Carolyn.  They also had a good day but with the Ruby 2 and P&P midges and an orange egg pattern.

David – 04/18/24

Thursday, David and Sandy from Kansas fished with Dana.  Tougher day but they caught some fish on the P&P midge.

Friday was a group of guys.  Dana had Pat and Steve.  Carolyn took the newbies Ed and Jerry.  Jim had John and Kelly.  Fun day for everyone.  Dana’s guys caught on the P&P midge.

Jerry – 4/19/24

Carolyn’s guys were fishing the Ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.  John and Kelly with Jim were fishing the ruby, micro  and P&P midges.  Dana and Jim fished mainly up below the root wad.  Carolyn stayed just above the narrows.

Saturday, Dana took Gary and Terry from Texas out for a 6-hour day.  Worked hard and caught fish on the P&P, black copperhead and Ruby 2 midges.  Mainly fished below the root wad.

Over the weekend, Gary and Carolyn had an Orvis two-day fly fishing school.   Great group of folks.  The highlight of the class was during the time when they go to the water to work on the various presentations.

Jeannie – 4/21/24

Jeannie from Oklahoma hooked into a 21 inch rainbow using 6x tippet.

Great job Jeannie getting that fish to the net.

Paula – 4/22/24

Monday, Gina took Michael and Paula out for half a day.  Good day for them on the black copperhead

Michael – 4/22/24

and ruby 2 Midges.

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