Still Lots Of Water!

Had some more rain following with cooler days.  Today we are in the upper 40s, Monday a little warmer.  By Tuesday, it will be mid 60s and I think and hope we will hit the 70s Thursday through next Sunday.

Still running 2 generators and currently they have 8 spillways open a foot so we are fishing 14,500 plus cfs every day.  Table Rock is at 917.25 feet.  Desired power pool is 915.  It should increase to 916 May 1.

Mike – 4/14/22

Dana on the water with Bill and Steve from Oklahoma last Thursday.  Pretty good day on the mega worm, black copperhead midge and a red d-ribbed midge.  Robert and Mike fished with Darren.

Robert – 4/14/22

They too have a pretty good day on a gray scud, mop fly and the P&P midge.

Friday, Dana had Zach from Kansas on the water half a day for his birthday.  Tough day, but they did catch a few fish on the mega worm.

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