Lots Of Mornings With No Generation!!!

Weather has been hot!  But, guess that is normal for July.  A few more upper 90s days and they we are seeing a cool down to low 90s and upper 80s.  Possibility of some rain Sunday and Monday.  We can handle that.

Yes, we have seen a whole week of no generation during the morning hours.  Earliest it has come on it 11:00 a.m., and the latest has been 1:00 p.m.  Yesterday it was 11:30 a.m.

Dana on the water last Sunday with Andy and his soon to be son-in-law, Clint.  Good day for these guys on the ruby 2.  With the water off, they stayed high and fished from the root wad down to the boat ramp.

Barrett – 7/27/21

Tuesday, Dana took Cory and Barrett out for half a day.  Again, the water was off so they

Cory – 7/27/21

stayed above the boat ramp.  Ruby 2 and black copperhead midges were the patterns for the trip.

Shayla fish with Dana on Wednesday.  She caught some fish on a peach eggstacy egg pattern and a black copperhead midge.  Carolyn had a couple students out learning presentation, Brad and his son, Steve.  They caught several fish on the ruby 2 midge.  Had a hard time getting them to try other techniques.  LOL

Tyler 7/29/21

Friday, Tyler and his friend Fred fished with Carolyn.  Started out with Tyler catching a nice rainbow on the ruby 2 midge.  Fred landed several on the black copperhead midge.  Dried up pretty quick, so tried several other patterns and the winner was…..the holographic green crackleback.  Finished up the morning landing several stripping the crackleback.  Fun day!


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