Weird Water!

Looks like a few more days of beautiful weather.  Had lots of rain last week, but this week has been in the 70s with lots of sunshine.  That trend is holding through the weekend.  Monday looks like 70s again with a slight chance for rain.  By Tuesday, it’s mid 60s and 60% chance for rain.  Then the rain chances lessen, but temperatures will be 50s and 60s into the following weekend.

Weird water.  Monday the projection was a very low two units all day.  However, around 4:00 p.m. they opened up eight spillways and kept them open until Tuesday evening.  They went back to the very low two units which is what they are currently running.

Jim out this past Saturday with Roger from Florida.  They were catching on a JQ streamer, a large scud and a ruby midge.

Zac – 11/2/20

Mike and Zac from Oklahoma, fish on Monday with Dana.  Slow day for them but they did pull some to the boat on a ruby 2 midge.  Meredith and Chester from Indiana fished with Carolyn.  Fun day for them.  They

Meredith & Chester – 11/2/20

actually had three doubles and should have had four.  They were fishing a big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.

Normally, Meredith & Chester fish two days in a row.  Fortunately this year, it was scheduled a day apart.  As I mentioned above, Monday afternoon they opened up eight spillways.  This put the river up to 711 feet with over 14000 cfs running.  One of the guides took a couple guys out for a few hours

Meredith – 11/4/20

and they only had one hit and saw no fish.  Major changes in water level like this usually result in the fish scattering for a few days until there is a level of stability to the level.  Wednesday Meredith and Chester were on the water again with Carolyn.  Due to the the ups and downs, Wednesday did not fish as well, but we did bring a good number of fish to the boat….again, it was the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.  Another fun day!  Beautiful fish!



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