Dissolved Oxygen Looking Very Good!

What a couple great days weather wise, Wednesday and Thursday!  Lots of sunshine, temperatures in the high 60s yesterday and 70s today.  Can’t believe they are forecasting snow for Sunday.  Temperatures dropping Friday to mid 50s and changes for rain late.  Saturday will only top out at maybe mid 40s and Sunday will be upper 30s for the highs.  Next week looks more normal in temperatures for this time of the year……mid to upper 40s.

Past two days we have seen around 40 mwh.  This raises the level about 2 to 2-1/2 feet.  There were actually several people out the past two days wading.  The flow is light and it does not raise the level a lot.   Today, Saturday, the projection is 35 mwh all day.

John and June from the Branson area were on the water Wednesday with Carolyn.  Had a very good day on the black copperhead midge under the big ruby.  Fun day.

Sam – 12/10/20

Thursday, Sam and his friend Brian, fished with Carolyn.  Another good day.  Lots of healthy fish on the ruby 2 midge under

Brian – 12/10/20

the big ruby.  We would find pods of fish in various places and just sit there and fish them out and they move on to another pod.   Another fun day plus we had the great weather.



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