Getting Much Needed Rain!

Rain Thursday and Friday.  Saturday held off, but lots more early this morning and off and on today.  Looks like Monday and Tuesday will be dry, with chances for rain coming in again Wednesday through Friday.  Temperatures in the 70s and low 80s.

So far, they have been running two units non stop since 10:30 yesterday morning.  Table Rock Lake is almost a foot above power pool for this time of the year.

Jim on the water yesterday with Marshall from Kansas.  Marshall had fished with Jim about three years ago.  Water off yesterday morning and they turned on two units around 10:30.  Tough day.  No best fly for them.  Dana had Briar from Springfield out for half a day.  They too had a tough day.  The last tough day was for Carolyn who had Neil and his daughter, Hailey on the water.  This was Hailey’s first time fly fishing so we worked on casting a little.  When the water came on, it was into the drift boat and down the river we went.  Caught a few fish on the red or cerise San Juan worms under the big ruby.

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