A Couple Mornings With No Generation!!!

Weather is starting to warm up.  Low to mid 90s predicted for all next week into the weekend.  Slight chances for rain all week.

We finally had a couple mornings with no generation!!! Friday and Saturday!  Today they are only running 40 mwh until 2:00 p.m. when they will ramp it up to 130-140 for four hours, then back to 40.  The projection for Monday is no generation until noon.  Then, two units for one hour and four units for six hours; back to two for an hour and back off.

Dana on the water last Monday.  He has a couple of brand new fly fishers on the water, Steve and Marcey from Arkansas.  It was a tough day but they caught a few fish on the ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.

Jim had a new fly fisher on the water Tuesday.  A friend gave Tracey,  from New York, a guide trip.  Nice friend.  She learned a lot, and had some fish on but none to the net.

Ryan – 7/21/21

Wednesday, the tables turned.  Dana took Warren and his son Ryan out for a full day float.  They had a great day on the ruby 2 and black

Warren – 7/21/21

copperhead midges.   Carolyn was out for half a day with John

Bob – 7/21/21

and his friend Bob.  They also had a great day on the ruby 2 midge under the big ruby.   Matt and Braden from Texas.  They had a good day catching on the JQ streamer mainly and a few on the ruby midge.

Friday, Dana took Jim from Florida out for half a day.  Another really good day on the water with the normal two midges….ruby 2 and black copperhead.  Darren had Mary and Travis on the water.  Fun day for them on the #20 thread midge and a black copperhead midge.  Carolyn was finishing the second day of the two-day school so her guys , Aaron and Braden, were standing in the water (yeah! water was off!), catching on a size 16 gray scud or a ruby 2 midge.  When they learned streamer work, it was a holographic green crackleback behind the JQ streamer.

Yesterday, Jim took Mike and Nick out.  Good day drifting the ruby 2 or P&P midges, and a #18 gray scud.  Carolyn had Ann and Margie

Ann – 7/24/21

out.  It was a ruby 2 midge mainly.  Did catch a few on a #16 gray scud.  Margie started out catching her first fish of the day on

Margie – 7/24/21

a red soft hackle.  Fun way to start the day, but that was the only one!

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