Spillways Off Then On Again!

Weather is all over the board.  Had a couple really cool days, then it warmed up yesterday and today.  Expecting some severe storms tomorrow.  Thursday looks partly sunny and in the mid 60s.  Friday upper 60s and then a slight cool down on the weekend into early next week.  Low 60s and upper 50s.  Next week looks like low 60s.

The 8 spillways closed last Thursday.  In the meantime, we had some more rain, so yesterday, around 1:00 p.m. they opened up 5 spillways about a foot.  Back to 11-12000 cfs.  And, more rain on the way.

Jeff – 4/7/22

Dana on the water with one of his regulars, Jeff, and his friend Ray.  This was Ray’s first time fly fishing and he caught his first trout on a fly rod!  When they hit the water,

Ray’s first trout – 4/7/22


they were running the 8 spillways.  Around 11:00 a.m. they turned them off and they were able to get some fish to the boat.  Had some hits before the shut down, but it was definitely better after the flow shut down a little.  It was a ruby 2 or red d-rib midge day.

Saturday, Darren was out with one of his regulars, Chris from Kansas.  They had a good day on the P&P midge, the big ruby and a scud/egg rig.

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