Happy New Fly Fishing Year!!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Also hope you have a healthy and great New Year!!!

Weather right now….in a word is “burr”.  Highs the past few days have been in the mid 30s, maybe one day in low 40s.  Looking at low to mid 40s this week into the weekend.  Chances of snow showers this coming Friday and again next Tuesday.  That’s a ways off and will probably change.

Other than Sunday when they had the water off all day, we continue to see 2-3 units on in the morning for four hours then off until late afternoon when they turn them back on for four to five hours.

Adlee – 12/27/23

Several folks finished up the end of the year fishing.  Last Wednesday, a family

Cameron – 12/27/23

from Texas, Adam, Brittany, Adlee and Cameron took a wade trip with Gary and Carolyn.  Fun day and everyone caught at least one fish, (except Mom.  She stayed bundled up in

Adam – 12/27/23

the boat).  It was a cream mop fly day.

Thursday, Tim and Shawn fished with Carolyn.

Shawn – 12/28/23

Worked hard for them that day, but landed several on the black copperhead midge.  Gina was out with a couple of her regular guys, Dale and Glen.  They also

Tim – 12/28/23


Dale – 12/28/23

with her on Friday.  A couple of good days for these guys on a black holographic midge and black bugger.

Glen – 12/28/23

Saturday and Sunday, Carolyn had her regular New Year’s Eve fisher, Dean, on the water.  Worked hard Saturday for fish, but Sunday ended the year on a good note!  Lots of beautiful fish and finally, he caught a brown!

Dean – 12/31/23








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