It’s December? Where Did The Year Go?!

Cloudy, rainy day today with temperature in the l0w 50s.  With the rain, there is a chill in the air.  Feels much cooler than it is.  Looks like low to mid 50s until Thursday next week.  Then, back onto the 60s for a few days.

We continue to see generation during the morning hours, then off for a few hours and back on in the afternoon or evening.

Darren on a wade trip last Saturday with Jennifer, Jason and their two children.  Fun day for everyone.  They caught fish on midges and scuds.

Thursday, Darren and Dana took a group from Iowa out.  This was really one of those tough days.  It was cold, windy and tough fishing.  There was really no best fly.

Tom – 11/28/23

Tuesday, Tom from Iowa with with Darren.  Very good day on the back zebra midge under a big ruby.


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