Good Start To The New Year!

Weather has been great for this time of the year.  However, it looks like we might be in the some winter weather starting tomorrow afternoon.  They are forecasting rain most of tomorrow.  Tuesday, it will be windy with snow off and on most of the day.  Good news is that earlier there were forecasting a significant amount of snow.  Now, it looks like we might see an inch or better.  Temperatures will drop to a low in the upper 20s.   Wednesday and Thursday are looking good with temperatures in the mid 40s.  Colder next Friday with the possibility of snow and temperatures in the low 30s.  Saturday through the early part of the following week are the hummers!  Temperatures in the upper teens Friday, 20s Saturday through Monday.  That’s line freezing weather!

Water off all day yesterday and again all day today except for an hour late this afternoon.  Monday we are back to running for several hours during the morning, off around noon and back on for a couple hours around 6:00 p.m.

Mayo and his wife, Alex started the New Year off right.  They spend half a day on the water with Dana last Tuesday.  Fun day catching on the black copperhead midge.

Don’t forget we have free fly tying clinics going on right now.  These are every Saturday morning and run through the first weekend in March.  You need to give us a call if you are interested in attending any of them as class sizes are limited.


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