One Spillway Opened!

Cold weather is coming our way.  Monday’s high will be 40.  Tuesday a little better with 50, but after that it will be back into the 40 for most of the week.  Burrrr!  Not certain I’m ready for this.

Pretty much two units running for the past five to six days.  Friday afternoon, they opened up one spillway with an extra 1000 cfs release.  Not sure why.  Still running today.

Tracy – 11/23/20

Carolyn on the river last Monday with Jeff and Tracy from Kansas.  Fun day for these two.  Lots of nice fish on a red San Juan worm.

Jeff – 11/23/20




Tuesday, Dana took Tony and his nephew Dylan out for half a day.  They were catching on a red or cerise San Juan worm and probably did best on the red one.

Friday, Denise and Jill fished with Carolyn.  Best pattern this day was the cerise San Juan.  Did hook a few on the ruby 2, but it was a worm day.  Ladies and fairly new to fly fishing and wanted to learn more.  We worked some on casting and had a great time!  Jim had Bryant and Chuck out that morning.  They caught a few fish on a tiger tail, egg pattern and ruby midge.

Kelly had a good day Saturday on the water with Carolyn.  Cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby was the ticket.  With one spillway open, we found a few other places to fish.  Nice!  Joe and Owen fished with Dana.  They started early due to later commitments.  Tough day for them but they did catch some fish.


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