Long Run Of 100 Degree Days!

Looks like we are in for a week of 100 degree days.  Nothing less than that shows up until next Thursday when they are forecasting upper 90s and slight chances or rain!  Whew!  No full day trips for a while.

Still seeing low (and wadeable) water during the morning hours.  Ramping up to two or three units at noon or after.

Dana on the water last Tuesday with Justin and his 9 year old son, Tanner.  Good day for them on the lightning bug and black copperhead midge.

Wednesday, Dana and Darren had a two boat trip for a group of guys from Texas.  Darren took Jacob and Elijah and they were catching on the lightning bug, gray scuds and the lil rusty midge.  Dana had Jay catching on the lightning bug, ruby 2 and cerise San Juan worm.  Since the water was low during the morning hours, everyone stayed above the boat ramp.  These guys were mainly used to salt water fishing but they handled the trout fishing just fine!

Another two boat trip for Dana and Darren on Thursday.  Darren took Mike, and Dana had Suzanne and Janice.  Darren’s guys had a good day on the lightning bug, a UV scud and the lil rusty midge.  Dana had his ladies fishing the ruby 2 midge.

Jim had a boat full on Friday.  One of Jim’s long-time fishers, Carmen brought Ruby and Jeff along for the ride.  They all caught fish on the JQ streamer and Shannon’s Hot Hare’s ear nymph.

Saturday, Darren took Greg, Carson and one other guy on a wade trip.  All fairly new fly fishers and they had a good day on scuds, a mini sculpin and the tiger tail with a holographic green crackleback trailer.  Jim was out again and had a couple new fly fishers, James and Angie.  He worked with them on casting and other necessary techniques so they could catch some fish on the JQ streamer or drifting a scud.

Mark and Bill fished with Dana Sunday.  They were catching on the black copperhead midge.  Jared and Kaycee took an instructional trip with Carolyn.  She worked mainly with Kaycee on her roll cast, regular cast and shooting line.  After a few hours of this, we decided to catch a few fish.  Really foggy that day, but when we found an opening in the fog, it was the lightning bug!



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