Low Generation Every Morning!

Well, another 100 degree day.  However, according to the forecasts, we should start seeing a drop in temperatures over the next week.  As a matter of face, I see 80s in the forecast for Friday and Saturday!  I am also seeing some chances of rain starting Thursday and running through Sunday.  50-60% chances!

So far, they have continued to run low generation during the morning hours.  Cranking up the generation around 1:00-2:00 p.m.  After that, it is two or usually three units until late in the day, when they take it back to a low one unit.

Since more people are wade fishing with the lower generation during the morning hours, we are hearing good feedback from customers on good numbers of fish as well as nice quality and size.  Let’s hope they keep this flow going for a while.

Jim on the water last Friday with Tony and son, Dominic.  Good day for them on a size 8 JQ streamer and a #14 hot hare’s ear.

Sunday, Dana took Summit and Daryn out for the morning.  New fly fishers, so he worked with them on skills for a little before they hit the water.  Caught fish on the ruby 2.

David and daughter, Claire, from Texas, spent Monday morning on the water with Darren.  These folks were also new to fly fishing.  The got several fish to the boat on $16 scuds and the ruby 2.

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