Dissolved Oxygen Looking Better!

Weather is warming up a little.  Low 50s for Monday and Tuesday and then in the low 60s Wednesday and Thursday.  Rain showing up in the forecast for Friday with a 60% chance and mid 50s for the temperature.  Cooling down over next weekend into the low to mid 40s.

We continue to see the equivalent of two generators running 24/7.  Not sure if and when this will change but we are getting very close to power pool of 715′.  Last check it was at 715.6′.  Possibly we will see a change when it hits power pool.  In the meantime, the dissolved oxygen levels have greatly improved.  Still not at the desirable level, but certainly better.  This should just improve over time as the lake has turned or is definitely in the process of flipping.

Jeff – 11/30/20

Darren picked the coolest day in November to spend on the river with Jeff last Monday.  Good news was that is turned out to be a pretty good day for fishing.  They were catching on the red San Juan worm or a blood red egg pattern.

We are sorry to let you know that we will not be holding fly tying clinics this year.  Due to COVID-19, we feel it would be in everyone’s best interest not to gather in this manner.  We will, however, hold one-on-one sessions if you call and arrange a date and time that is convenient.

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