Great Weather!!!!

The weather has been absolutely great!  Warm, sunny days in the 70-80s.  Only negative has been the wind on some of those days.  The cherry blossom trees have been absolutely gorgeous.  The red buds are budding and they look like they are going to be gorgeous!  Can hardly wait for the dogwoods!  We are expecting some much needed rain tomorrow.  Looks like it will come in the afternoon and go into the evening.  Possibly some severe weather is likely.  Friday till be much cooler than we have seen….upper 50s with a slight chance for rain.  Weekend is upper 60s Saturday and upper 50s Sunday.  Monday is looking at upper 40s but back into the 60s the rest of the week.

One or two units on for an hour early in the morning the past few days then zero generation the rest of the day.  No generation showing for tomorrow.  We could certainly use some rain.

Darren on the water Sunday with John and Patty from Oklahoma.  Good day on the P&P midge.  He was back on the water Monday with Matt and his two sons.  They also did well on the P&P midge.

Joey and his friend Willie, took a wade trip with Gary yesterday.  Very good day for these guys on a scud early, then the P&P midge and finished up the day with the Ruby 2 midge.  Carolyn had Susie and Alan on the water.  They also had a very good day on the P&P midge.

Brian – 3/13/24

Brian from Minnesota fished with Dana today.  It was the black copperhead midge and big ruby.

Fishing is good and lots of wading time!

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