What A Start To The New Year!

Terrible weather in January!  Super cold days and lots of them.  Normally February is our coldest month but this year has been different…….so far.  We did get 2-3 inches of beautiful snow yesterday with temperatures in the low 30s (no as bad a January temps).  Today we will see upper 50s and tomorrow low 60s!!  50s until Saturday when the high will be 38!   But, Sunday and Monday return to the 50s.  We’ll take it.

We had been seeing lots of no generation time during the late morning into late afternoon.  However, since last Thursday they have been running non-stop all day.  Have seen some cooler weather and moisture during that time frame.  We are getting some low generation time during the day.  By low generation I mean one unit or less.  This level is wadeable in several places.  Today we will see low generation from 11:00 a.m. until about 5:00 p.m.  I would expect this trend to change soon.

Gary on the water last Tuesday with Jack from here in Missouri.  It was the Ruby 2 midge for them that day.  Worked a lot of different water so Jack can learn all the different places to fish this water.


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