What A Wonderful February We Are Having!

Cannot believe the weather we are having this year in February!  Today it will be in the 70s, as will tomorrow.  Wednesday it looks like 80s!!!  We have had a FEW days in the 30s or 40s but for the most past, it has been 50s and better.  Wednesday will be 40, but back into the 50s and 60s the next couple days.  Long-range forecast is looking good too.

Still running some kind of water non-stop.  For whatever reason, they have been very spastic in the generation schedule.  High two units for four hours, then a low one unit for an hour and back to a low or high two units for a couple more hours, etc. etc.

Dana on the water Thursday and Friday with Scott from Columbia, MO.  Thursday Scott had a good day on the ruby 2 and cream mega worm.  Friday Scott’s wife, Barb joined them and it was the ruby 2 and holographic green crackleback.

Saturday, Chris and his father, John, fished with Dana.  They had a good day on the black copperhead midge and the holographic green crackleback.  Great weather for all these trips!

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